(It’s over) My wife is pregnant again, and I secretly identify it. None of the three children are mine.

After 18 years of marriage, my wife in her early forties became pregnant again,

I have doubts and secretly identified it,

It turned out that the three children were not mine!


My wife is Liu Rulan. Although she was in her early forties, she was well maintained.

She had two children and could maintain such a good figure. Of course, there was a reason.

Those who are expensive and expensive care products and cosmetics, she bought it softly, bought some physiotherapy instruments, and often runs cards in beauty salons and gyms.

Her annual expenses in maintenance are larger than family total expenses!

Women love beauty is natural. How can you not spend money to raise a beauty?Liu Rulan kept beautiful, and I didn’t suffer, so it would be spent when the money was spent.

In order to raise this family, I went out early and returned and returned late.

Until one day, Liu Rulan suddenly told me that she was pregnant!

"How can you get pregnant? We have taken contraceptive measures!"

I do n’t understand. In the past few years, the country opened a second child. Liu Rulan wanted to ask for another one, because I also wanted a son.

But now I want another one, I really can’t afford it, so I have always paid attention to insurance measures.

Even if Liu Rulan got on, I resolutely refused not to take any measures.

Since we have taken all measures, why are you pregnant?

Liu Rulan didn’t care: "What’s strange about this? An ordinary person uses condoms, and the effect of contraception is only more than 85%. Those who have learned through professional learning can be used correctly to reach more than 98%. Even if you take measures, you have taken measures.Also possible to get pregnant. "

I still don’t understand: "But I do it strictly according to the instructions of use!"

Liu Ru Lang suddenly stared at his eyes, and Liu Mei said upright, "As you say so, it means I doubt me? I think I am derailed? There is you, now I don’t even believe it, right?"

After hearing, I was a little inexplicable.

"I didn’t say doubt that you were derailed. What do you respond so much?"

"I said no doubt! Then why do you keep asking me why I was pregnant? Isn’t it possible to be unqualified by which condoms?"


Looking at her irritating appearance, as usual, I paid a soft voice and paid the salary of this month, and she looked a little better at this time.

"Do you think I am happy to have children? Eating so much hard, not for you!"

After speaking, Liu Rulan went straight out and left, saying that he was going to the hospital for a pregnancy test.

Looking at the back she left, the more I thought, the more I felt wrong. I didn’t raise my derailment at all. Why did she respond so much?

Subsequently, I went online to search for the chance of condoms.

After searching, I knew that the chance of this contraception was not so calculated at all.

According to statistical results caused by statistical methods, the probability of completely correctly used condom contraceptives is about 1/2600.The probability of typical use of condoms can cause contraceptive failure between about 1/520 and 9/2600.

The chance of this mother is almost the same as the Million Lottery!

I was shocked with cold sweat, and I always felt that Liu Rulan had something to hide from me.

If you think about it, the second daughter is also similar. At that time, I was repaying the mortgage car loan. For the time being, I was unable to raise another child, but Liu Rulan was pregnant again.

Afterwards, she explained that it was because she forgot to take contraceptives, so she would cause pregnancy.

Once suspicious, it will become more and more intense.

I thought about it, and I started thinking about the eldest daughter again.

When Liu Rulan was pregnant with her, it was indeed during pregnancy, but at that time, her menstrual period was very unstable … The most important thing was that in these years, as her eldest daughter grew up, her character and appearance were not like me at all like me.Intersection

There are also situations that look like mothers, but mainly because the eldest daughter does not look like Liu Rulan.

I was scared by the doubts in my heart. I was hesitant for a while, and I didn’t know how to deal with it.

If you are not good, maybe he will quarrel with Liu Rulan again, and the family relationship will also have cracks that are difficult to repair.

To avoid this situation, I can only ask my friends for help.

Soon, my friend returned the news.

"Always suspicious, and what’s the use of exact evidence? Make a parent -child identification, everything is not the truth."

