Maternal maternal health native common sense

Pregnant women’s health knowledge can effectively guide pregnant women to pay attention to the details of all aspects of life during pregnancy. This will not only protect the health of pregnant women, but also ensure that the fetus can grow safely and healthy.The following is the content of the editor of the Xiaobian to compile the content of the health knowledge of maternal health care. It provides you for reference and understanding. I hope everyone likes it!

Preparation of maternal health knowledge -pay attention to diet

Introduced in the health knowledge of pregnant women. During pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay attention to their own eating habits. Many things that pregnant women can supplement their lack of nutrition that can be supplemented in time, but there are also some foods.In the process of pregnancy, pregnant women need to supplement nutrition in the body in a timely manner, so as to provide sufficient nutrients for the growth of the fetus in the body. During pregnancy, pregnant women can drink some pregnant women’s milk powder to supplement nutrition.Pregnant fruits can supplement sufficient vitamins and minerals, but some fruits in the fruits are unable to eat or eat less.Fruits can be eaten more by pregnant women, for example: apples with ease of pregnancy, grapes with a tire and whitening effect.

Pregnant maternal health knowledge -avoid radiation

Many pregnant women will use radiation electrical appliances such as computer such as work needs during pregnancy, or pregnant women use mobile phones and computers to access the Internet when they feel bored, and watch TV with televisions.Generally, pregnant women need to take a good rest during pregnancy, and use as little electrical appliances such as computers, mobile phones, etc. If they must be used, they also need to wear radiation -proof clothing. This can reduce the radiation to the fetus to the fetusThere is also the influence of pregnant women itself.In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should try not to use radiation electrical appliances, because during this period of time, it is the most important stage of fetal embryo development in this period. In severe cases, it is easy to cause abortion of pregnant women.

Maternal maternal health knowledge -exercise more

It is explained in the health knowledge of pregnant women that pregnant women need to exercise more after pregnancy, so as to ensure that the fetus can be born in time when the due date comes in time, and avoid expired pregnancy.Pregnant women do more exercise, which can enhance the muscle contraction ability of pregnant women and the toughness of joints, and enhance the baby’s activity.It is very important to exercise in a timely manner in the later period. Before the due date, the pregnant woman can make the baby more active during exercise.In the blood, strengthen the contraction of pregnant women, and at the same time, enough exercise can also make pregnant women have enough energy to give birth to the baby smoothly.

Preparation of maternal health knowledge -insisting on conducting production inspection

Adhering to the test of birth is a very important content in the knowledge of pregnant women.Pregnant women can understand how the baby’s growth state develops with the baby’s body during the checkup, and can be resolved early when encountering problems.The pregnancy process of pregnant women is not smooth. Pregnant women can find their physical condition as soon as possible during pregnancy. When pregnant women lack nutrition, they can also supplement them in time so that the fetus can absorb more nutrition required for growth.Pregnancy examination can also calculate the pregnancy age and due time of pregnant women, and take medical measures in a timely manner to ensure that pregnant women can produce the fetus in time when the due date is coming to avoid expired pregnancy.

Pregnant maternal health care knowledge

1. Prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy

Traditional Chinese medicine can condition the physical condition for pregnant women, including adjusting the abnormal menstrual cycle, and using traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the treatment and treatment of menstrual abnormalities. The use of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning before pregnancy can reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal discomfort during early pregnancy and increase the nutrition during pregnancy.Increase, improve the immune function of pregnant women, and ensure the nutritional supply of the fetus.

2. Understand common symptoms during pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting, dizziness and anorexia. At this time, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can have a good effect.Some pregnant women also have a small amount of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Nowadays, they are constantly dripping, or accompanied by back pain, and fetal movement, which is a threatened abortion of western medicine. Chinese medicine is called "fetal leakage".Traditional Chinese medicine fixed tires for treatment.

Chinese medicine believes that pregnant women feel full of chest and abdomen during pregnancy, anxiety, and irritability.In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to mildemia for pregnancy hypertension syndrome.That is, the body of the pregnant woman is swollen. This is the occurrence of disease during pregnancy, mostly spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency.The water caused by qi stagnation stopped in the wet and split skin.At this time, in addition to the prenatal examination and strengthening nutrition, pregnant women should also rest properly.

Cough is also a common disease during pregnancy. Generally, it is respiratory infection, acute and chronic bronchitis or tuberculosis.There are many adverse reactions in Western medicine. Pregnant women are not effective in the impact of drugs on the fetus. At this time, use Chinese medicine to nourish the yin and clear the heat and moisturize the lungs.

There are also during pregnancy. If frequent urination, urgency, and astringent pain occur, Chinese medicine is called "pregnancy urine dilling pain".TCM therapy is mainly clear and moisturizing, and it is fixed with kidney.

3. Reasonable scientific confinement

After the production of mothers is weak, it is important to nourish the body in confinement.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that maternal medicine should be dietary according to the environmental changes and their physical characteristics during confinement.There are three stages of confinement. Pay attention to "one row, two tunes, three supplements". Specifically, the postpartum is divided by weekly, and different foods are eaten every week as needed.

In the first week, it was mainly to discharge excess water and toxins with dew, and drink biochemical soup and eat sesame oil and fried pork liver.Biochemical soup is a well -paid traditional Chinese medicine prescription. The main function is to discharge the uterus as soon as possible to help it restore the normal position and shape.The second week is mainly to enhance the function of physical fitness and restore the viscera and restore the position of the pelvic position.You can eat fried waist and eucommia powder, which helps to relieve bone pain and other bone pain.It is not easy to make up for postpartum, because the mother has just finished the body after the production is relatively weak, and it cannot be absorbed after eating too much. It will only increase the burden on the body.By the third week of postpartum, the ranking has been ranked.At this time, you can start to supplement your body.

New mothers who are confinement eat vegetables properly.The spinach in winter is a good choice, spinach is rich in folic acid and zinc.During the confinement, if you can ensure a large plate of vegetable salad every day, it can not only promote appetite, but also meet most vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required by mothers during breastfeeding.Essence

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