Most of them are caused by these three reasons after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to

Women will feel very tired during pregnancy and need more sleep than before.Symptoms of early pregnancy such as drowsiness, anxiety, nausea, heart burning, going to the toilet in the middle of the night, and indigestion may affect the sleep mode.Women have sleep during pregnancy.

Pregnancy will make the body experience a lot of changes, and these changes will disrupt sleep.78%of women have experienced sleep disorders during pregnancy.What are the causes of sleep in early pregnancy?

1. Always faint

You will feel very sleepy in the early stages of pregnancy, especially during the day.Increasing progesterone can lead to sudden changes in sleep mode.This hormonal regulation of women’s reproductive cycles will make you lethargic.Premium and hypnotic effects can cause fatigue and early sleep, making you exhausted, and you always feel that you have a cold.

A study named "Vertical Change of Pregnancy and Postpartum Sleep Structure" found that in the first three months of pregnancy, the total sleep time increased, but because of often waking up, the quality of sleep was poor.Compared with before pregnancy, deep sleep has also decreased.Most women have symptoms of sleepy, fatigue and depression.

2. The discomfort caused by physical changes

The chest is soft and painful during pregnancy, making it difficult for you to sleep comfortably.If you like to lie down, then when your stomach starts to raise, you feel uncomfortable.


Try to sleep on the side, in addition, be sure to wear a suitable bra.You can wear a comfortable sports bra or a pregnant woman sleeping bras when you sleep, and use a body pillow to support your painful breasts.

3. Frequent urine

The luteum hormone also has partial responsibility for endless desire to urinate, and its inhibitory effect on smooth muscles has stimulated this desire.With the progress of pregnancy, the bulging lumps will also compress the bladder, thereby increasing the frequency of urination.You will wake up often, so it will interfere with your sleep at night.

Solution: Drink more water during the day and drink less before going to bed.It is also necessary to quit tea, coffee, cola and other caffeine -containing beverages.

4, nausea

Pregnancy is very common in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and most women feel disgusting at any time of the day.It can also wake you up at night to disrupt sleep.Hypoglycemia during pregnancy can aggravate nausea.


After consulting your doctor, you can try some herbs or supplements to relieve nausea.Jiang is a good recipe for overcoming this problem.Massage is also helpful.

5. Stomach burning

P upmonestyls have a relaxation effect on everything in your body.It can also relax the smooth muscles that enter the stomach from the esophagus.Therefore, it will allow the contents of the stomach to return to the cauliflower, causing indigestion after meals and disrupt sleep after dinner.


You should leave the appropriate time before going to bed to digest food.Chew slowly, record foods that may cause problems.

6. Stress and anxiety

The first three months after pregnancy is a combination of surprise and excitement, especially for women who are first mother.While adapting to physiological and psychological changes, some women may feel great, while others feel bad.For the first time for the first mother and experienced mother, experienced mothers sleep for 45 minutes to 1 hour a night


If you are too stressful, write down the feeling and try to find a solution.You should do some soothing activities before going to bed, such as drinking a cup of hot milk, taking a hot bath, listening to good music, or making some relaxed exercises.

When you experience all the above problems that interfere with your sleep, how can you get precious sleep?

1. Sleep on the side

Lie on the side is much better than lying.Lying on the side, knee flexing is the most comfortable sleeping position.The best sleeping position is the left sleeping position.Sleeping to the right will put pressure on the liver, and the doctor will ask you to avoid this.The left is the best place, because it can prevent the uterus from applying pressure on the liver, so that the fetus can get enough oxygen and nutrition through the placenta.It can also improve blood circulation and reduce the energy consumed by mothers and fetuses when obtaining the best blood flow.

If you have been sleeping on the left for a long time, you feel tired, you can change your position to the right.You can change from one side to the other, but make sure you don’t sleep on the right for a long time.

2. lying on your back

In the early stages of pregnancy, if you are used to this posture, you can choose to lie on your back.However, with the progress of pregnancy, you should avoid lying flat.This is because the uterine development will put pressure on the back muscles, spine and main blood vessels, which will change the blood flow of you and the baby’s body.

Sleeping on supine can also cause muscle pain, swelling and hemorrhoids.This sleeping position can cause blood pressure and cause dizziness.For some women, this will lead to increased blood pressure, which may cause snoring and eventually lead to light breathing.Lying flat and sleeping, half -sitting posture, leaning on a few pillows, this is very helpful for those who have hot stomach.

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