Men have long abstinence, sperm only does not produce, what will happen in the end?Reminder: or there are 3 major consequences

Recently, I am planning to prepare for pregnancy, but my husband does not know where to hear that asceticism has been higher for a while and is easier to get pregnant. Is it true?Sometimes he can’t bear it. Is this not good for the body?"

Xiaobian often receives such private information consultations.Many people have insufficient awareness of these sexuality and are embarrassed to say that there are quite a lot of online reviews.Men have long abstinence, and sperm "unattractive", will it affect the body?Don’t be ashamed to understand.

When it comes to this problem, I believe that many male friends have such experience. For a few days, their lover is very strong, and some men will say that some men will say that they cannot always be used up.This is a misunderstanding.

A normal man, his sperm function can accompany his life.Men will produce a large number of sperm every day, and they will also be relative to part.As long as the number of exclusion is not too much every day, ejaculation symptoms or sperm will not occur.At the same time, the generation of sperm is also affected by the external environment.The temperature, humidity and pollutants in the outside world can affect the production of sperm.

Therefore, as long as men supplement enough nutrition, the production of sperm will not be reduced. Therefore, the number of sperm discharged sperm in men’s life is limited, which is unscientific and incorrect.

We always hear that if the husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy, men are better for a while, so as to ensure that high -quality sperm can give birth to the next generation.This statement is not so right.

If men have long abstinence, although semen will increase, sperm is a kind of metabolit

During the preparation of men, abstinence is not advisable to increase the chance of conception during pregnancy. The quality of men’s sperm is the highest quality in about 5 days after the previous ejaculation, and the quality of the sperm will gradually go downhill.

Causes prostate disease

This is due to the long -term ejaculation activity that will cause the prostate liquid to remain. In the case of long -term life without husband and wife, it can cause the prostate gland ducts to be blocked.At the time of, these benign bacteria will take advantage of it, and the protein in the invasion will multiply a lot of breeding. This is the root of inflammation.It is also easy to cause abnormal damage to the vastered tube, inducing diseases such as the vasal tube cyst, and seriously may also cause loss of fertility.

Sexual dysfunction

The function of men will actually be retired for a long time. If men have no sexual behavior for a long time and psychological desires are not suppressed, sexual desire will gradually decrease.Long -term abstinence will increase the risk of men’s premature ejaculation, difficulty erection or even apricot.Sex is another way of trusting each other, so that both the spouse can feel the spiritual needs and can occasionally bring more security to the other party.

Psychological affected

Long -term sexual suppression has adverse effects on people’s physiological and psychological development, and may even affect work. It has been so harmful for a long time.Normal husband and wife life is a physiological release, which can help us ease the pressure of our lives and relieve emotions.If long -term depression and no other ways to release, gradually the whole person will become irritable, and you will be angry.Therefore, men should be released appropriately for their own mental health, and they can solve themselves even without partners.

Studies have also found that losing a spouse can easily increase the prevalence, it is easy to aging, and it is easy to die early.The deeper the relationship, the greater the impact.

The life of a healthy couple can help maintain their health, and it also helps to promote the harmony of the relationship between husband and wife.Men’s long -term abstinence does not bring any benefits to the body. Tolerance is not a good habit. If it is for contraception, it will be more in one way.This misunderstanding earlier benefits a little earlier. If you want to improve your fertility, you still need to use scientific methods to bred a healthy baby.

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