"This … isn’t it good?"

To be honest, I am from a more traditional family and still have some resistance to this.

It feels like hiding his wife and daughter, doubting them.

"What’s wrong? This is responsible for yourself, responsible for this family!"

Seeing this sentence, I finally made up my mind.

Personal identification does not need to be present. Thanks to the developed network, I just need to quietly collect the identification samples and send it over. After a period of time, I can receive the results on my mobile phone.


After sending the sample over, the results can be produced in about 7 days.

The waiting time is anxious. I restless at home and don’t know what to do.

Once we put on doubtful colored glasses, suspicion can’t stop.

I recalled it carefully. Liu Rulan usually went out and dressed up exquisitely. I often went to the girlfriend’s house to "stay" … I didn’t think much about it before, but now I feel more and more suspicious.

So, on a certain weekend, after Liu Rulan went out, I found a chance and quietly drove behind her.

Fortunately, Liu Rulan’s car skills were very poor. She drove very slowly, and I was not struggling to follow.

When she went out, she said that she was going to the beauty salon and let me transfer her more than 10,000 yuan.

But I followed her and didn’t feel right. This didn’t seem to be going to the beauty salon!

Slowly, I saw her parked the car at the door of a large hotel, then stepped on high heels, and went in.

At that time, I was cold and cold, and I felt like a fool in before. She believed what she said, and my chest tightness was stuffy for a while, and I was so angry.

So I got out of the car quickly, as the so -called gangster, I had to see what kind of man she was derailed.

As a result, when the front desk was asked, the other party shook his head and said that the customer’s information was privacy and could not be leaked without authorization, so she couldn’t say.

"My wife went upstairs! Which room did my wife go to, why can’t I know?!"

I am angry, and my thinking ability has declined.Maybe in the eyes of the other party, I am a little bit entangled, but I can’t care about these.

The front desk was a little scorched, saying, "Sir, otherwise, if you are an acquaintance, I can help you call her a room call, and say that someone is looking for her on the front desk … Is this okay?"

I wondered if the phone call, don’t you get a grass and shocked the snake?

Not to mention, the adulterer will definitely run away!

But there is no other way at the moment. The front desk is not willing to leak customer information, so I had to ask her to call.

4. 4..

"Don’t say that I am her husband, just say it is taken for takeaway, put the takeaway at the front desk, and tell her to take it down." I said.

The front desk still shook his head: "Sorry, we can’t deceive customers."

I have never seen the front desk of such a shaft, I can only give her a few banknotes while no one around me.

After she received the money, she still looked at her face and said, "I help you conceal your identity at most, and say that there is a person with unknown identity downstairs looking for her."

"You have to do business after you collect money!" I was a little anxious.

The front desk shrugged, signal me to see the camera in front, saying, "Our hotel training is very strict. If we do not follow the rules, I will lose my job."

At this moment, I suddenly understood why Liu Rulan chose this hotel.

Protecting customers’ privacy is simply a great derailment place!

After the front desk called, after ten minutes, Liu Rulan came down with the elevator.

We looked at the hotel lobby. Liu Rulan’s face was full of surprise, and then slowly became angry.

Later, she stepped on my high -heeled shoes, frowned, and asked aggressively: "What do you do?" What do you mean? "

I was stunned at the time, obviously I came to catch treacherous, and Liu Rulan took the lead in asking me!

"What am I doing? Don’t you know in your heart? You talk about, who else is upstairs!"

I am about to blow up, but unexpectedly Liu Rulan said coldly: "It’s all my girlfriends upstairs! If you don’t believe it, I will call them!"

After speaking, she took out her mobile phone and started dialing.


Seeing this scene, I was a little confused. Is it true that I misunderstood her?

After more than ten minutes, Liu Rulan’s two girlfriends came downstairs. They stood behind Liu Rulan in majesticly, not like explaining, but seemed to help quarrel.

