Mother and son are safe!Guilin women are suffering from football -like hemangioma and still adventure

Damning the liver huge hemangioma

Women are pregnant unexpectedly

Is this surprise or scared?

How should she choose?

Damning the liver huge hemangioma

She chose the adventure child

Su Xiaohong (pseudonym), a 34 -year -old patient, was treated with ovarian cyst surgery in 2014. He had a heartbeat and stopped during the operation.In 2016, he found huge liver hemangioma (size 216mm*119mm*306mm), and its volume is similar to a small football.

What is the huge liver hemangioma?

Hepatobioma is a more common benign tumor of the liver. When we call it a huge hemangioma when the diameter is greater than 5cm or more.There can be indigestion symptoms such as hidden pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, and cause compression symptoms to surrounding tissues and organs. The most dangerous complications are hemangioma spontaneous rupture of abdominal bleeding and blood loss.The patient’s hemangioma is 21cm*11cm*30cm, which is larger than huge. It is conceivable how much risk of its spontaneous rupture of the abdominal bleeding!

Ms. Su has been treated with many hospitals in Guangxi. Because the operation is too difficult to surgery, it is recommended to give regular monitoring.

It was like a bomb that could explode at any time. Ms. Su endured her stress. Just in January this year, Ms. Su unexpectedly learned that she was pregnant.I am so serious and pregnant, which undoubtedly increases the dual risk of illness!

The increase of the uterus, severe diaphragm and abdominal muscles contraction or childbirth can cause increased abdominal pressure and increase the risk of tumor rupture.The risk is so great. On the question of whether to children, Ms. Su and her family risked huge risks, and finally chose to ask for it!

Because for Ms. Su, who had a bad pregnancy history, this is a hard -won "gift" of life.

Which hospital to go to the hospital is smoother and safe?

In order to circle her mother’s dream, Ms. Su chose to want this child for the hope of life.Today, she has been pregnant for 38+3 weeks and has a regular production inspection throughout pregnancy.But can it be successfully produced in the end?Which hospital is safer to produce?Ms. Su’s whole family was very embarrassed.

Ms. Su’s family compared the comprehensive strength of various famous hospitals in Guangxi, and finally resolutely chose the Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College.Ms. Su’s lover said they believed in the obstetrics, intensive and comprehensive strength of the Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College.

Hemang tumor rupture and hemorrhage at any time ended with mothers’ lives, and the pregnant woman itself is in a high -coordinated state, which is very easy to form thrombosis. Before and after surgery, they may lose their lives due to thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Considering that childbirth will cause an intra -abdomen pressure and increase the risk of tumor rupture, for the choice of childbirth, after discussions, it is decided to take the cesarean section to terminate the pregnancy.

During the fetal delivery, the abdominal pressure of the fetus suddenly decreased after delivery, or would some unpredictable factors caused the tumor rupture?Patients have had a dirty and dirty stop of surgery. Will this surgery still happen?How to choose anesthesia?

Go all out to overcome the risks

Successful mother and child were discharged from the hospital

In order to ensure that the mother can safely spend this difficulty, the hospital brings together the power of the relevant departments of the hospital.The comprehensive evaluation and discussion of the patient’s condition and precautions during surgery.And improve the relevant inspection and make full preparations.

After the hospital informed the condition and risk, Ms. Su expressed their understanding and signed the request to perform the cesarean section of the uterine section.

On October 17, Dr. Kai Kai, deputy director of obstetrics, was the assistant to the relevant departments of the anesthesiology, hepatobiliary surgery, and neonatal department, and successfully completed the cesarean section surgery.

Baby baby weighing 2700 grams

After the operation, Ms. Su transferred to the severe medical treatment. Because she had huge liver hemangioma and used heparin anticoagulation for a long time, there may be no predictable risks such as organs, blood loss, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, etc.Under the omnipotent and careful care of the intensive medical physician, Ms. Su’s life signs quickly stable, and the next day they were transferred to obstetrics for postpartum rehabilitation treatment.

At present, Ms. Su has been discharged, and her mother and son are safe.

This special case is successfully delivered

One side of Jinqi is full of medical and harmonious feelings

Ms. Su can produce safely. It can be described as the power of obstetrics and many disciplines in the hospital, and completed the successful delivery of huge liver hemangioma in Guangxi and even nationwide.

According to the literature, there are only 15 cases of huge hemangioma in the world that are reported internationally internationally, and there are only 15 cases of pregnancy. Among them, there are only 3 cases of successful delivery. There are only 3 cases reported in China. None of the successful delivery.

In order to express the gratitude, Ms. Su and her family members sent a banner to the doctor of the Affiliated Hospital of Gui Medical Medical.

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