Li Nianguan Xuanhuai’s third child, the lower abdomen is slightly good, netizens vomit: become a wealthy child with a child

Today, the giants Kuotai Li Nian posted on his social networking site: our third child.It turned out that Li Nian was officially pregnant with three babies, and many netizens posted a message to express their blessings.

The Li Nianqi in the picture is very good, and it is painted with light makeup, a red lips, and taking pictures of the mirror. The state is very good.Looking at Li Nian’s state, she knew that she kept well, because the lower abdomen was slightly bulging, but her limbs were very slender. Netizens praised the female stars.

In 2011, Li Nian admitted that he was married to the Softbank Sai Fugu, Lin Heping, to get married, which also caused many people’s onlookers and heated discussions. Li Nian even became a giants.Happiness.Netizens also like Li Nian really lucky.

After becoming a giants, Li Nian gave birth to his daughter’s little yogurt the following year, very happy.After joining the giants, Li Nian rarely came out to make a movie. She often shared her dynamics and daily life on social networking sites. Netizens knew that Li Nian’s life was really comfortable.

In 2015, Li Nian gave birth to his son "Wang Zai" again, adding another male Ding to the husband’s family. Li Nian’s giants are really stable.Today, He Heping is already a child and one daughter. It happens to be a "good" word. Netizens are envious of Li Nian really become the winner of life.

Although Li Nian was very happy, he had not interacted with her husband for a long time, so many netizens had a while to speculate whether Li Nian had changed.At that time, Li Nian came out to make a movie. Netizens questioned whether Li Nian had no economic support, so he started to make money to make money?

After Li Nian’s marriage, he rarely shared the pictures of herself with her husband Lin, and rarely showed the pictures of themselves and their children. It can be said that the protection of children was in place.In the past, Li Nian was raised dogs. Every time, he would show up with the dog’s picture. It was very happy. It can be seen that Li Nian really likes small animals, because Li Nian often learns the knowledge of dogs.

Now that Li Nian has once again announced his third child, so it can be regarded as breaking the rumor of marriage.It seems that people and Lin Heping are still very happy.Just after the blessings, many netizens began to vomit, saying that Li Nian was the same. It was reduced to a child -raising machine, but Li Nian was also very happy and happy.

Li Nianguan Xuanhuai’s third child, the lower abdomen was superb, and the netizens talked: become a wealthy child with a child.Many actresses marry into the giants have given birth to many children, especially Wu Peici has not got the name after she gave birth to so many children.It’s just that Li Nian is very happy, probably different from other women.

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