Liu Rulan stared at me and said coldly, "What do you mean? Suspect I derailed? Still follow me, are you perverted neuropathy?"

As soon as I heard it, my heart was a little bit angry, and I couldn’t help but say, "I doubt? You can do it, can I not doubt it? You tell me to go to the beauty salon, how can you run the hotel!"

Liu Rulan sneered.Said: "Sisters and I temporarily want to play mahjong, can I turn around to play mahjong? Do you have to report with you?"

To be honest, I also realized that she was a bit unreasonable. After all, her two girlfriends were there, and she really didn’t seem to be ready to derail.

"If you don’t believe it, I can show you the room where the room you open is!" Liu Rulan stepped in.

I couldn’t help but refute: "Four people are going to play mahjia, you are only three of you …"


Before the words were finished, the other two girlfriends began to say me strangely. Probably the meaning was that there was another person on the way.

They also said that I wondered my wife, and at first glance, it was the kind of man with a small belly chicken intestine and emotional instability.

Anyway, the words are very harsh, but I didn’t say a swear words, just like a toad lying on the feet, not biting people.

Because of our quarrel, we gathered around to watch the lively people.

In their opinion, it was my wife and girlfriend playing mahjong and was suspected of being derailed. So a few uncle and aunts persuaded me to make me a big deal. What is the big man?

These words are upset, and I do n’t know what these uncle and aunts are running to the hotel. I ca n’t come to play mahjong?

I also think that this is not reasonable. Seeing that the more troublesome, I had to hold on the fire, holding her hand, and said, "What’s the matter, let’s go home and talk."

Unexpectedly, Liu Rulan shook off my hand sharply, raised his head slightly, and yelled, "Don’t touch me! Apologize!"

"What?" I stunned.

"Apologize for me!" Liu Ru Lan was reluctant, and he was so arrogant when he was peaceful at home.

The girlfriend behind her talked again and again:

"Maybe how to quarrel after returning home! Maybe it will become her fault!"

"Why dare not apologize in front of everyone? Isn’t it guilty?"

"Seeing him is embarrassed, he must not apologize, maybe he still feels right!"

The more I listened to my face, the more people around me, the more and more people were gathered, and I could only whisper, "I’m sorry, this is not right."


Before Liu Rulan spoke, the two girlfriends behind her shouted: "Can’t hear! Sisters, have you heard it?"

"did not hear it!"

"Ghost knows what he is muttering!"

I really couldn’t help this kind of humiliation and turned straight to leave.They were still noisy behind them, but I couldn’t hear it anymore.

Running out of the hotel quickly, I ran into the car like I ran away, took a deep breath, and felt annoyed and messy.

Whoever grasps derailment has no evidence, who is unreasonable.

Moreover, I also started to doubt my judgment.

What if Liu Rulan was not derailed at all?Then my behavior is indeed a distrust of her.

After returning home, I decided to wait for Liu Rulan to come back, so I talked with her and put her attitude better, so as not to quarrel with me because of this.

Unexpectedly, this waiting was eight or nine hours. Liu Rulan’s phone called and did not answer the news.

Just when I was going to call to find someone, the door was knocked.

When I opened the door, it turned out to be the mother -in -law and the old man.

"Dad, mom, why are you here?" I was a little puzzled.

Unexpectedly, Laozhang people said, "Don’t call my dad! I’m not a family with you!"

The mother -in -law even waved her hand and said, "I can’t afford your mother, those who want to separate, I can’t keep it!"

This is really a bit rushing. I don’t understand what happened at all. I quickly invited them in and asked blankly, "What’s wrong? Why do you lose your temper?"

"Why?! You are embarrassed to ask?"


The mother -in -law scolded her face with a face, she seemed to be on his head, and asked me if she chopped her head and covered her face, saying why Liu Rulan was sorry for me, and I also followed me to suspect that she was derailed.

