Meta’s layoffs of the person who has taught themselves: Xiao Zha tasted the sweetness of the cost reduction

"Year of Efficiency" is a theme of Mark Zuckerberg set in February in February in February. The purpose is to improve finance and make the company more efficient.The layoffs followed the shadow that continues to cover all employees.

From March to May, Meta will lay a total of 10,000 people in three batches. The layoffs in April have not yet ended, and the third round of May just opened in May.This does not include 20,000 people who have been cut at the end of 2022.According to the public data of the financial report, after all the layoffs are over, Meta employees will be reduced from 87,000 people at the peak to 67,000.

Leo is the engineer of the Instagram London department, and was affected in the second batch of layoffs in April.She is not in the company for a long time, and she is used to calling the company "Facebook" instead of "Meta" when chatting.The qualifications are high -end software engineers, that is, it is considered to be mature, quite stable, lying flat, promoted, can be promoted, and has a sense of security.

As a member of the layoff storm, she looked calm.British layoffs will last two to four months. Before waiting for the final negotiation results, she intends to interview and plan the future.Geek Park talked to her about the layoffs, at the fast -paced, high -pressure working atmosphere of Meta, and the view of the company as an employee.

She has worked in many different places, including domestic startups. She said that she was tired of working in Meta as an engineer, but it was very cool and had a great right to speak.It is just that the company does not have a moat, and everyone is in a state of hard work. This is why Meta wants to All in the Yuan universe.Xiao Zha announced in three batches of layoffs. She felt that in addition to the feasibility of operation, she also had the consideration of continuous promotion of stock prices.

After the layoffs planned to the public in February, Meta’s stock price rose all the way.After the first quarter of the last April of the last April, the stock price rose 12 % that day.

The following is the compiled Leo self -described.Through her telling, it may bring you a puzzle from the giant company.


I received a layoff notification that it was very unexpected because I felt that I could not receive it.It was later discovered that our entire group was received.

According to British law, if one of the 10 same positions and levels will be cut, the 10 people will receive "You are Potenially AFFECTED (you may be affected)". At this time, we don’t know how many people we want to cut.

The entire team of my team received "Potentially Affected", because the previous Instagram expansion plan has changed, and the London branch will withdraw and migrate these people back to the United States.

According to the company’s previous ideas, I want Instagram’s engineer team to operate globally.It is best to have branches on the east coast of the United States, the west coast and the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom also has important Team.Later, it was discovered that due to jet lag, the efficiency was not very high; at the same time, because the company’s overall recruitment was frozen, recruitment in London was not very smooth.

The layoffs accompanied by the adjustment of the organization, the organization was flat.IC (Note: Individual Contributors, non -manager posts) has Manager (manager), and there are several layers of Zuckerberg.The five or six floors are normal, and there are too many eight or nine floors.There are too many places now, and some of them may be cut off, or given to IC options, and at the same time cut off some Engineer.

Indeed, there is a situation where the architecture is reduced.Our team is very busy, daily work is tight, but other relaxed teams must have.For example, there are 8 people under some Manager, and some Manager has only two Manager. There are no other ICs. I think this is indeed not reasonable.

About 10,000 people may be cut in 2023. With the layoffs, some departments will reorganize.

The company received an email notification in mid -March.Then the Q &; A of the whole company and the Xiaoza (Zuckerberg).He said that when the layoffs last November, you said that the company was opaque, and now the company is more transparent to you.

He said why he was layoffs and the logic of layoffs.There will be three waves of tailors. The first wave is March, about 1,500 people, mainly recruiting.In the past, we did not know that the company RERUITING had 1,500 people.The third and third weeks of April are the second and third waves, respectively.

The second wave is the technician, including the team and department involved in Engineer, which is my place where I will cut about 4,000.There should be more people in May, and it should be 5,000 to 6000 (Note: In late May, Meta announced the third wave of layoffs of 6,000 people), which belongs to Business, including market and sales.It’s right.

