Menstruation is delayed for 4 days, chest swelling is uncomfortable, and my stomach is uncomfortable. Is it pregnant?You have to look at these situations

Pregnancy is a natural thing. I don’t want to work and live. As long as I work hard, there will be a good harvest.Especially when the family is urged to be pregnant, the helplessness that is anxious and impatient makes people have greater pressure. The more anxious, the less they are.

A good sister has been married for more than three years and has no children. I can imagine how much pressure she is at home.The sisters told me that every time I go home after get off work, I am most afraid of seeing the eyes of the elderly at home, which is always weird.

The sisters and husbands are also anxious. They are completely at the bottom of pregnancy. The two learned a lot of pregnancy and pregnancy. Every time after doing "homework", they would observe the physical changes with heart.The sisters found that the "Aunt Aunt" this month was postponed for 4 days, and she had changes in pregnancy. In addition to the uncomfortable breast swelling, her stomach was a little uncomfortable.

This made my sisters and husband very happy, and told me the good news as soon as possible.When I heard such good news, I was also happy for good sisters. After calm down, I advised my sisters to tell the elderly at home before confirming pregnancy, and then consider after confirming.Because the "big aunt" was postponed for a few days, the chest swelling was uncomfortable and the stomach was uncomfortable, it may be a manifestation of physical discomfort.

In the first month of pregnancy, many women do not know the fact that they want to be a mother.So, you need to know if you are really pregnant, how do you judge through physical changes?It depends on these situations.

01. The physiological period will stop

As long as it is a suitable woman, the normal physiological period is regular and normal. After doing "homework" more than 10 days after doing "homework", the physiological period stops, then there may be a very large possible pregnancy.

Because the physiological period has always been regular, it suddenly stops. This is the earliest signal that may be pregnant.And the longer the period of stopping the physiological period, the greater the possible pregnancy.

Sisters with preparing for pregnancy should pay special attention to the change of the body, know early to know that they are pregnant, and take good protection measures for themselves and their babies.

02. There is a situation of nausea and sleep

After getting up in the morning, I found that I have a disgusting and vomiting physical response. When eating, I usually like what I like to eat. I want to eat sour and spicy foods.It’s pregnant.

Why do you say this way?Because after the physiological period of age stops, with the growth of pregnancy, the early pregnancy reaction will become stronger and stronger.

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t want to get up in the morning.Later, I told her husband that the inspection found that she was really pregnant.

03. There are slight backache and chest swelling uncomfortable

When the baby lives in our stomach with peace of mind, our body will send a clear pregnancy signal to inform us that we are pregnant and we must do a good job of pregnancy.

For example, we can feel slightly soreness in the waist, uncomfortable chest swelling, and uncomfortable belly.These signals in the body can judge whether we have the possibility of pregnancy.

04. Rising body temperature

In the early days of women’s pregnancy, her body temperature will be higher, accompanied by physical discomfort, such as back pain and sleep, and may think that they have a cold.

At this time, the sisters remember not to use the medicine by themselves.We can combine other body reactions to stop judgment with our own physiological period.

Of course, for couples who have no pregnancy plan, these details may not be paid attention to, and the signals sent by these bodies often appear in the early stage of pregnancy.Then, for women who do not pay attention to the physical changes and women who are pregnant by accident, they can directly know if they are pregnant with the following methods.

01. Pregnancy test paper

For women who can’t determine whether they are really pregnant, using pregnancy test strips to determine whether they are pregnant is a very convenient way.You can test yourself alone, and the accuracy rate is high.

About 7 days during the physiological period, you can use the pregnancy test strip to check whether you are pregnant.After getting up in the morning, leave some morning urine with a cup, put the gauge in the cup in the direction of the arrow, and then remove it on the clean and stable desktop.

Some sisters will feel that the test strip of the pregnancy test is not necessarily reliable, so you can go to the hospital for examination.

02. Go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant

The hospital checks whether pregnancy is the most reliable through scientific technical means.There was a friend around me always thought that I had a sign of pregnancy. The results of the test paper with a pregnancy test paper were not ideal. Finally, accompanied by my husband to the hospital for examination, I found that it was an empty joy.

Pregnancy is a very natural thing. Sisters should not be shy. You should go to the hospital for examination.After all, pregnancy is a big event. I know that I am pregnant as soon as possible to be more at ease.

Written at the end: Regarding whether there is a pregnancy, the body will send different signals in the early stages of pregnancy. We must judge by one of the signals based on these signals.

Did you find different changes in your body in the early stages of pregnancy?

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