I know that Liu Rulan’s family is in rural areas, and the innocence of this area is very heavy, but I did not expect their response!

Moreover, I did not expect that Liu Rulan would tell her parents about this!

In the past, I quarreled with her and conflict, and I closed the door to solve it myself. In most cases, as long as I did not touch the principle, I would apologize.

But this time, Liu Rulan greeted him without fighting, so he went to the older generation, which made me a little caught off guard and became more irritable.

Can’t you sit down and say anything?

I admit that I doubt online, but I won’t respond so much?

At this time, a idiom appeared in my mind for the first time:

—— "Desire to cover it!"

After all, my mother’s family came to the door. I had to give me at least an explanation, so I had to explain it, saying that I would doubt it, and it was not intentional, just because Liu Rulan was inexplicable.Idea, her feelings have not changed.

But I did n’t think, I do n’t explain it, and I explained that my mother -in -law was even more angry.

She also scolded me to have gallbladder, and she had no courage to recognize it. I suspected that I didn’t want this child and wanted to kill the child before she was derailed by Liu Rulan!

I said many times, I just had a little doubt, not slander, nor did I say that Liu Rulan must be derailed.

But the old man didn’t listen at all. The two of them scolded me as grandson for more than two hours, and then they left.


After a while, my mother also called me.

"If you want to live a good life, don’t think about it. What is the most important thing between husband and wife? Trust! You two have been married for 18 years. Xiao Lan is derailed. Why doubt others?"

Listening to my mother’s bitterly persuaded, I could only cope with a smile, and kept guaranteeing that there would never be similar things.

After finally dealing with her, I hung up the phone.

I was lying on the sofa in the living room, and I suddenly felt tired and tired.

It has been eighteen years together. Perhaps, as they said, the most important thing is trust, the old husband and wife, there is no trust, it will really make Liu Rulan Hanxin.

After waiting for more than three hours, Liu Rulan finally returned home.

When she came back, her face was flushed, with a bange, drunk.I quickly held her and asked, "Are you drinking?"

Liu Rulan frowned and pushed me out suddenly, saying, "You also have to manage it if I drink?! I feel bad about drinking? I have suffered for more than half of my life. Can I indulge it?!"

After speaking, she didn’t look at me, walked straight into the living room, dumped the bag on the sofa, and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

I sighed and sat back on the sofa.

Later, I accidentally glanced, just saw the mobile phone that was thrown out, and put it on the sofa so, buzzing and shaking.

The screen showed that someone sent her a dozen messages in a row, but I couldn’t see the information, because Liu Rulan used a fruit machine.

If the fruit machine is not locked, you can’t see any information, you can only see the message prompt.

The suspicion of finally giving out, at this time, came out again.

This is simply a good opportunity. Liu Rulan took a bath in the bathroom. As long as I turned on her mobile phone and turned it over, I knew if she was derailed …

Unfortunately, I don’t know her mobile phone password, and she has never checked her mobile phone before.

I sighed and gave up my peeking thoughts.


After Liu Rulan took a shower, she went back to the bedroom and lay on the bed to play with her mobile phone.

I want to talk to her about today, but I have no way to speak, so I had to wash and sleep.

After going to bed, Liu Rulan carried my mobile phone at me. I stopped talking a few times. I felt that the husband and wife had different dreams in the same bed for more than ten years.

By the time of more than twelve, Liu Rulan’s mobile phone was still on, but she had made a uniform breathing sound.

I looked up and found that she fell asleep with a short video, and it was probably because of drinking.

I took her mobile phone and was about to turn off her, and suddenly a message lit up:

"I want to say, your husband is so easy to pass, and you are an honest person at first glance."

The contact person who sent this news was her girlfriend.

I stunned in my heart, and I always felt that this sentence was not right.

After looking at Liu Rulan and confirming that she had been asleep, I opened her green bubble and started to read her chat history.