Xiao Zha explained the reason for the three waves of tailors. Only recruiting can be cut first. After the technicians are cut, they will consider how to cut business.It is reasonable to say, but I guess that there may be consideration of continuous promotion of stock prices.

Regarding why layoffs, he said a lot of reasons, one of them was difficult to accept, but it was normal to think about it.He said that in November, it was well tailored and the efficiency was improved. I did not expect that so many invisible expenses could be removed.So he wants to push Harder a little bit.Some projects have been closed, and the saved expenses not only include the expenses of these projects, but also the overhead about these projects involving transportation and contact.I think he doesn’t pretend, he said what he thinks.

The hidden meaning is that he feels that many people may still be dragging the company now, and there are no many people.Some projects do turn off well. He wants to focus on some money -making projects or potential things.

The interests of the company and individuals cannot be exactly the same, so I think it is reasonable at his angle, but he feels shocked after he said it.I usually speak it hard to accept others, and it makes me difficult for me to accept it.

But this is also the benefits of Q &; A, the problem is very sharp, so we like to see him Q &; A.

He is very Engineer. The person from the engineer in the big company is still doing CEO, only one of him.I also saw this when I entered Facebook.


In the UK, it will sometimes be more than two months long.Two weeks after receiving the layoff email, the company will vote for the negotiating representative.The number of representatives is determined by the number of people who is affected, and it is currently 50: 1.

Because everyone’s demands are different, it means that they should try to cover everyone’s demands.Some people want to stay, some people want to take more money, some people want to go to the United States, everyone will say their attention, if you like it, you can vote for him as a representative.

For example, people like Ukraine and Russia staying in the United Kingdom are the first priority, and they will want to transfer their priority.Some people will say that I have worked in the United States and the United Kingdom for many years, and I am familiar with visa, and I can help you get a good decision result. Some people say that I am a manager. I have been cut in the past few years.After cutting others, I have studied this aspect.

These colleagues have established many WhatsApp groups, setting the timeline on Google Docs, all resources and trade unions are made and voted online.No organization is spontaneous.Stopped for three days, they could do so many things.I feel surprised, but this is also inevitable.So I am very happy, my colleagues are really capable.

These representatives negotiated with the company for more than a month, which is the collective consultation.On the day when the negotiations start, the company will tell these representatives how many people want to lay off.

They act as a passage and talk to us until they get a Package result that everyone thinks it can be available.Many contents can be discussed: how much money is compensated; if some people have to stay, can I give some opportunities for turning, and whether there is a chance to transfer to the United States; some people care about visas, so can we give less compensation and let us be in more.Stay on Payroll for a while, so that people who hold visas (on Visa) can find a job.

During this period, it will be determined who will be expelled, and the standards are also talked about by us, representatives, and companies.The standard for layoffs in November is so fixed. The last time the Performance Review rating, coupled with the company’s service in the company for several years, add 0.5 points each year, and then add other dimensions to calculate everyone’s total score.Who will be affected by sorting.

I belong to the British Instagram. Will I transfer to the United States to go more variables? When collectively negotiating, there will be more options that people represent Instagram.However, because the department has been withdrawn as a whole, it is meaningless to scoring the stage. In principle, no one will stay.

After the collective negotiation is over, the affected person enters the Individual Consultation.If personal negotiation involves lawyers’ costs, the company will finally reimburse.

The company will consider personal circumstances as appropriate, but you must tell the demands, everything can be discussed on the desktop.I can say that I am the only source of income in my family, I have a child -but this is more convincing.

Give money directly in the United States.I have a few colleagues who received this round of layoff emails on April 18, and took the bag directly in two days.There are people who have a trial period in the UK and left the same time.In the United States, in accordance with the official statement, compensate for 16 weeks of salary, plus two weeks of working age every year.If you want to sue the company, you can sue later, but you have to go that day.


