Looking back on the female Internet celebrity live pesticide: Talk about two boyfriends, one deceives her pregnancy, and the other is deceiving her to buy a house

The power of language cannot be ignored. Sometimes improper language application will become a negative emotional agent, making things worse.

Language sometimes bursts out of great energy, so the ancient sayings often say "a good word is warm in three winter, and the evil language hurts people in June cold."

Sometimes, without constrained languages can become negative emotions, causing unimaginable great results.After entering the Internet era, the power of language has been magnified countless times, and it is easy to cause cyber violence by accident.

The story of the female anchor to tell today is a tragedy caused by cyber violence.

Why does an anchor kitten’s tragedy happen?The kitten had depression, and her feelings were not successful.

The kitten is the nickname of a beautiful anchor. She has hundreds of thousands of anchors on a live broadcast platform and is a pure and lovely person in the eyes of fans.It was such a person, but there was news that the pesticides were committed to the pesticide self -commitment, which made fans and netizens sigh.

Why does the tragedy of the kitten anchor happen?First of all, start with the emotional experience of the kitten.

The kitten is a girl with an emotional experience. She has talked about two boyfriends, but I do n’t know if she is not good at vision or luck. Both boyfriends are scumbags., Another deceived her to buy a house to make her almost empty.

What’s even more unfortunate, although the kitten saw through the scumbag’s face, he failed to come out of the shadow of emotional failure. He was gloomy. It was not until he was diagnosed with depression that the kitten knew he was sick.

Depression is a disease that is not easy to cure. The mood of the kitten has been low for a long time. In this way, she needs to be accompanied by people, so she values her feelings.The reason why the kitten thought of drinking pesticides live broadcast was also to save her boyfriend.

Although it is not advisable to save her boyfriend’s behavior through the way of drinking pesticides live broadcast, when the kitten was broadcast live at the beginning, it is likely that I didn’t want to really drink pesticides at all.The child wants to attract the attention of her boyfriend.

But what is unexpected is that with the soaring live broadcast, the situation has begun to develop in an uncontrollable direction.

With the increase of the popularity of the live broadcast, some unfriendly remarks began to appear in the live broadcast room.Some people who entered the live broadcast did not understand the emotional experience of the kitten, nor did she know that she was a depression patient, but she was only attracted by the gimmick of pesticides before entering the live room.

These people who watch the lively things are very indifferent. They swipe their screens in the live broadcast, so that the kittens can really drink if they are capable, because they don’t believe that the kitten dares to really drink pesticides, thinking that she just drinks pesticides for the sake of popularity.Speculation.

Seeing that the kitten hasn’t been drinking medicine, there are more and more scolding rooms in the live broadcast room. Many people cursed "Is the anchor hype? It’s really attentive", and some people encourage "the anchor has the courage to drink it.What do you do. "

These aggressive netizens did not expect what the consequences of their remarks would bring to a patient with depression.

The kitten anchor is a very sensitive and delicate person. When she saw so many people scolding herself, she felt very sad.In addition, patients with depression have a tendency to commit suicide, so tragedy occurs under the effect of multi -party factors.

In the surprise of everyone, the kitten anchor drank a bottle of pesticides. It was not until the news of the death of the people came. Some netizens who looked at the lively and the big things knew that they had been in trouble.

But everything is too late, the kitten anchor has died, and her life will not come again because of the truth.The beauty of the flower season fell like this, which is really unfortunate. If there is a life, she hopes that she will no longer be hurt by the scumbag, and she can talk about a sweet love and happiness for a lifetime.

The tragedy of the kitten anchor has made us at least two truths. One is that this society must increase attention to psychological problems, and to pay more attention to groups such as depression. These people’s hearts are extremely fragile.They felt a little warmth, and naturally they had a hint of hope to overcome the disease.

The second is that cyber violence is a sword that hurts people. We must always maintain the kindness in the bottom of our hearts.If the excessive remarks in the kitten live room can be managed in time, maybe this affectionate woman will not be stupid to drink medicine, maybe the tragedy will not happen.

May we all be gentle and kind people, warm others with a kind heart, can bring a trace of warmth to people in the desperate situation, and be treated gentle by this world.

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