I do n’t know, the more you look at it.

Liu Rulan has a girlfriend group. They shared today’s affairs in the group -it turns out that they are indeed going to play mahjong today, but they are going to take off the mahjong!

Including Liu Rulan, a total of three girls, and a man, played for hemps in the hotel!

The reserve price of one hand is 1,000. The bar, Lai Zi, Red and the like, will double it. When the man loses, he will give money. If the woman loses, it will be undressed!

And that man, I don’t know the names, because they are desperately called the first letter with their names, calling him CWY, and it seems that he had a leg with Liu Rulan a long time ago!

Then I went to the list of Liu Rulan according to the pinyin of CWY. As soon as I entered the word "Chen", the first one popped up thousands of chat records!

I liked it, and it was like a lightning strike.


Liu Rulan has been derailed from him since she got married. The two seem to be having a strange circle. When she was chatting, she respects, worship, and even her life!

What makes me more difficult to understand is that the man had never turned a penny for Liu Rulan.

Not only that, Liu Rulan has always turned money to the other!

Even the consumption for her to the beauty salon today, she gave all the men surnamed Chen!

Even, she introduced her girlfriend to the other party!

For example, today’s undressed mahjong is the bureau of Liu Rulan.

The more I flipped forward, the more angry in my heart.

Until I saw a pointed chat history, I was stunned.

During the chat process, Liu Rulan said that she would staggered the date of conception and adopted contraceptive measures as much as possible to prevent my child who was pregnant and ensured that each child born was a kind of man named Chen.

In addition, after Liu Rulan was pregnant with her second daughter, she also invited the other party very charmingly!


After being angry, it was relieved, and it was a bit indifferent and indifferent.

The wife lying next to the pillow became a bit strange in my eyes.

For so many years, I have been covered in the drum. Now I know the truth, I suddenly feel relieved.

Marriage brings me happiness, but the hope of depression. The only thing that makes me feel happy is that I hope that two daughters will grow up healthy.

At this moment, I learned that both daughters were not biological.

In my heart, I didn’t find Liu Rulan for the first time, but I started to save evidence.

I downloaded all the unbearable chat records in her mobile phone, all downloaded and saved it into my mobile phone.In addition, I also diverted the photos hidden in her mobile phone, and there were many unbearable videos.

In order to prevent any accidents, the data was deleted. I not only reserved a copy on the computer, but also uploaded all these "evidence" to the cloud.

I have to say that the speed limit of cloud software is really annoying.

After I finished these, the sky was already bright, and I didn’t know it all over the night.

Looking at the chat records, I spent a few hours.

When I downloaded it, I was watching, the more I didn’t care, I felt that Liu Rulan became a stranger … I felt that she was no longer my wife, but the play of others.

What else is there?Divorce.

That morning, I was a showdown with Liu Rulan and asked for divorce.

Liu Rulan also got up and said that I was nervous and let me roll away. Don’t bother her.

So I thought about it, and simply called the mother -in -law and Laozhangren to say this.As a result, I just said the word divorce, and the other party lost the sentence, "Your kid is waiting", and hung up the phone.

When I hit it again, it was already occupied.

After waiting for ten minutes, I was about to call again, and I called in a phone call. My mother came.


I hesitated for a while and answered the phone: "Hey, mom."

"What kind of wind do you smoke in the morning? Didn’t you promise well yesterday? Today I said to divorce early in the morning? The home phone call is here to come here.Can you live? "

When I heard these words, I sighed and said, "But."

My mother heard that my tone was not right, and asked, "What’s wrong? What happened?"

"Liu Rulan is really derailed, and the two children are not mine."

As soon as this remark came out, my mother didn’t say a word.

After a while, she said that she came over by the car and couldn’t let me be bullied.I said it to persuade her, I can handle it myself.

As soon as I hung up the phone, the door slammed the door.

