Men smoke and drink, but women are suffering!Come and see when the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy

Many men smoke, drink, stay up late, are completely improper, but smoke (nicotine) and alcohol have an impact on sperm.

So some people said that a certain smoking and drinking were successful and had a healthy baby.This may be that this man had a good fertility, and it was not serious to smoke and drink. The quality of his wife’s egg was also very good, so he gave birth to a healthy baby.This is actually the deviation of the survivor, don’t exist in this luck.

In fact, more situations can be pregnant, but the embryo is not developing well. Then the pregnant mother will have tires during pregnancy. Various injections and medicines.Turning various tire preservation drugs leads to placental implantation, and after experiencing production, you need to experience the pain of the handbar of the hand.It may also cause fetal abnormal abortion, etc. The ultimate pain is borne by women.

Smoking and drinking will cause the number of sperm and vitality to decrease, and it is not easy to successfully conceive.Sperm is easily affected by the outside world. If it is a toxic environment, or in high temperature environment for a long time, and smoking and drinking, it will cause the deformed rate of sperm to increase, and embryonic abnormalities are prone to occur in the fertilization process.

Men’s smoking during pregnancy often directly affects the people around him, that is, his wife, that is, second -hand smoke.Second -hand smoke may affect the endocrine of women and the bed that affects the fertilized eggs.Nicotine and some metabolites may cause ovarian endocrine disorders, insufficient luteal function, decreased progesterone, and may even cause abortion.

In fact, many pains can be solved in advance, combining better sperm and eggs, pregnant mothers can suffer less, and the baby produced is also healthier and smarter.Therefore, during the preparation of her husband, the first three months before the birth of her husband, try to cooperate as much as possible to quit smoking and drinking, adjust the daily life, and reduce the frequency of smoking and drinking as much as possible.

Don’t make mistakes yourself, but let your wife bear the consequences.

Don’t let her be offended her wife.The sisters who see this article are about to send it to their husbands, and I wish you all the "pregnancy" will arrive immediately!

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