Korean Golden Retriever makes Corgi unexpectedly pregnant?Netizen: Fortunately, you are just a pick -up

Xiao IN was originally looking at Meng Chong to watch the Korean SBS "Animal Farm",

Who knows to see a game,

Love ethical drama full of dog blood …

On the other side of the mountain, there is a handsome golden retriever boy named DABAL.

It runs in the sun every day,

The pace is firm and fast,

Because it has its own goal-

Go to the next door to find your own 6 little babies!IntersectionIntersection

"Open the door, open the door, I know you are at home"

"Don’t open the door? Then I bump …"

"Baba, you are spicy !!"

Looking at the 6 little cubs, it can be called a model dad,

Look at this, look at that again,

The child’s mother Corgi Ddoong twisted the peach hip,

It is also considered "enchanting."

It is the peace of the happy family.

But at this moment,

DABAL’s owner appeared,

She broke the harmony with helplessness and helplessly:

"Oh, those children who are not dabal."

"Our golden wool, it’s still a little virgin …"


Think like this,

I really ignore a big bug,

Look at this group of cubs:

Big ears and short claws,

Although the hair is a bit yellow, the ears are also drooping,

At first glance, it can’t be said that it is not like dabal?


Generally speaking, golden retriever+Corgi’s mixed -race baby,

Is such that!

Golden Mao Da Dad’s same golden hair

Corgi Ma Ma, the same short legs

Look at the little cubs,


Suddenly there seems to be no golden retriever!

Then again, it’s not your own cub,

Why is it so positive?IntersectionIntersection

Does it have no life?IntersectionIntersection

The story starts a long time ago,

Golden Retriever DABAL and Corgi DDOONG,

Since childhood, it has been a neighbor,

One is the elder brother next door,

One is the younger sister next door,

Blue plum bamboo horses, never give up,

Over time, the two dogs also bloomed love.

Where are you and where I am.

But as the saying goes,

Since ancient times, bamboo horses have lost to the green hat.

The accident came too suddenly.

One day, my beloved Corki sister Ddoong,

But I was pregnant unexpectedly, and gave birth to the child,

Also with golden retriever, point, all, no, like.

Even when DDOONG gave birth to a baby,

Dabal is still guarding the side …

Love is a light, green is so panic.

True dad, never appeared from beginning to end,

Instead, dabal,

Come and take care of the baby every day …

Of course, it is not easy for the dad to pick up the man.

The conditions are harsh, not ordinary dogs can do it.

Take the test test 1: Hot face sticks cold buttocks,

Endure the cold treatment of the ex -girlfriend and ignore;

Pick -up test 2: Bringing children can not leave,

Staring at all times, you must not make mistakes;

A dog with six bear children, tearing the paper here,

I ran under the table again, and I didn’t worry about it for a moment.

I didn’t pay attention, and the body was too big to make dog food unintentionally,

The little cubs also ate their stomachs.

Take the test 3: endure the grievances of being driven away;

The last scolding is dabal,

While scolding, he was relentlessly expelled by his mother and mother -in -law.

Take the test 4:

Regardless of the suspicion, there is the perseverance of "tens of millions of times for you";

No matter how many times I have been misunderstood, the hot face sticker, how many times I was rushed home,

DABAL will still resolutely rush out of the house,

Running back to the cubs, day after day.

"Mother -in -law, I won’t give up !!!"

DABAL comes to bring a cub every day,

Seems to be moved by his former girlfriend DDOONG,

But DABAL’s attitude,

It has also changed quietly …

Ddoong is over to show,

But was bitten by DABAL!Intersection

Ddoong: "The man’s lips, the ghost of the man, the change of love changes?"

Ddoong: "Lonely and cold."

Ddoong was so frustrated,

Eat the vinegar of my own cub.

But it will also be driven away by dabal …

Ah, this is the legendary,

"Today you ignore me, ignore me,

Will I make you can’t afford to climb "tomorrow?"

Even the owner said:

"Everyone started to think that DABAL came here to find DDOONG every day.

But then it seems that it loves the little cubs even more."

As for why DABAL likes little cubs so much,

Even if it is so difficult, stay with them?

Probably puppy,

It looks like ddoong at the beginning of that year …

In addition to emotion like netizens

"If the dog is just like the first sight, what is the sorrowful fan of the autumn wind."

"DABAL is so green"

"Solid the model"

Actually IN feels,

This is the best ending for them.

Why do you say that?

Because, although dogs without reproductive isolation can have cubs,

Hybrid dogs will not be worse than purebred dogs,

(Even more lovely, come to taste Corgi’s short -legged gene strong)

Golden Mao+Corgi version 2

(Probably Corki was born as a father …)


Corgi+Shiba Inu = short -legged round rolling

Corgi Dog+Australian Shepherd

Corgi+Chow Chow

Corgi Dog+Siberian sled dog

Corgi+Alaska pig

But pay attention to:

If the dog size is too big,

May face some risks–

Such as Golden Mao Dad+Corgi Mom,

When having a baby, you may be too big because your baby is too big,

It makes it difficult to give birth to mothers …

It is generally not recommended to make such a breeding.

Not every relationship requires results,

There is a kind of love called letting go ~

(Sing it out)

So, we dabal,

Just be a good time,

Let’s continue to live a happy life with everyone!

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