When I opened the door, Laozhangren and his mother -in -law stood at the door. His eyes seemed to spray fire, staring at me deadly, and poking at my heart with his fingers.

I said what to marry my daughter to me, and said that my conscience was eaten by a dog, because I was a little broken, and I had to divorce.

Liu Rulan couldn’t sleep with the movement and static, and she shouted in the bedroom to make us a little bit.

I couldn’t bear it anymore, and put a video of Liu Rulan’s mobile phone directly for Er Lao.They glanced at them, their faces were white, their lips were stunned, and they couldn’t say a word.

Then I showed them the photos in Liu Rulan’s mobile phone, and there were many indecent photos with the men named Chen.

The more they look, the more silent.


"Is it I’m trouble? Do I say there is a problem with divorce?" I asked lightly.

The two of them looked at each other, and then the mother -in -law said, "Anyway, my daughter gave you two children. Even if she accidentally did something wrong, for the child, you couldn’t divorce so hastily!"

Before I spoke, Laozhangren helped: "Who hasn’t made something wrong when he was young?

I said incredible: "Give me a child? What is the reason for this? In your eyes, is marriage be born together?"

The mother -in -law said, "The first -class event is the successor! Isn’t it that my daughter is pregnant again? Maybe this time it is a son! If you are divorced, you will not give you a end when you are old!"

I almost laughed, and I couldn’t bear it, and said, "Neither of these two children is my biological, what else do you have to say?"

The mother -in -law and Laozhang people suddenly widened. This time, their reactions were more intense than seeing the derailed video. They went directly into the bedroom and woke Liu Rulan.

After some inquiries, Liu Rulan understood what happened.

But what I didn’t expect was that she didn’t apologize for the first time, but asked me: "How can you peek at my mobile phone?! You know this infringement of privacy, do you know!"

I understand, in Liu Rulan’s eyes, no matter what it is, it is my fault!

I used to think that she had a strong personality. Now it seems that she just looks down on me!

"Nothing to say, divorce."

I don’t want to spend more tongue with her, it feels like a waste of energy.


"Contlied to the lawyer, and then the Civil Affairs Bureau saw that the property divided by then." I sighed and said.

At first, the house car was the down payment and loan repayment I gave, and Liu Rulan had never worked.If the lawsuit is in lawsuit, Liu Rulan is likely to go out of the house, because she is a derailed party, and the child is not mine.

Maybe I don’t even need to pay for the support.

Obviously, Liu Rulan also knew in his heart that in this case, divorce lawsuits were very unfavorable to her.

So when I raised a divorce very seriously, she finally panicked.

But she just showed a few seconds of panic, she didn’t have a slightest guilt.

Soon, she seemed to find a refutation argument, and immediately raised her head again, arguing that both children were biological.Even if I put on a chat history, she did not admit it.

"I just joked with others. You don’t even recognize your own daughter? For more than ten years of feelings, do you plan to abandon your daughter? Are you still a human?"

Liu Rulan’s words are like a steel needle, which makes me difficult to refute.

In her first sentence, I was just farting; but in the next few words, I really grasped my weaknesses. I really don’t know what to do.

After so many years of raising two daughters, it is impossible to say that there is no emotion. I can’t bear to give them to others.

But when I raised myself, I always had a thorn in my heart. After all, the child was not his own, making me like my throat.

For a while, I was in a dilemma.


Liu Rulan regarded my hesitation as a retreat. She turned intensifying her daughter to stab me, and she also made it clear that I used me as a fool.

I really couldn’t stand it, and yelled at her: "I fucking more than you want the child to be my breed! But do you touch your own conscience, do you think so much?"

When the mother -in -law and the old Zhang were aggrieved at the first sight of her daughter, they immediately pushed me away.

The mother -in -law coaxed Liu Rulan in the back, and the old man stared at me, pointed at my nose, and said that there was no evidence that I couldn’t talk nonsense, and asked me why I could prove that my child was not my biological.

