Last year’s winter melon market reappeared, from a pound of 4 cents to 4 times, the vegetable farmers were very happy: it can continue to rise

The shelf life or storage time of vegetables is not long. Needless to say, after the harvest, if you do not put it in the cold storage, the leaves will be stunned for 2-3 days.Vegetables or raw vegetables are relatively long -storage time, such as gourds and melons.It is precisely due to the storage time of vegetables that vegetable farmers will be sold at low prices after maturity, especially after picking vegetables, as long as someone collects it, it will not be too tangled.

In winter, the types of vegetables and the supply of vegetables will be relatively less.For the northern planting area, during the winter, in the case of open -air planting, except for very different vegetables, such as spinach, most of the rest cannot grow, and can only be planted in the greenhouse.

The temperature in the south is relatively high, and there are many types of vegetables.In spring, summer and autumn, many vegetables in the north are mainly transported to the south. In winter, many vegetables in the south are transported north. Of course, it also includes the supply of vegetables in the northern greenhouse.

This year, there are many rainfall in the north, which affects some vegetable growth and yield, leading to rising vegetable prices, such as spinach, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, and so on.In addition, coupled with time, it is about to enter December. The temperature gradually decreases, the demand for vegetables has increased, and the arrival of the cold wave of the southern region has also promoted the price of many vegetables.

Winter melon, as one of the vegetables that are often eaten, enjoyed the "bonus" during the price increase of vegetables this year. After the winter melon was listed in previous years, the price was very low.The winter melon is only about 3 yuan, and can eat it for a week.

Entering 2020, the price of winter melon has changed a lot. From January to October, the 10-month-old wholesale price was basically between 0.4-0.8 yuan. After entering NovemberWinter melon wholesale price reached 1.5-1.7 yuan/jin.It is equivalent to saying that from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the price of winter melon has turned 3-4 times per catty.

The price of winter melon in 2021 can be described as "roller coaster", which is similar to last year, and there are certain differences.In the first half of the year from high to low, similar to last year and last year, from low to high.From January to March this year, the price of winter melon was particularly high, reaching the peak of recent years. The wholesale price per catty was 3.0-3.1 yuan/jin, and then began to decline.By August, it fell to the lowest value of this year, and it was only 0.3-0.4 yuan/jin per catty. Starting from September, the price of winter melon continued to rise. By the end of November, it rose to 1.5-1.8 yuan/jin.The winter melon market in the second half of this year repeats last year’s market, and the price has been 3-4 times.

Regarding the market of winter melon, the author talked with the growers and vendors of Shouguang, Shandong. For vegetable farmers, at this time, more prices have been acceptable. According to the experience of previous years, the price will rise again at the end of the year.The wholesale price of 2 yuan is also possible.At present, a part of the first sell, and then leave a part of it slowly sold, which not only increases the income, but also reduces the risk.

Winter melon is a very adaptable vegetable. It is very easy to plant. Many families in the countryside are sprinkled with some seeds under the corner of the vegetable garden or under the wall.It’s enough to eat it yourself.

If it is planted in large areas, for the vegetable farmers, the melon is also easy to manage. Select the land, water, fertilize, and weed the weedy work well. Do not need to manage it too deliberately. The yield per mu is about 6000-8000 catties. The purchase price, except for the cost, has a profit of thousands of yuan.Of course, when the price is not high, for example, the purchase price is only 2-3 cents per catty, basically it can only be returned.

The demand for winter melon in winter is relatively large, such as stewing soup, stewed chicken, stewed goose, eating hot pot, etc. It can be eaten for many days.Therefore, the price of winter melon continued to rise in the later period.

For consumers, there is no need to store winter melon. Even if the price is expensive, it will not eat every day, and most of the markets on the market are unprepared, so don’t worry too much.Finally, ask everyone, how much is a pound of winter melon there at present?

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