Mother and daughter are safe!Guangxi’s first new crown asymptomatic infection with a cesarean clinic for pregnant women, baby nucleic acid detection negative

On the evening of April 26, the first new coronary virus non -symptom infected with a cesarean clinic was successfully completed at the Dongxing City Public Health Emergency Caicing Center. The baby girl weighed 2,800 grams, and the nucleic acid test results were negative.

On April 16, Ms. Chen, a pregnant woman in Fangchenggang City, was infected with no symptoms of the new crown. She was transferred from the 120 ambulance to the Dongxing Public Health Emergency Cost.

The doctor is performing a cesarean section for Ms. Chen.Fangchenggang City Health and Health Commission Picture Conferring

When she was admitted to the hospital, Ms. Chen had been pregnant for nearly 37 weeks, her body was obese, scar uterus, and this pregnancy was combined with hypertension and gestational diabetes.

Two days later, the second affiliated hospital of Guilin Medical College supported Dongxing Medical Team, Fangchenggang First People’s Hospital, and Dongxing Maternal and Child Health Hospital for remote discussion consultations, and decided to terminate pregnancy for Ms. Chen’s cesarean section surgery.

Considering that this is the first time that Guangxi has conducted cesarean section surgery in the case of pregnant women infected with new crown pneumonia virus. In order to ensure that the mother and baby are safe, neonatal is not infected by the new crown virus.Hospitals, Nanning Second People’s Hospital and other 49 members composed of 49 members of the Dongxing Medical Team have been secretly deployed to discuss the possibility of minimizing the possibility of newborn infection and improving emergency plans for various emergencies.Essence

The medical team also prepared the relevant equipment and personnel of the body’s osteopamental lung oxygen (ECMO, that is, artificial lungs) to cooperate with the training to adjust the care of the pregnant women and newborn.

On the evening of April 26, in the conventional monitoring of the medical team, the medical team found that Ms. Chen’s blood drawing indicators were abnormal. If the pregnancy was not terminated in time, pregnant women and fetuses would be in danger of life.At 9 o’clock that night, the medical team was decided to start a cesarean section surgery. The surgery was completed in less than two hours to help pregnant women give birth to a 2,800 grams of baby girls.

At present, the baby girl is taking care of the medical care.

Reporter Zhong Xiaoci

Correspondent Liu Yuanwen

Source: South China Morning Post

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