My nose was very crooked, and said, "Do you want evidence? Good!! When you fight a divorce lawsuit, do a judicial parent -child identification, and then you will know if the child is mine!"

At this moment, Liu Rulan didn’t agree, and her parents probably saw what was going on.

"There is no need for this wedding to have a lot of money. It is good to be confused. If you have children, you are good. Don’t care if you are biological!"

"Why do you suffer a parent -child identification? Originally three children could give you the elderly, and now I find that it is not biological. What should you do when you are old?"

"My daughter is pregnant and gives a child as a ghost gate. Do you still care about it?"

"Your wife has been laundering for you to bring children for more than ten years. There is no effort without credit? Because the child is not born, you will divorce? Is it worth your wife?"

The two said, they believed themselves.


Liu Rulan shrank behind and didn’t know who sent a message to call. After a while, someone came to knock on the door again. I opened the door and saw that her two superb girlfriends came!

One side was sore and thinner, and her face was also thick. As soon as I entered the door, she was not good at yin and yang, and then rushed to Liu Rulan and walked over, coaxing her warmly.

"Sister, don’t be sad, you should be brave when you encounter such a scumbag!"

"To put it bluntly, it is still not possible to have a man. Born in three children in 16 years, all of them are others. This man’s sperm must have a problem!"

Liu Rulan still believed in this set, and seemed to have been greatly comforted.

She also talked to her girlfriend in front of me: "Think about it. The child told him to call his father for more than ten years. He could do such a thing. What is the difference between him and the beast?I didn’t think I was derailed. I didn’t think I was derailed. Is the blood relationship that is so important? People who have no ability to give birth to be raised? "

When I heard these words, I was shivering.

Liu Ru Lan also said, the more unpleasant, he sobbed, crying with pear blossoms, as if she was the victim, and I was the one who harmed her.

I was unbearable and said, "What do you say, this lawsuit is determined, and we have seen the Civil Affairs Bureau."

After speaking, I went straight out of the door, and they yelled behind them.

Those two girlfriends still wanted to hold me and were pushed away by me.

After going out, I asked a better lawyer for the first time to make an urgent appointment.

After consulting with the lawyer, he frowned and said, "Your situation, it’s not easy to do! You know, your house’s car is purchased after marriage, and it is only after the marriage.It is also written by the names of both husband and wife. In other words, these are the common property of the husband and wife. If you divorce, maybe it is not good for you. "


When I heard this, I was tight in my heart and asked very much: "Why? She usually has no income, not only that, she is still a derailed party! Why is it not good for me to fight a lawsuit?"

The lawyer sighed, let me calm down, and then explained:

"The law is talking about law. I did a lot of cases like you. Last week, there was also a couple divorced. The men raised children for seven or eight years. They found that they were not biological.He said, "Although the child is not yours, I was born, I am your wife! Do you not love the child for so many years, do you not love me?" Then the two began to fight a divorce lawsuit. "

"As a result? The man invited the top divorce lawyer, and he won 30,000 for the woman. Even so, when the property was divided, the woman took half of the property.Ten thousand dollars are a fart, fight lawsuit, ask lawyers, and find new schools for children, 30,000 yuan will be gone. "

"The most troublesome thing is that you don’t know if you want to strive for custody. You must know that it is two different things in court!"

When I heard the back, my heart was cold.

I feel that I have been desperately for most of my life, just making wedding dresses for others.

The child is someone else, and the house’s car deposit is half of the other people. Even my wife has a heart with others. What does I mean to live?

When my emotions were the lowest, Liu Rulan called.


She didn’t talk about it, she was Yao Wuyang.

It is estimated that she also consulted the lawyer and knew the specific situation, so she became afraid.

"I tell you, leave if you leave! Do you really take yourself as a thing? Tell you, I would have long wanted to divorce you! If it hadn’t been on the child’s face, I would endure you for so many years? You first?If you abandon your child, don’t blame me to ignore my husband and wife! "

After speaking, the voice of the mother -in -law rang again.

