Key nutrients during pregnancy

The "Dietary Guide of Chinese Residents (2016)" promulgated by the Chinese Nutrition Society and the "Intrathy Folic acid Prevention Neural Deficiency Guide (2017)" promulgated by China to supplement folic acid prevention neural defect work group during pregnancy.Women are recommended: from at least 3 months before pregnancy or before pregnancy, 0.4 mg (ie: 400 micrograms) or 0.8 mg (ie: 800 micrograms) per day are added daily until 3 months of pregnancy.

The recommendation of the American Centers for Diseases (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (IOM) is: all 15-45-year-old women with childcare age replenish 400 micrograms (ie 0.4 mg) folic acid supplements per day.

The hazard of superflof acid:

In September 2017, an article published in "AM Journal of Clinical Nutriton" depends on the preview birth queue of Spanish researchers for children and environment (INMA).), It is negatively related to the development of neural cognitive development at the age of 4-5-that is, when the perinatal folic acid increases exceeds 1,000 micrograms, it will cause children to decline in the development of neural cognitive development at the age of four or five.Manager Shen’s cognitive development includes: overall language, speech memory, the rear leather and left and right leather cognitive functions.

Folic Acid is also called vitamin B9, which is a water -soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin M, vitamin BC, R factor, etc. In 1941, it was named folic acid because of this biological factors found from spinach.

The impact of folic acid on the fetus during pregnancy:

In the early pregnancy:

The occurrence of fetal nerve tube deformity is within 28 days before pregnancy, and at this time, most expectant mothers have not realized that they are pregnant, so they face the danger of folic acid deficiency and endanger the baby in the abdomen.At least one month, and in the first three months of pregnancy, I insist on taking the recommended dose of folic acid every day, which can reduce the risk of neural tube defects by 50%to 70%.

In the early stages of pregnancy: early pregnancy is the differentiated period of the fetal organs, and the placental formation is a critical period. The cell growth grows and the division is very strong.At this time, folic acid deficiency can cause fetal malformation.Including brain -free, spinal baptism, etc., it may also cause early abortion.

In the middle of pregnancy:

In the middle and late pregnancy: folic acid participates in the synthesis of the baby DNA during the third trimester. Although the baby’s nervous system has been developed in the early stages of pregnancy, the lack of folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy will still cause giant red blood cell anemia, signsonia, placenta, placenta, placentaEarly peeling and low -body weight.

The side effects of excessive folic acid:

1. Taking folic acid tablets can cover up the early performance of vitamin B12 deficiency, leading to damage to the nervous system;

2. Orally 350mg of folic acid may affect the absorption of zinc, which leads to zinc deficiency, cause the fetus to develop slowly, and increase the weight of a low birth weight;

3. Taking anorexia, nausea, abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal symptoms in a large number of folic acid;

4. When taking a lot of folic acid, yellow urine may occur.

Recommended quantity of folic acid: 600mg/day in early pregnancy and late pregnancy

Folic acid -rich foods

(1) Vegetables: lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, rapeseed, cabbage, greens, lentils, pods, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mushrooms, etc.

(2) Fruit: Orange, strawberry, kiwi, cherry, banana, lemon, peach, Li, apricot, bayberry, jujube, hawthorn, pomegranate, grape, pear, etc. Among them, kiwi contains 8%folic acid, "natural folic acidThe name of the big households.

(3) Animals: Animal liver, kidney, poultry and eggs, such as pork liver, beef, lamb, chicken, egg yolk, etc.

(4) Beans, nuts: soybeans, soy products, walnuts (including walnut oil), cashews, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, etc.

(5) Grain: whole wheat flour, oats, brown rice, etc.

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