Living in such a family is too depressed. Moms in their fifties are pregnant, only …

Mom was in her fifty -year -old child with a second child, just to be too suffocating for a family like a son."But the child is a girl."

Why is it a girl?Because a clip is watching the full drama, can you take care of my mother’s situation first."Simply care about your wife."How about your mother?The surgery was successful, but he was still infected, but he still thought about his son."You tell me now that the son’s child is not the child of our family. The one just sent is your daughter. It is impossible, how is this possible?" During the gender appraisal, isn’t it a son?"Don’t tell clearly today, don’t want to go," you return my son, I cheated you, how can you do this?"How do you let your mother suffer this kind of crime?" Uncle, you calmly, "just lead the leader," wolfberry "." You have to give me the master!"Throw the fetus directly to a daughter.""Du Di made a fetal identification for us." The mother was pregnant in her fifties. "The mother was pregnant for more than four months. Are you crazy? We just took one.It’s right."Father has always wanted a boy", this has not violated national policies, and he still wants his son.Then I want a child, it’s nothing wrong, and you can’t speak."Dad and mom, I really love you really," Don’t tell me love. "Daughter is not worthy of love at this family." If you have anything to say, go and see that men are women,Is it illegal? "The doctor told the patient that the daughter told her father that illegal?I let you look at it, and I didn’t let you do anything else.I have raised you for so many years and let you help your family once. You are unwilling. I think you want your son to be crazy, and I won’t see it."" Mother begged her, "help your dad, mom doesn’t want to affect our whole family because of this incident, noisy when he meets," I can’t bear to see my mother like this "." Mom begged you, "I had to lie to them casuallyOne said "," Father immediately changed his face, "Mother’s body had a big problem." Director Tian did not say that he couldn’t keep it. Now 25 weeks of pregnancy, the merger of severe child disease is in the early stage of merging.The situation is meaningless to support it."Rather than waiting for 26 weeks, you have to damage your body and induce labor. I don’t believe anything you say," When did Director Tian come?"Director Tian is busy. If you don’t want to believe me, you can wait for him, but I hope that the two of you think clearly that it is my mother’s life, and unhealthy premature babies are more important., If the body is weak, you have to help us as much as possible, but if she gets sick, she will have to be entered into the guardian. "For the boy, he ignores the life of his wife."The child is life, isn’t my mother’s life be a life? "She entered the intensive care unit to protect the fetus."How about my mother?" Everyone had to be damaged everywhere. "Due to long -term intubation, trachea and digestive tract, your mother was born.Intersection"" Why is it a girl?"Throw the daughter directly to the pot of the fetus." The mother heard it clearly. "You have to give me a master, good, and return my son.

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