She estimated that I felt that I would divorce, just like her daughter, making them ashamed, so speaking is particularly unpleasant.Especially after knowing that the divorce was not lost, she teared off the last layer of hypocrisy and scolded.

This old lady came from the countryside. She scolded people. When she really had a lot of tricks, she didn’t have heavy samples.

At that time, I was exempt from mentioning. It was estimated that she scolded too much. The lawyer next to it couldn’t help but persuade a few words. As a result, the mother -in -law even scolded the lawyer.

The lawyer Tie Qing listened to his face, and we were waiting for her to scold, hung up the phone, and then looked at each other with the lawyer.

"Actually, I just wanted to say that this lawsuit is really good for you." The lawyer suddenly changed his mouth again.

I asked, "Why is it good for me? You didn’t say that just now."

The lawyer’s expression said unnaturally: "Uh … doing business, always find a way to raise the price."

I was clear, don’t you just want to add some money!

"It’s okay, but why do you want to tell me again?" I said.

"This old woman scolded too much! I promise, any lawyer could only fight this case, but I was different."

Later, the lawyer patted his chest and promised that he would make a lawsuit at that time to ensure that I "ex -wife" cried and went out of the house!

I think he is so confident that he is fully entrusted to him.


When I was in court, I was really nervous when I was going to a lawsuit.

On the other hand, Liu Rulan, they looked like a voucher. After all, as long as they divide my home property, even if they won, they lost a little money and no harm.

"Everything must be talked about laws, and the law cannot be controlled by public opinion. Even if this incident looks a little immoral and unpleasant, it is undeniable that my parties have also paid a lot for this family.Just wipe all her dedication, I think this is extremely unfair to the parties … "

Liu Rulan’s lawyer exaggerated in court.

In the end, it was Liu Rulan’s turn to appear, and she complained in tears and added some inexplicable "crimes" to me: "I contain hard to raise children and live with him, but what about him?I have a cold violence … "

Seeing that the court’s wind direction was about to change, my lawyer stood up.

He took out a bunch of large transfer records, all Liu Rulan transferred to love husband, and then said: We need to accuse Liu Rulan transferred property before marriage!

Once it is determined that there is an act of transferring pre -marital property, the nature will change.

The other lawyer still wanted to debate, so my lawyer sneered and sneered:

"How do you explain these transfer money? A wife, remitting money to a privately interactive person, and a huge amount of remittances, how do you explain? Do you give it free to the husband and wife?Others? Come, you say a reasonable reason, I am curious, what are the excuses this time! "

The other lawyer was speechless and sat back in place.

"The old mother’s money is spent! Can you manage it? He spends money to make money, and it is my money to my hand. Why can’t you transfer it to others?Do you want to sue you to infringe privacy! "

Liu Rulan roared the noise.

The judge knocked on the mallet, let her calm down, and warned.

And Liu Rulan couldn’t get used to it, and continued to yell at the lawyer.The court would not tolerate her, and she was immediately punished by a lawyer.

twenty one.

In the end, I preserved my property, but did not get custody.

The moment I walked out of the court, I recalled my first half of my life, and suddenly felt like a dream.

And after Liu Rulan, after she lost all the economic sources, the love husband abandoned her for the first time, just because she couldn’t continue to make money.

She must raise two children alone and take care of two elderly people.

At the beginning, Liu Rulan also begged me to remarry. After I was firmly rejected, she lost her soul -without the second half of her life, and she did not have any work skills and work resumes.

Sure enough, when I went to take a bath with the customer, I saw her cleaning.

Because of the old color and decline, there is no skill, she can only engage in this kind of physical labor, and even sells hue.

At that time, I looked at her back and lit a cigarette silently.

The heart secretly rejoiced and made an extremely correct decision.

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