List in large quantities!The price of crayfish is almost cut, a minimum of 10 yuan per catty!The doctor reminded urgently, not to eat like this

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In the season of eating crayfish again, garlic, spicy, thirteen incense … Summer flowing crayfish put on various "coats" to become people’s "table guests".Recently, as the number of crayfish listing has risen sharply, the price is almost cut!

According to reports from the Chengdu Business Daily on May 14, the reporter learned that after visiting a number of aquatic wholesale markets, the price of shrimp has been "diving" from nearly 20 yuan/jin to about 10 yuan/jin.The catties are reduced to 16 yuan/jin, and some can be bought at 14 yuan/jin.Boss Wang, a seafood and aquatic shop in Chengdu Haiji Star Market, said: "The current price is much cheaper than before."

Picture source: Chengdu Business Daily

According to the Chengdu Business Daily report on May 13, when they came to Chengdu Baijia Market, all rows of crayfish were all small.It is understood that the Baijia Seafood Wholesale Market is mainly sold in small, medium and large-scale, and the price of small green shrimp that can be purchased on the market is about 12-13 yuan, and the minimum is also sold for 10 yuan.The boss said that if you buy more than 25 pounds, it can be cheaper.

After visiting a number of aquatic wholesale markets, the reporter learned that when the first listing was listed, the price of small shrimp can be close to 20 yuan a pound. Now the wholesale price of small shrimp has dropped to about 10 yuan.A pound of about 20 or 30 yuan, now about 16 yuan a pound, some can also be bought at 14 yuan, and the price reduction is almost half cut.The reporter found that the price of crayfish in the past two days was the lowest and the most suitable for eating shrimp these two days.

In addition, some stores also provide preliminary processing services to help the shrimp to remove shrimp.

Picture source: Chengdu Business Daily

The crayfish on the Sichuan market are mainly local shrimp and Hubei shrimp. Boss Zheng and reporters who produced seafood water in the Chengdu Haijixing Market shared that the crayfish was mainly local shrimp when the crayfish first went public. At that time, the shrimp was comparedNen, if it is transported from Hubei to Sichuan, one is that the amount of transportation is high, and the transportation cost is higher.It is also high. "By mid -late April, Hubei shrimp is more mature and the output increased, and the entire market began to use Hubei shrimp.

A aquatic wholesaler in the Baijia market told reporters that young people are basically the main force. "Most of the young people who buy shrimp this year are young people. Compared with the 90 pounds of crayfish in the shop, buy fresh fresh ones here.It’s more cost -effective to do it yourself. "

Another merchant said that the practice of crayfish is mostly heavy. Young people prefer a little more, and most of them like to buy a party and will buy more.

After the 90s, Tang was buying crayfish for the party today.Three people in Tang and friends came to the Baijia Market to buy a total of 7 pounds of crayfish, ready to go back to everyone to make a few more flavors to eat.He told reporters: "Buy it yourself and eat cheaper than eating outside. Go back and do it together, you can also play while playing, eating and playing, and it is very easy."

According to CCTV reports on May 14, in recent days, in Hubei Province, one of the origin of crayfish, local citizens have found that the price of crayfish on the market is getting more and more affordable: small specifications of less than 10 yuan per catty per catty.The decline in other specifications is also relatively obvious.

Hubei Xiaogan Hanchuan crayfish wholesaler: Now it has dropped 3 to 5 yuan per catty. Now Xiaoqing is 8 to 9 yuan per catty, Zhongqing is 11 to 12 yuan per catty, and Daqing is 17 to 18 yuan per catty.

Why is crayfish cheap?

On the one hand, after the May Day holiday, the demand is relatively reduced, which affects the price of crayfish; on the other hand, the increase in the production of crayfish will also drive the price trend.In early May, rice field shrimp entered a mature period one after another. In order not to affect the next medium rice planting, some farmers would increase the number of crayfish.

Hubei Wuhan Jiangxia Cangestion wholesaler: This is May, the market enters its peak period, and its output is high.Judging from the data provided by the large market for agricultural and sideline products in Wuhan, entering May, the market has 230 tons of crayfish per day for sales. In mid -to -late May, after the rice field shrimp will be arrested, it is expected that the total amount of crayfish will reach 300 tons every day.With the supply of the crayfish market, the next 15 to 20 days, the price of crayfish still has room for continuing to bottom out.

Liu Dan, deputy manager of the Ministry of Aquatic Department of Agricultural and Sideline, Wuhan, Wuhan, Hubei: between May and June, it may drop by 15%to 10%. By the Dragon Boat Festival, the price may increase slightly, similar to now.

In Jiangsu, the crayfish also ushered in the harvest season.Some merchants say that the price of crayfish has dropped by nearly 50 % compared to April as the temperature has gradually risen, and it is expected to fall further.

The owner of the cinema shop in the market said that at present, the price of shrimp has dropped, like the shrimp of three or four dollars now 13 yuan, 14 yuan per catty, and 35 yuan per catty per catty of seven or eight nine dollars.

At the global lobster trading center, vendors are busy sorting and packaging the crayfish that have been collected this morning to Zhejiang, Henan, Xinjiang and other places.A dealer engaged in lobster transactions said that the wholesale price this year has risen slightly compared to the same period last year.As the temperature rises, the price of the market outlook will decline.At present, it is very good to get the goods.

Popular Science China posted on May 10 that crayfish meat contains 8 essential amino acids required by the human body. Amino acid composition is better than ordinary meat. The proportion of unsaturated fatty acids contained in fatty acids is large. Vitamin A, D, K and other fatsThe content of soluble vitamins is also high, and in addition, it also contains a large amount of trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese.

What are the health problems of eating crayfish?

Crayfish -related pollution factors include: heavy metal pollution (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium), diseased bacteria pollution (Salmonella, Golden Bacizarin, Portal Hemorrhizal, Copper Green Monococcus), parasitic pollution (lung lungIncorcped), shrimp powder -related pollution (oxalic acid, sulfate, nitrite, citric acid).Among them, eating crayfish causes the worst health hazards -horizontal muscle dissolving syndrome, also known as Havff disease.The specific pathogenic factors of this disease are not clear and the incidence rate is low.It is mainly manifested as a significant increase in creatine kinase, muscle soreness, and muscle red proteinuria (urine reddish brown).According to the existing data and control survey data, the risk of the diseased syndrome -related syndrome related to crayfish is related to the number of consumption.

The problem of heavy metal pollution of crayfish has been controversial, but its content is mainly affected by the environmental environment of crayfish: the content of lead, arsenic, and cadmium in the parts of crayfish mumps and shrimp yellow is higher than that of shrimp meat;Shrimpy yellow; the heavy metal content of young shrimp is higher than adult shrimp.

Nevertheless, most of the heavy metal content of crayfish breeding on the market is lower than that of sanitary standards, and health hazards are small. There is no relevant reports that cause heavy metal poisoning caused by crayfish.

The health hazards of pathogenic bacteria pollution and parasitic pollution are less healthy, and relevant risks can be basically excluded after fully cooked.Related pollution of shrimp powder can be removed after being fully cleaned by crayfish, which can not cause related health hazards.

Can’t you eat more crayfish?

Although the crayfish is delicious, it should not be eaten.

As mentioned earlier, the risk of the risk of transversely -related transverse muscle solubility syndrome is related to the number of crayfish. Crayfish also contains a small amount of heavy metal, so it should not be eaten or eaten every day.

Crayfish is rich in protein. If it is eaten too much, it will cause digestion and cause indigestion.

Cooking is often heavy and spicy, and excessive consumption will increase gastrointestinal burden.

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