Learn about calcium supplement during pregnancy: Do you need calcium supplementation during pregnancy?How to make up?

1. Do each pregnant woman need calcium supplementation?

The answer is yes.Because the calcium required for the formation of fetal skeletal is completely derived from the mother’s body, the amount of calcium required by expectant mothers is far greater than ordinary people.EssenceIf mild calcium deficiency during pregnancy, in order to maintain the normal concentration of blood calcium, the calcium salt in the mother bones will be automatically called; if severe calcium deficiency, it can cause calf cramps and hand and foot convulsions.Bone softness.

However, it should be noted that quasi -mothers should start with calcium -rich foods to achieve a balanced diet, and then choose calcium supplement products.

2. When should calcium supplement start?

If you can supplement calcium during pregnancy, the effect is very ideal, because the amount of calcium required by the human body daily before pregnancy is about 800 mg. In addition to ingesting from daily food, add 200-300 mg of calcium daily to add an additional 200-300 mg of calcium.EssenceBut the quasi -mothers should not exceed 20 weeks of pregnancy at the latest, because this is a critical period for the development of fetal bones.

3. Calcium, can you make up for yourself?

Calcium supplementation of pregnant women does not require a doctor to open a prescription. As long as you understand the correct common sense of calcium supplementation, you can also go to a pharmacy to buy regular manufacturers’ calcium supplements or health products.But be sure to pay attention to the amount and choose the correct calcium.Generally speaking, the absorption of calcium carbonate products on the market is still good, but it also depends on the size of calcium molecules during the pharmaceutical process (the smaller the particles, the easier it is absorbed).

4. Is there any harm to calcium supplement?

At the same time as calcium supplementation, pay attention to supplement vitamin D, because calcium cannot be directly absorbed by the human body.However, it should be noted that too much vitamin D can not be taken, otherwise it will cause human poisoning; more calcium supplementation can also cause hypercalcemia and even cause kidney stones.

5. Do you use calcium supplementation for multiple vitamins?

Calcium supplementation of pregnant women is not based on the types of taking, but the total amount of calcium used.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women need to consume 1200 mg of calcium every day. In addition to absorbing from food, an additional 600-800 mg of calcium should be taken.

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