Marriage and marriage checkup will launch one -stop service

Although the Beijing marriage check is free, for the aimuity, "afraid of trouble" and "don’t know" are the reasons why they do not do it.The Beijing Municipal Commission for Health and Health stated that the Civil Affairs Bureau of each district will work with the Health and Health Department to work hard to achieve one stop of marriage registration and pre -marital medical examination at the marriage office, government office, or maternal and child health hospitals before the end of March 2020.Services, maximum quasi -newcomers who are preparing to get a certificate will complete the marriage registration and pre -marital medical examination or pre -pregnancy prolonged health examination service in the shortest time.

Beijing’s wedding check rate is less than 20 %

Beijing has implemented a voluntary marriage inspection since October 2003, and has dropped from 99%to 5%since then.Jushuyan, director of the Maternal and Child Office of the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission, said that since the policy of free marriage inspection in Beijing in 2005, the city’s marriage inspection rate is only 16.50%.Based on the current detection rate of Beijing’s marriage examination, at least 1,130 patients who have not performed a marriage examination in 2018 have not received pre -marital health services, including nearly 1,000 patients with hepatitis B and tuberculosis, syphilis, and AIDS patients.wait.

The health department stated that the disease of male reproductive system diseases has been on the rise in recent years, and the incidence of infertility has continued to rise. These diseases can be detected in the wedding examination.The marriage examination can be discovered and treated in time to prepare for pregnancy.

Multiple measures to promote eugenics

In recent years, one -stop services have been carried out in some districts in Beijing, which has significantly increased the marriage inspection rate. For example, after Fangshan launched this service, the marriage inspection rate increased from 3.93%to 59.17%.To this end, this year’s civil affairs department will fully start the first -stop service of marriage and marriage checkups with the health department. It is expected to complete the construction of one -stop service construction by the end of March by the end of March.

The health department also plans to issue the "Family Health Certificate" to complete the prospective newcomer who has completed a marriage or pregnancy test, which gives priority to establishing a family health file. It gives priority to the early childhood comprehensive development service, prioritize vaccination, and receive a "wedding health service package" for free.Reporter Jia Xiaohong

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