It is not recommended that the 3 hairstyles left by mothers for one year, there is no one, indicating that it is a careful mother

Many mothers who have just given birth to children are very depressed. After they feel that they have given birth to a child, they are almost bald. Each time she combs her hair or washed her hair, she can gently hold her hair to drop a lot.After my sister gave birth to a child, her hair loss was also serious. Later, I simply cut a short hair.In fact, postpartum hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon. Moms should not worry too much. According to data statistics, 3 of each 6 mothers will lose hair, especially the most obvious combing hair and shampooing.You must know that even normal people will lose their hair, the hair has a certain growth cycle, and it will take off it by time.

During the confinement, my mother not only cares about her body, but also takes care of her baby all the time. What I want to tell my mother today is that after giving birth, try not to stay after giving birth.It is not easy to lose hair.

1. Leave long Liu Hai

The hairstyle of bangs has always been recognized as a hairstyle that reduces age. Many mothers want to make them look younger after giving birth, and they will leave a bangs, but bangs are not well taken care of, especially in winter.It’s easy to mess.It also needs to be trimmed regularly, which is a waste of time and energy, and it is easy to cover the sight, which is not conducive to taking care of the baby, so it is best not to cut this hairstyle.

2. Leave too long hair

Many mothers like to have long hair, although they can highlight the soft image of her mother.But it is not very convenient for confinement and breastfeeding.When feeding, you need to tie your hair. Otherwise, when you do care for your baby, your hair can easily tie it to your baby’s face.During the confinement, the hair cannot be washed for a long time, and some bacteria and impurities will be carried, which may cause the baby’s skin allergies. It is better to cut a short hair quickly.

3. Hot dyeing hair

Many mothers said that they could not make up during pregnancy and could not take care of their hair. Now they are finally unloading. They can rest assured to make makeup.Moms should not be too anxious. Whether it is perm or hair dye, the materials used contain a certain chemical material. If these substances are absorbed by the skin, harmful substances will also affect the mother’s health.The most contact with the baby is the mother. The chemical odor that produces stimulating will also make the baby feel uncomfortable. The baby likes to catch the mother’s hair and put it in his mouth, which will also affect the baby’s health.

The daily life of the newborn baby requires the careful care of the mothers, so for the health of the baby, the mothers also need to take care of their hairstyles after giving birth.After delivery, due to hormones, mothers’ skin will also be more sensitive, so choosing a mild shampoo can also effectively reduce hair loss and stimulate scalp.

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