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What are the effects of dry ginger?

Dry ginger is hot and hot, belongs to Chinese medicine with warmth, and has the effects of warming and cold, returning to Yangtong pulse; can help the body disperse the cold, many people will have symptoms of cough and sputum after a cold, and they can use dry drying.Ginger to relieve.

The "middle" of Wenzhong Sanhan refers to the middle coke, which is the spleen and stomach, and the cold finger of the cold finger disperse the coldness of the middle coke and spleen and stomach;Symptoms and other symptoms can be relieved with dry ginger.

The "back" of Huiyang Tongmai refers to the meaning of recovery. If there is a serious state, the body’s yang is scattered, and life is in danger. At this timeYou can use dry ginger to retract the yang.


How to use dry ginger to keep healthy?

Recommend a dried ginger jujube tea.This tea looks simpler, but the effect of health care is not small.

Jujube can replenish qi and nourish blood.Dried ginger with jujube can relieve colds, poor appetite, cold hands and feet.Dried ginger jujube tea can help supplement yang and restore physical strength.People with normal constitution can help sweat and promote the body’s metabolic function.

【Dry Ginger Jujube Tea】


3 grams of dry ginger (about 3 slices of slices)

3 jujubes (the dates are recommended to be cut into slices to facilitate the release of effective ingredients)


Dry ginger and jujube put in a cup, and use hot water for 10-15 minutes and drink after 10-15 minutes.


Dry ginger is hot and dry, and there are three cases that are not suitable for eating dry ginger jujube tea.

When yin deficiency and heat internal heat: Yin deficiency has symptoms such as upsets and feet, two -time redness, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry eyes and other symptoms;

People with bleeding tendency;

Pregnant women do not recommend drinking to avoid causing reactions such as constipation and dry throat.


Can dry ginger relieve cough and sputum?

Dry ginger can relieve cold drinking cough and warm lung drinking, which can effectively alleviate cough and asthma belonging to cold drinks.

Due to the existence of cold evil in the lungs, symptoms such as fear of cold, spitting thin sputum or sputum may occur.Chinese medicine is thick for sputum, and the thin person is drinking. The warm effect of dry ginger can remove the cold evil in the lungs and metabolize the thin sputum on behalf of the phlegm.


How to choose high -quality dry ginger?

Look at the cut surface: the cut surface is yellow and white, with obvious ends and veins, and the color of poor quality is not clear. It is relatively old and dry;

Smelling odor: High -quality dry ginger has a particularly strong aroma, and the taste of poor quality is relatively light;

Taste: The high -quality dried ginger tastes obvious spicy taste, poor quality is insufficient, and may even have other odors.

Health tip

Dry ginger is hot and hot, belongs to Chinese medicine with warmth, has the effects of warmth and cold, Huiyang Tongmai and other effects;

Dry ginger jujube tea can help supplement yang and restore physical strength;

Dry ginger can relieve cold drinking cough and warm lungs;

Choose high -quality dry ginger, depending on cutting noodles, smelling the smell, and taste.

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Source/ CCTV Life Circle

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