Itchy nipples and long bumps … Don’t care about the 6 cases of the chest

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Speaking of the nipples and breasts that get along with your sisters, many people may think about whether it is breastfeeding or indispensable … However, a series of health issues related to the chest may also be aware of it.


If the following situation occurs, be careful, it may be a sign of the disease!(Girls must watch, boys can also see for girlfriends)

Nipple itching is unbearable

The nipples are always itchy, and they want to pull out. Public places are crazy and embarrassed.

● Dry skin: The dry and cold weather and excessive cleaning can make the skin dry, easily cause itching, peeling and even cracking.

● Breast eczema: It occurs on nipples, areolas and surroundings. The skin lesions are brown -red, obvious erosion, and scales and thin scalfs.It is more common in breastfeeding women (young girls may also appear), bilateral breasts, and stop breastfeeding.

● Contact dermatitis: For example, wearing chemical fiber underwear causes allergic contact dermatitis, and the underwear is too tight friction and compresses the irritating contact dermatitis.


If it does not heal or unilaterally occurs, it is accompanied by erosion of nipple and areola area.Because its symptoms are similar to eczema, it is easily confused with eczema.

Apply moisturizing products after bathing daily, treat diseases such as eczema in time, and wear comfortable and soft cotton underwear, etc., which can improve the symptoms of nipple itching.

The raised little bumps around the areola

Many little fairies will find that some raised "pimple granules" appear around their areolas, which are actually Montessori nodules (don’t panic, everyone has ~).

Montessori nodules are a type of sebaceous gland hyperplasia. It belongs to normal physiological phenomenon, which is not painful or itchy.The Monses gland also secrete oil, lubricating to protect the nipples and areolas.

Montessori nodules are related to estrogen, and it will be more obvious after pregnancy (maybe there may be without pregnancy).Because it does not affect health, it is generally not necessary to treat it, but don’t squeeze it with your hands. If you don’t want to leave color.

The nipples are inward

Generally, the nipples we see are protruding from the surface. What is the depression inward?

The nipple trap is a more common female breast malformation. The incidence of women in my country is 2%, and the incidence in abroad is about 10%.It is manifested in the nipples or all of them in the areola plane. It is not easy to protrude or squeeze out after being stimulated. It looks like the "crater" and can occur on both sides or unilateral breasts.

Inside the nipples can be divided into congenital and acquired nature, mostly congenital.The congenital nature is mainly caused by the dysfunction of the germ proliferation during the development of the nipple embryo, and it has a certain relationship with the heredity.

The acquired nature is relatively rare. It is caused by the stretching of the pathological tissue of the breast, the tight beam chest or the oppression of the bra. It is generally found in the period of inflammation, tumor disease and adolescent breast development.

Infostering of nipples will not only cause milk discharge discharge, but also cause diseases such as itching of nipples, nipple pain, and even mastitis. At the same time, it affects the beauty of the breast and affects women’s physical and mental health.

Daily life should be avoided as much as possible, and lying down to sleep, and the treatment of congenital nipples should be corrected as soon as possible.Mild nipples can be considered conservative treatment, and the medium -weight surgery can be corrected in time as soon as possible, and the relevant symptoms and diseases caused by them are treated.

In addition, some regions have the tradition of "preventing the nipples by squeezing the nipples to the newborn". However, this is not scientific. On the contrary, if the operation is improper, it can also cause severe consequences such as mastitis and even sepsis.

New nipples and breasts

Nani?How many can the nipple breasts grow again?IntersectionThis is not a horror story. These extra nipples and breasts are actually the auxiliary milk we know.

During the fetal period, there are 6 to 8 pairs of breasts from the axillary to the groin line; under normal circumstances, except for a pair of pairs on the chest, the rest will degenerate, but if there is no degradation, a pair of milk will form a pair of breasts.Essence

Auxiliary milk has a certain hereditary (explicit inheritance), and both men and women can develop. It is more common in women, especially women between the ages of 20 and 40.The most common parts are bilateral armpits, which can also occur in chest, abdomen, scapula, limbs and other parts.

The auxiliary milk is divided into a complete and incomplete type. The complete type refers to the nipples, areolas and glands visible in the sub -milk area.The incomplete type means that only one of the nipples, areolas and glands of the vice milk area can be seen, or there are two types.

Most of the auxiliary milk increases development during adolescence or pregnancy breastfeeding


Generally, the auxiliary milk does not cause serious impact, or it does not cause other complications. It does not need to be treated with surgical treatment. Regular review can be reviewed.

However, it should be noted that if the auxiliary milk is large and the aesthetic is affecting the aesthetics, the sub -pillar is obviously increased in the short term.Obverse other serious diseases.

Many people think that they have a pair of milk, but in fact, the underarms of the underarms caused by the fat are not the real auxiliary milk. It can be improved through exercise and controlling diet.


The front chest is a rich area with sebaceous glands, and acne is also prone to occur here.Generally there are acne and (or) inflammatory rash, which can be processed according to the method of acne on the face.

(Human sebaceous glands distribution)

In addition to acne, acne with long chest may also be folliculitis, including bacterial folliculitis and fungal folliculitis.Regarding their differences and treatment care, you can look at the following chart ~

Long hair on the chest

There are hair follicles around the areola, so girls also grow their chest hair and milk. Generally, they are very soft and light hairs. Some girls have a few black hair.However, if the hair is more and the overall is thick, it will cause vigilance, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

The area of the chest is not large, but there are many problems. It is important to do breast care.Usually pay attention to whether there are abnormalities in the chest. Choose underwear with suitable size, soft fabric, and good support. Don’t rub it randomly.

Regular physical examination, do you have any problems in the chest and see the doctor in time (don’t be shy, only two meats in the eyes of the doctor).Essence

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