Lotus Chamber of Commerce eat lotus seeds, do you know how to choose?

Lotus seeds are a natural food with very high nutritional value.However, because the lotus seeds we usually eat will go through a series of processing and have some uncertain factors, the lotus seeds sold on the market are good or bad.Below, share a few simple ways of identification.

1. Look.The processing method of lotus seeds is divided into manual peeling and mechanical grinding. The lotus seeds that are well -peeled are higher than mechanically dehuminating lotus seeds.Among them, handmade white lotus, some lotus seeds have a knife marks on the waist, a little natural wrinkle, the white lotus with the machine grinding the skin, and a little residual red skin on it; while the chemical peeling and sulfur lotus seeds areThere is a bit of swelling in the marks, and the lotus seeds are white.High -quality lotus seeds are uniform in size, neat surfaces have no impurities, and the color is light yellow, with obvious luster; inferior lotus seeds are usually a bit small, the size of the particles is not particularly uniform, generally large and small, white on the surface, and no obvious luster.

2. Smell.After the handmade white lotus and grinding leather white lotus are cooked, it smells fragrance, and many sulfur or water -mixed lotus seeds are lost; the lotus seeds that are peeled in chemicals have basically not changed after being cooked, and there is a kind of alkali scent.smell.Xianghuai Rural Handmade Bai Lian, produced in Liuyang Huaizhou Village, Hunan, is hand -removed, drying firewood, drying firewood, naturally polluting, retaining the most natural pure taste.

3. Hold.The special lotus seeds are not mixed with water, and the sound of sliding down with hands is crisp. 80%of the lotus seeds on the market can be said to be the product of water injection through second -hand traffickers. Only the real farmers’ lotus seeds or lotus seeds planted at the base can be eager to eat.

4. Taste.The high -quality lotus seeds will hear the crisp sound of the quag in the mouth, and it is crispy and delicious.Moreover, the quality lotus seeds are easier to cook, and the worse lotus seeds are sticking to a piece after being cooked. It is not obvious to put the aroma in the mouth. Generally, it is broken as soon as it chews.

5. Bubble.Generally, high -quality lotus seeds will be slightly larger than before, and the surface is relatively smooth and round, and it feels soft.The water used after soaking is generally clear without impurities.After some of the poorly quality Bailian bubbles on the market, there are no obvious changes, and sometimes the water will become more turbid.

Source: Sonless

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