Liang Huizhen was arrested for 8 months. When executing: Please hit my head, do not hit the child in the belly

Although he has not experienced the days of warfire, he can still deeply feel the revolutionary spirit of the first generation of the Communists, the revolutionary spirit of hard work and unity for the liberation of the Chinese people, and throwing their heads and bloody bravery.

During the Anti -Japanese War, there was no gender distinction, no difference between old and young, and some of them were common revolutionary beliefs. They adhered to the spirit of the revolutionary spirit and sang all the way.

"There are vines, zero dew. There is a beautiful person, like Qingyang."

Since ancient times, women in the southern southern are gentle and beautiful, and they whispered softly, especially during the Republic of China.Because the feudal old thoughts also imprison most of the women in the society, the door is not out of the same door, and shame and timidity are still the most common impression of women in their hearts.

But the revolution often changes the times from all aspects, and the new ideas swept the country with the vanguard.

In the town of Qiongshanfu, Hainan, a large family named Yiliang gave birth to a girl named Liang Huizhen.She was beautiful and she was sensitive, but she couldn’t get on the side since her urination and "lady".

Liang Huizhen, who has received higher education, grew up and couldn’t stand the strong old feudal thoughts at home. He packed his bags and left his home, and joined the revolutionary family without hesitation.

Her first lover Lin Xichun was also a free lover who was going to come together with her parents’ strong opposition, and had a daughter with him.Although the two of them got married, they did not have a bright marriage at all by society and morality. Therefore, the unmarried hat was buckled on Liang Huizhen’s head.

But the fierce pursuit of freedom in love can not reach the choice of life and death.In 1927, Chiang Kai -shek slaughtered the Communists and the left -tiedist, and the horror black yarn of "April Two" shrouded everyone in the city.

Lin Xichun decided to abandon the land to cross France for refuge, but Liang Huizhen decided to stay and face the fierce slaughter of "white horror" with the Communists.The differences between the two’s thoughts and beliefs eventually led to this short marriage.

After the "April Two" time passed, Liang Huizhen was organized to be sent to Shanghai Gong, and here he met Wang Haiping, a lover who really lived with her.

Wang Haiping, who was arranged in his feudal marriage in his hometown in Hainan, packed his luggage to Shanghai on the next day, and did not step into the cave on the night of the wedding on the night of the wedding, and hurriedly left a letter and left.

He once expressed his unwillingness to delay her youth. The new thinker who was "harmed" by the feudal concept could choose and leave to relieve the marriage relationship that bundled each other.

Liang Huizhen and Wang Haiping met in Shanghai. They struggled for the revolution. They had common ideals and topics. They were just attracted to each other and their feelings gradually became attracted to each other.

In 1928, after approval of the organization, the two of them officially became couples, and the wedding was simple and warm, but the love for each other was envious of everyone who participated in the wedding.

Liang Huizhen is always a yellow dress with a yellow dress, elegant and simple, a gentle wife at home, and a calm and calm female revolutionary warrior outside.She is engaged in underground intelligence work. In the face of emergencies, she has a methodical, clear thinking, and can always perfectly complete the task of organizing the organization. It is one of the important personnel of the Shanghai Intelligence Group.

It is both an underground intelligence work, and it must be seen in the light, and the danger is lurking around her all the time.

In this quiet and tense environment, Liang Huizhen and Wang Haiping ushered in new members of the two small families, which undoubtedly brought them light and hope, and they were full of longing for the future.

Even if he was pregnant, Liang Huizhen still insisted on work.Their nature of their work is destined to stay together like ordinary people.In 1931, due to work reasons, Wang Haiping was dispatched to a business trip.

At this time, Liang Huizhen and all comrades who were in Xiamen were arrested at No. 8 Huhu Lane, Gulangyu Island. The strongholds were destroyed and were detained in prison. At this time, Liang Huizhen was six months pregnant.

The enemy did not feel softened because of her pregnancy. Instead, after learning that she was Wang Haiping’s wife, she punished her for confession and wanted to get information from other Communist comrades from her mouth.However, even if Liang Huizhen was unbearable, he was tortured by torture and torture, and he was still dead.

She faced the enemy of the opponent torture, and she was not afraid, and a firm light in her eyes flashed: "My lover said to me, happy is life, and death is to die.. "This revolutionary female warrior who pursued freedom and new thoughts throughout her life was still so chic and wanton.

The torture was tortured for more than two months, and she had not put a little information from her mouth. The enemy decided not to waste time and give them a death penalty.

The night was shrouded, and Liang Huizhen and others were escorted to the suburbs. When the dawn rose, the sister -in -law raised the bloody butcher knife in his hand.

Liang Huizhen bowed his head and touched his eight -month -old belly. This was her last soothing and saying as a mother.She raised her head, unbuttoned the watch on her hand, and gave the executioner, "Please hit my head, don’t hit the child in the stomach."

The sound of the gun sounded, the blood sprayed out, and the beautiful face fixed.This gentle and tough woman is the best interpretation of the revolutionary spirit.

The sacrifice of Liang Huizhen made Wang Haiping realize the painful pain, and the child who was not yet born became a sad sadness in his heart.

But the revolution is still continuing. The cruelty and ruthlessness of the war caused many families to be destroyed like him. Wang Haiping hid the sorrow and led other revolutionaries to develop strong armed forces. He knew that he could not fall.In China, there are millions of compatriots, and he will also kill a bloody road on this thorns.

Unfortunately, because he was exposed to the public’s vision for a long time, he was monitored and arrested by reactionaries.In 1932, Wang Haiping was captured and withstood the cruel punishment without any information.

He was dead, and the revolutionary fire in his heart was still overwhelming, and the heroic revolutionary spirit he represented was still praised by the world.

Liang Huizhen and Wang Haiping’s chaotic love have moved countless people in future generations. The revolutionary spirit they represent is also worth learning by everyone.

If there is immortality in the world, then I believe it is a spirit, no regrets.Our first martyrs do not regret paying for the revolution. They are worthy of being admired and grateful by the Chinese people. Without their blood in front of them, how can we have the prosperity of our later generations.

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