Male health: more yawning helps erection

Penis is the most important sexual organs in men, and the most sensitive and vulnerable. The most common sexual problem in men is that the erection is not firm.A study in the United States found that only 20%of men aged 40 to 59 can reach a normal erection in each sex.If you insist on adopting the following nine simple methods, you may help the penis firm.

1. Aerobic exercise.The key to penile erection is to have sufficient blood flow, and the best way to increase the blood flow of the penis is aerobic exercise. Running and walking are a good choice.Studies have found that men who walk 3 kilometers a day, the incidence of erection is half lower than those who are sitting for a long time.However, it is recommended that men ride bicycles because cycling will compress the perineal area and hinder the blood circulation of the penis.

2. Quit smoking.Nicotine in tobacco can interfere with human central nervous system and damage blood vessel health, which affects the strength and size of the penis.Scientists at the University of Kentucky University conducted a study that they made sexual quality from low to high scores into 10 levels, and found that the quality of sex for smokers was 4 levels lower than other men.

3. Drink some coffee.Coffee can relieve penile arteries and increase blood flow.A study conducted by the University of Texas found that compared with men who do not drink coffee, there are fewer symptoms of incompetence in 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day.

4. Make a tubal ligation.In the process of sex, if men are too worried about the woman’s accident, they may have anxiety, which will cause erection difficulties.If men already have children and do not want to have childbirth, they can consider performing vitamin ligation surgery.

5. Far from removing extramarital affairs.Studies have found that after derailment, it is more likely to have an erectile problem.Generally speaking, more or less men with extramarital affairs will have a sense of guilt, and guilty will cause anxiety, which will affect sexual abilities.

6. Reduced blood sugar.Studies have found that more than half of the men with diabetes have symptoms of sexual dysfunction.Diabetes will increase vascular disease and reduce the sensitivity of the nervous system, and eventually numb the penis.Keeping weight without exceeding the standard is the best way to prevent diabetes. Sugar friends must regularly measure blood sugar and do a good job of health management.

7. Avoid sexual trauma.Among the erected men, more than 1/3 people have a history of sexual injuries.During sexual intercourse, if the penis is inserted or too hard, the penis may be broken, that is, the penis sponge body rupture, which will affect the penis erection.Be sure to maintain the correct angle in sexual intercourse, and the female posture should pay more attention.

8. Board more.Yawn can inhale more oxygen and promote carbon monoxide in the brain.Carbon monoxide can go down along the spinal cel to enter the blood vessels that transport energy to the penis, which makes the penis more sensitive.It can be said that a yawn will make a man’s penis tremor and help strong erection.

9. Full sleep.In the night’s sleep, there will be 3 to 5 hours of penis erection. At this time, there will be more blood flowing to the penis with oxygen -rich blood, so that the penis is sufficient to nourish, which is conducive to strong erection.

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