Mother -in -law Sun Yizhen’s pregnant belly Barbie Barbie Fragrant Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder

Mother -in -law Sun Yizhen’s pregnant belly Barbie Barbie Fragrant Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder

Sun Yizhen’s pregnancy photos were exposed. The pregnancy belly was obvious in 4 months of pregnancy. He always protects his belly and carefully. What is the state?

After the official announcement of pregnancy, the goddess Sun Yizhen finally appeared due to the public.Although she is shooting a new advertisement, fans are still very happy to see Sun Yizhen’s opening.She feels that her state is still beautiful as before pregnancy.In the video, Sun Yizhen wore a super -tempered white dress.She kept her long hair with a bright smile.In order to better cooperate with the shooting, Sun Yizhen rarely wore high -heeled shoes during pregnancy, and was very dedicated to work.

Sun Yizhen participated in the event for the first time after pregnancy, expressing love by touching the pregnant belly.This is a romantic and happy blessing.Love is wonderful.Who doesn’t want to have a love that can be remembered.Every boy and girl have such a dream.Everyone knows that this year South Korean actor Xuan Bin and actor Sun Yizhen have entered the wedding hall.The combination of two men and one woman makes many people envy.Xuan Bin was once a goddess in the hearts of many girls, and there were several episodes.

Sun Yizhen was wearing a tailored white dress. In the frontal photo, her limbs were slender, and she could not see changes in her body. Even during pregnancy, she still put on high heels in order to cooperate with the shooting work.She is still the image of a goddess of gas. Her black hair is put on her shoulders and smiles.The good news of Sun Yizhen Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy is full of excitement and expectations, expressing that he will carefully guard the arrival of a small life, and at the same time worry about changes in the body during pregnancy.

But at that time, she did not announce the specific month of her baby’s birth. After that, her girlfriend Li Zhenxian revealed that Sun Yizhen’s due date was in February next year and was a tiger baby.Based on this, it is inferred that Sun Yizhen is currently about four months pregnant.When she was sideways, her abdomen was slightly raised and her pregnancy was full. In the video, she repeatedly protected her pregnant belly, reflecting the carefulness and love of expectant mothers everywhere.

Sun Yizhen is not away from pregnancy now. Even if he goes out recently to take pictures, he does not forget to talk about pregnancy.And she was very nervous about her pregnant belly, always protecting her belly, and she could see that she was fully prepared.Although Teacher Sun Yizhen was pregnant, his condition was still very good.This time, Sun Yizhen only had a slightly convex belly, and other places were still slender.In particular, Sun Yizhen’s face was not puffy at all. It can be seen that the top goddess of South Korea is still very experienced in terms of skin care.

On January 11th, Sun Yizhen was born in an ordinary family in Daegu, South Korea.Sun Yizhen is a very famous Korean actor. Many of her TV series starring are very popular. She has been loved by many audiences.A charming person.Sun Yizhen’s acting skills are understandable. He has the charm of the attention of the people, and likes her summer aroma the most.

Sun Yizhen’s waist is not round, even the waistline is obvious, and his limbs are slender.But from the side of Sun Yizhen, it was clear that her belly had bulged.It is true that except for her belly, the other parts of her body are not fat at all, and her body is also very good.At that time, she did not make a public pregnancy for a few months, but she was very nervous and looking forward to it.The brokerage company then responded that Sun Yizhen was still in the early stages of pregnancy.However, Sun Yizhen’s best friend Li Zhongxian revealed that Sun Yizhen’s child is a baby tiger.According to the zodiac signs of China, Sun Yizhen has been pregnant for more than 4 months, and her pregnancy taste is getting more and more obvious.

In addition, in the video, Sun Yizhen continued to protect his belly with his hand many times.It may be that she has developed such a habit after pregnancy, and unconsciously wants to protect and stroke the baby in her belly with her hands, which makes people feel cautious.Earlier, some netizens found that in order to protect the baby in the stomach, Sun Yizhen deliberately did not apply nail polish with chemical composition.This time, the advertisement still did not apply nails.These small details are very eye -catching.

Judging from the speculation of netizens, Sun Yizhen should have a child within six months.As soon as Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen got married, they put their children on the agenda.They really don’t want to give themselves a little time to spend time together!No matter what you think of Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen so happy, I will be happy for them and live a happy life!

I have to say that Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin balanced the work and life after marriage very well. The woman did not give up her loved career while taking care of herself.Born peacefully.

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