In theory, I have to work before starting collective consultations, but I have no mood, because if I do n’t work, the company should cut it.But there is one point: you may not go. If you have not been tailored in the end and do not work during the period, next year’s Performance Review may not be good, then it may still be cut next year.

Among the people who were cut in April this year, there were staying in October last year.Some people in London did not work in London last November and November last year. In the process of our current process, they finally stayed.But in April, because the previous performance was not good, it was still cut.

In the last round of layoffs, we all worked very seriously, because in November last year, we did not affect one of our teams.I am still thinking about how to do it next year, and I don’t even spend a lot of time watching the layoffs there.

Meta is the most tired and busiest in several large companies. The promotion is the fastest, and the liquidity is greater, which will be empty.It used to be Performance Review once in half a year, and now it is once a year.This is Meta’s most famous culture. Working here is more tiring than working in a startup company, but there should be nothing more effectively inspired employees than this.If three consecutive Half took RE (Note: Redefine Expectation, redefine expectations, Meta’s performance rating is the highest, less than 5 % of the total number of employees), basically half of the wealth is half free.

You need to talk about what projects did it last year, how much money did these projects bring to the company, or how much money it saved; how many people did you bring, what direction did you point out.There are many dimensions of the dimension. You need to de -quantify all the IMPACTs (influence), and finally set a rating for you, which directly affects the salary and stock issuance of next year.

You have to think about several points in advance when doing each project.IMPACT is not big, there are not big opportunities, how to measure, and then do it.If you bet on a wrong project, you may waste a long time, and this year’s return will be gone.There are many places that need to be adjusted in psychological state. You will feel that your work is very fast, so that you need to consider which time you take a vacation.

Because the cycle of each evaluation is only one year or half a year, the time is short.This can lead everyone to work very shortly.Unless the company’s level will encourage you to do a long -term project, you can recognize you when there is no phased results.Of course, there are some games in it, which is not a very simple thing.

If you want to do long -term projects, you must first write a proposal to make clear what you want to do in the short term, and set a few milestone for a long time.But long -term planning is difficult to cope with changes.I have entered the company for more than a year, and I have adjusted two large -scale organizations.Organization changes, a lot of thoughts that have been done before and very clear plans may be changed.Too many layoffs and organization adjustments will make the company’s status shorter.


In the past year, I have not changed much about the company’s sense of the company. Everyone’s ability is very strong. The colleagues around me have worked very hard to make me feel a cool thing to work in this place.

Many people come in and may find that the people next to them are either a doctorate in a prestigious school or a very good Paper. They feel that they are very scum, which will cause psychological problems.Therefore, it will specifically give each new employee training, called overcoming Imposter Syndrome.I can imagine that the people may have a stronger ability before, and the excellent people may have gone, but now the employees around me are still very strong.

According to my experience, a person’s ability is very related to his undergraduate school.If his undergraduate school is a prestigious school, such as Yale and Harvard, there is no shortcomings in comprehensive ability; but if he is very strong, the undergraduate school is not very good. He can be a skill and comprehensive ability should have other shortcomings.This is the result of my long -term observation.

The people around you are very shining in your career, which will put pressure on you, but it is not stress that you are uncomfortable. Everyone is not the style that is very aggressive.I work in London for 8-10 hours.The afternoon on the west coast of the United States is my evening. Many times I need to work at night, but it is actually very tired.We do not have the concept of overtime. If we want to rest, take a break, and do more for a while.

Meta’s special thing is that employees are very good at managing upward, and it seems easier to do Manager than IC.Enigneer needs to find a direction for himself, and you need to verify that your direction is a general direction.The biggest job of leaders is to keep the work motivation of Enigneer below.

My Manager has been working here for many years, and I will tell him what I want to do.He will tell you some personal views, telling you how he thinks this direction is, and give me a pointer.If he feels reasonable, he will say you do it.He feels unreasonable and will give you another direction to let you think about it.But if your turn is your turn, this may not be a good direction.Meta’s philosophy is that you will be motivated to do it yourself. When you give you the direction of others, you will do it casually, which is not good for yourself.

