It is not easy to get from pregnancy to pregnancy. Only by yourself can you know

Time has passed so fast, it has been 3 years since I set foot on the road to ask for son, and it has been almost half a year before the formal test tube. Thanks to God’s care for me to be successful, and I think of taking the test tube road.From the urging of injections to egg retrieval to transplantation, this road stumbled, but finally I survived it smoothly. Now I look back at this road but it seems that it is not as difficult and terrible as I imagined.It is very scientific, but sincerely hopes to pass this positive energy to all the sisters who fought on the road of test tube, because we are the most brave and lovely people. I hope everyone can be smooth and sharp.But as a mother’s wish.

On January 19th, after 15 days of the needle, I finally lay on the operating table with 11 eggs and 4,300 estradium glycol. When I was lying on the bed and heard this number, although it was less than expectedSome are also very satisfied. After 3 days, I heard the news of the embryo, the high -quality embryos of 6 8 cells, and the other 4 bags were successful. A total of 9 embryos were successfully frozen.The results are rare.

My menstruation is normal, ovulation is normal, the estrogen -secreted estrogen is low, and the fallopian tubes are not smooth, because the three sperm supply people have not successfully embarked on the road of test tube. In fact, the great factor of good embryos is from us.The quality of eggs, doctors say that sperm is just a process of fertilization, and a large reason depends on the quality of the woman’s eggs, because there is no need to consider sperm quality, I decide to do a cup of black soy milk every day, walk for 30 minutes after dinner for 30 minutes after dinner.At 42 degrees of water at 42 degrees before going to bed, soak your feet at 42 degrees, sweat slightly, do not drink cold drinks, including mineral water, eat less or try not to eat sour things, 1 piece of German folic acid every day.

After the needle starts in the afternoon, because of the treatment of different places, I lived in Shanghai for three weeks. Every day, one egg, a cup of fresh soy milk, and eating more protein content. In the first week, the classmates were fed by her mother -in -law. Her mother -in -law burned a table every dayvegetable.

In the second week, because the classmates were far from the hospital, in order to reduce the amount of exercise, I moved to the hospital’s fast hotel. The quality of diet must be reduced, but they should pay attention to high -protein diet. My husband will bring pigeon soup and shrimp when he comes on the weekend.I can eat a bit of dried cheese, what I want to eat, cakes, sushi, what to eat, but to ensure that one egg and a cup of soy milk will fight for the table with the sisters who enter the Zhou Dynasty. In just 3 weeks, I met a group of sons.Cute sisters, for treatment alone from home, we seem to be happy with those difficult time.

After getting eggs, drink plenty of water to prevent ascites. Due to the high blood value, the white blood cells in the body still exceed 12W after 3 days of hanging water. The doctor asked me to come to the hospital for medicine and transplant the second menstrual period after the egg removal.Foot and folic acid, keep a high protein diet.However, every Saturday and Sunday will drink two meals of brown sugar milk and bird’s nest in the morning. The first menstrual period is one week later after the egg retrieval, which is normal, but the second time is delayed for 1 month.B -ultrasound, inform the poly sac, but have advantageous follicles, such as peace of mind.

On March 29, my aunt came. On the fourth day, I went to Shanghai to resume the clinic. After taking the artificial cycle of medicine, the endometrium grew to 9.6cm after about 16 days.On the day of the transplantation, my husband was lying on the bed when I drove me home. I was lying lower than 45 angles except for eating, wash my face and brushing my teeth within 48 hours.Walk around a little, and go to work normally on the third day after transplantation.

Persist in the first thing to defecate after getting up in the morning. I have a constipation for many years. It is difficult in the first two days. There is no intention at all.The stomach will feel.Honey water every morning, stick to a cup of yogurt every day, do not defecate hard, eat more fish, shrimp, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and fruits, cancel your feet, wash it with warm water, wash your hair the next day, folic acid every day, every week, every week, every week, every week, every weekTwo honey milk bird’s nest, normal life, divert attention.

On the fifth day of dinner, the stomach acupuncture is about half a minute. I don’t know if it is bed, but there will be this feeling after artificially. Every day, the bottom of the coonone is very wet.The coffee -colored cat that had to be fat and fat was very obedient to play with me. On the 9th day, I suddenly dreamed that two children were lying on my shoulders and sleeping. In fact, I always said that I did n’t think. In fact, I have always thought about it.There is something to say about the night.

Speaking of the feeling, after 4 days of transplantation, I had a slight aunt. One day at noon, I was particularly strong. I felt like my aunt was coming and started to press my chest pain.I am completely different from before.On May 1st, the first day of the Labor Day holiday was the 11th day after the transplantation. It was no longer calm. Get up at 5:30, David’s early pregnancy card was quickly colorful, and I didn’t even give it to me.Obviously the double bar, finally the most important step success.In fact, after transplantation, I feel very important. If I do n’t work, I can go to work normally and transfer their attention, but if you relax, no one can do it easily. When I test it, the urine cup that shakes my hands can not be held.

Maybe it is fate. I sneeze one day after transplantation. Sometimes I secretly wear high heels at work at work. On the third night, I went out to eat hot pot with colleagues. On the tenth day, I went to the mall to go shopping.After doing it, I went to the car in the first week that my husband helped the car door, but later I pulled it myself.Don’t always soak the symptoms on the Internet, make yourself very nervous, and I will secretly talk to the baby alone, and I will touch my stomach before going to bed at night.Only stay well.

Tomorrow is the two -year anniversary of my husband and I married my husband. Maybe only the sisters of us will experience the helplessness and pain of sperm -neat, but my husband and I have not given up their lives because of the teasing of life. Our feelings have been inAsk for the deeper and stable career in the career, how many tears we have flowed, but we never thought about giving up the other party. On this day, this baby’s arrival is really the best gift for us.

It may be messy, but I just want to tell all the sisters that no matter what the reason is on the test tube, we believe that all the process of all this experience is the best arrangement of God, come on.

Reminder: The above is the sharing of patient experience. It is for reference only and does not represent the opinions of doctors and the platform.

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