Men vomit blood and faint after being glorified. These types of people should eat less …

Spring is a season that belongs to foodiers

Many people want to eat first

Just spring bamboo shoots

Data map.Photo source: Bao Tuwang

But DV Jun wants to remind everyone

Although the bamboo shoots are delicious, don’t be greedy


Not everyone can be happy


According to Jiangsu Radio and Television Station, Own Suspo APP official Weibo News


Mr. Wang, Jiangsu Wuxi

Taking advantage of the good time to break the soil in the bamboo forest

After picking a lot of bamboo shoots home, all kinds of ways to eat are also turning in the battlefield

However, after eating bamboo shoots for many days

Mr. Wang has the situation of vomiting and faint

Immediately sent to the hospital

After investigation, Mr. Wang’s duodenal ulcer

Still activating bleeding


Mr. Wang gradually recovered after treatment

Why did you eat a bamboo shoots and gastrointestinal bleeding?

According to doctors, spring bamboo shoots are difficult to digest in crude fiber. A large amount of consumption can stimulate the stomach, especially patients with gastric diseases, which can easily cause digestive tract bleeding.

Around this season

A large wave of vegetables made in spring go public

And in the bamboo forests across the Pearl River Delta

The little bamboo shoot tip of the bamboo shoots can’t hold back

"" To break the soil out

Data map.Photo source: Bao Tuwang

at this time

Spring bamboo shoots have a lot of water, fresh and sweet

It is the most delicious gift of nature in this season

Many people are good at this

But need to pay attention

Not everyone is suitable for spring bamboo shoots

The following people should not eat more bamboo shoots

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases and liver cirrhosis

The spring bamboo shoot itself contains more crude fiber, which may be a pathogenic factor for patients with digestive tract diseases such as cirrhosis, gastrointestinal ulcers, gastritis, and digestive tract bleeding, which may easily aggravate the disease.

Patients with urethral stones

Because spring bamboo shoots contain oxalic acid salt, it is easy to combine with calcium in the body, affecting the absorption of calcium, and even causing stones.

Child and elderly

Ocaxone will affect the body’s absorption and use of calcium and zinc. Eating spring bamboo shoots will not only hurt the stomach, but also may affect growth and development. Therefore, children under the age of 14 cannot eat too much bamboo shoots;Gastrointestinal function is easy to disordinate, so try to eat less bamboo shoots.


People with sensitive constitutions should also eat bamboo shoots cautiously. Spring bamboo shoots contain oxalic acid, which can cause allergies to increase, such as allergic rhinitis, urticaria, etc., so be careful to eat bamboo shoots, so as not to cause serious complications such as allergic shock.

Do you remember it?

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Source: Guangdong Public DV site

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