Most of the women’s palace Han, most of them have 4 performances, massage the "warm palace point", or help you "repel" Gong Han

For women, the health of the uterus is particularly important, but in life, we often hear women say that they are cold.I believe that many people don’t know what Gong Han is, nor does it know what Gong Han means to women is very troublesome.Perhaps some women are suffering from Gong Han at this time, but do not know how to alleviate this symptom.Today, Xiaobian will bring a good way to find a warm uterine!

Gong Han actually means literally, and it is the cold abbreviation of the uterus. In life, women are actually easily invaded by cold.Whether it is eating too cold food, or being invaded and greedy by the cold in the environment, it leads to the invasion of the cold and stays in the meridians, uterus, etc., causing the phenomenon of palace cold.

What are the abnormal performances of women’s palace Han?

1. Menstruation abnormalities

Because the women’s uterus has accumulated too much cold, this is very harmful to women’s physical health, which can easily lead to menstrual abnormal phenomena.It is often manifested as the abnormal increase of menstrual flow and the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea. Women will also have severe back pain and breast pain when menstruation comes, affecting daily life.

2. It is difficult to get pregnant and susceptible to miscarriage

For Gong Han’s women, there is a serious harm that is more serious than menstrual abnormalities, that is, it is difficult to get pregnant.Because the cold invasion of the uterus can easily lead to the seriousness of the uterine injury, which affects the normal function of the uterus.At this time, women are not only difficult to get pregnant, but they are also prone to ectopic pregnancy or even abortion, which has a serious impact on women’s physical and mental health.

3. Easy to suffer from gynecological inflammation

If women are troubled by Gong Han, if they have not received much attention in the past, they will easily lead to the occurrence of gynecological inflammation.Women often have abnormal pain in the pelvic cavity, and there will be inflammation in private parts.

4, cold and cold, cold waist and waist cold

Many women of Gonghan will have a cold and cold performance in daily life.So women may wish to test themselves. If you sleep in life or at night, you have cold hands and feet, easy to sweat, and often feel the symptoms of back pain in the back, and you may be your uterus cold.Essence

What should I do if a female uterus is cold?

For the women of Gonghan, often massaging a acupuncture point can play a very good warm palace and protect the uterus, that is, Yangchi Point.

Yangchi acupoint, just literally, we may feel that this is a acupuncture point that can produce yang.This is indeed the same. As the place where the human body yang, Yangchi Point is a part of the heat accumulated by human heat.For Gong Han’s women, in daily life, you can massage more Yangchi acupoints, which can play a very good role in giving birth to yang, alleviate the abnormal symptoms brought by Gong Han, and benefit women’s health.

For women of Gonghan, in fact, the treatment methods of those drugs can only be cured and not cure. The focus is still to drive out the cold in the body and the yang in the body to have a very good effect to protect the uterus.

Therefore, in the life, in addition to the more Yangchi acupoints, women should also pay attention to reducing the opportunities in the invasion of cold air.Do a good job of keeping warm in life, eat more foods that warmed blood, and drink more hot water.After persisting for a period of time, it can be able to drive the cold and protect the uterus.

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