Method of Chinese Medicine to lose weight

After trying exercise and diet to lose weight, do the MMs want to change the way to break through the bottleneck of weight loss? The cupping weight loss of Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years. This weight loss method is healthy and safe.Xiaobian now told MM’s common sense of cupping and weight loss, finding the acupuncture points for cupping to lose weight, so that the MMs can get the best weight loss effect, and take everyone to experience the magic of Chinese medicine to lose weight!

The history of cupping weight loss

The history of cupping and weight loss can be traced back to more than 2,000 years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the root of human material energy and metabolism. If the poor spleen and stomach will affect the conversion of fat and sweet taste, which will cause obesity.Cupping can directly act on the local area, which can improve the spleen and stomach function targeted.

Curse weight loss principle

When cupping, MM will feel that the meat is raised fiercely and the skin is fever.This is because the air in the tank is pulled out, causing negative pressure, and the skin surface is pulled due to pressure. At this time, the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and subcutaneous glands will be rejected.Under the strong pressure, the surface aging cells fall off, and the sweat pores are fully opened, so that the toxins and waste in the body are accelerated.

Cupping can accelerate the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the local area, thereby improving the digestive function, accelerating the metabolism of the body, and increasing fat consumption.

People who are not suitable for cupping to lose weight

1. Severe heart disease, heart failure

2. Women during pregnancy

3. High skin allergies, infectious skin diseases

4. Women in physiological period.

Cupping diet

Do not eat too greasy, high starch, spicy, fried and high -salt food during cupping for weight loss.

Breakfast can eat eggs and soy milk or oatmeal and whole wheat bread.You can eat normally at noon. The staple food is replaced by coarse grains. It can consume protein and animal fat. It is best to be beef and fish.You can eat some tomatoes, cucumbers and some fruit foods at night.Do not eat fried snacks during cupping, such as potato chip biscuits, which will increase the burden on MM’s body consumption.

It is not advisable to cupping at fullness and empty stomach. It is good to eat 7 minutes before cupping.Do not eat after 7 o’clock during cupping.

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