If everyone grabs the popular direction, it is not necessarily good, this is also a game.If everyone is looking for a direction in one acre, because everyone is almost the same speed, and the results that everyone can harvest in the end is only a little bit.

This actually tests the relationship between you and colleagues.In the running -in, you will find that who is more prominent, you know who foresees something and who will find a good direction.

You have to guarantee what Manager knows what you are doing.At the same time, you have to be smart enough, and the emotional intelligence is high enough to make your Peer Review feel that you are doing well and a good person.Your Manager is your lawyer. When he is aligned between different teams, he will help you speak, so you need to provide evidence for your lawyer as much as possible. He will defend you in his way and let you reachA high position.


At the macro level, I think the company has no moat, and everyone is struggling to support the company.In fact, the company has always wanted to find a large moat. At present, what changes of Apple or Google will have a great impact on the company. The entire system is dependent.

The best way to remove dependence is to create a story from the bottom, so I feel that the Yuan universe is a thing that can be done.If the Yuan universe can do it, this will be a big moat.

But there is still a long way to go. You can see the dawn immediately and make money.From a technical point of view, Meta is still quite strong in this regard.But when will the key change in this field happen?It also needs to monetize the story.This is not easy, but if I can keep the industry leading, I think it is a way.

I bought Quest 2 and didn’t buy Quest Pro.The company does not ask us to buy it, but everyone will buy it, because the company has benefits to reimburse a part.I have never used Horizon Workroom or asked before.

I think whatsApp is also the next growth point. This is an app with a large number of single Engineer service customers, which is very powerful.Data performance in key areas such as the United States is also very good.

In Meta, ENGNIEER’s right to speak is very great, and it can deduct everything, especially in Facebook -related departments.As long as ENGINEER has enough permissions, Manager basically follows Engineer.

There will be no data driver projects here.There are many projects that make you do in China. You ask the product design or product manager. They do n’t know if they do so well, they just want to do it.We will not do this project without Data Drive.You tell me how much clicks can be increased and how much the conversion rate can be increased, and I will do it.Idea does not distinguish from expensive, but its impact size can be calculated from numbers.

This should be the most friendly company in technology companies.I think it should not be appreciated in the country.I have worked in domestic startups, and Engineer is more like a tool.When you say overtime overtime, you can do whatever you do. You ask the product manager why, he does n’t know clearly, there are many cases.

In Meta, bureaucracy is not so strong, you can affect others, and everything can be spread on the table.In the case where other corporate bureaucracy is stronger, individuals can’t do much except that they have a good relationship with Manager.

If L5 does not want to be promoted, the position of maintaining L5 is also possible.Or you need SUPPORT, you give me some direction, or I think this has a great impact on my Package, you must tell me, and then he will tell you that it may be placed on the table on the table.It’s useless.

One more thing

I have worked in many companies and experienced the company’s closure once, and the company layoffs three times.It is common for me to leave or change jobs.

If you are young, you will set your direction first and retire after you determine how much money you want to make, and you can retire at the age of 35 and 45.There is no need to work anymore in life. It can be done in the first 10 years of the Internet.

The overall market is not very good now.Large companies have excessive recruitment. They want to take this opportunity to drive a little more people. Don’t be so bloated. Elon Musk also told them that it is okay to open all.

In the current situation, I think it is actually a pretty good thing for me.Before you were doing the company’s Project, you had to do Project about life in a moment, or you still have salary to get it.I might go to the interview, and at the same time, I watched how big the bar bargaining Package was, and then considers what to do.

According to my personality, there are many things to consider.For example, do you want to go to the United States? If I do n’t go, is it going to other countries?I want to know what decision is the most reasonable and most beneficial to my family.Some things are probable, and there are many benefits to weigh them.

I am not decided by the industry. I do n’t do this. I can find a job when I go to the bank, so I am not particularly worried.

This article comes from Jike Park

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