It is not convenient to go to the toilet in pregnancy. Water dare not drink?In these three cases, pregnant mothers must drink plenty of water

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We all know that water is the "source of life" in the human body, which is why people often say "drink more hot water" when comforting patients.As a special group, pregnant mothers are also necessary to supplement water.

Pregnant mothers drink plenty of water, which can better promote their own metabolic functions during pregnancy. The metabolism function is strong. The pregnant mother naturally get sick, and the baby in the abdomen will naturally develop well.Pregnant mothers who love to drink water will have sufficient water in the body, of course, there will be more amniotic fluid, and it will be clear.

Pregnant mothers know that amniotic fluid during pregnancy is very important for the growth and development of the baby. The nutrition required for the growth of the baby comes from the amniotic fluid in the mother’s body. At the same time, the amniotic fluid is also responsible for protecting the baby from external bacterial infections.Stress.Therefore, the quality of amniotic fluid directly affects the growth and development of the baby, and if the amniotic fluid is good, the daily drinking water of pregnant mothers must be guaranteed.

Some pregnant mothers feel that they drink a lot of water because of physical reasons, and going to the toilet is too troublesome, which will reduce the amount of water daily drinking.EssencePregnant mothers were originally consumed faster than ordinary people than ordinary people.Especially in the dry season in winter, pregnant mothers are necessary for water intake.Usually, the daily drinking water drinking water should be 1000 ml to 1500 ml, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pregnant mother’s body circulation system.

Pregnant mothers lack water in their bodies, and they will also show through some physical conditions.

Situation 1: Pregnant mothers have serious constipation reactions

Pregnant mothers who have experienced pregnancy reactions know that in the late pregnancy, expectant mothers will have more or less response to constipation.If the pregnant mother’s constipation is serious, it may be that there is less vitamin intake in the pregnant mother, or the water in the body is not enough to lubricate the intestine. At this time, the pregnant mother should be able to adjust the dietary structure reasonably, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more.Water provides sufficient motivation for intestinal lubrication.

Condition two: decrease amniotic fluid amount

Pregnant mothers have to go to the hospital for routine examinations throughout pregnancy, and examinations in the third trimester are even more important.

In the examination of the third trimester, if the results of the test showed that the amount of amniotic fluid decreased significantly compared with the previous inspection, and the decline was very large, it means that the recent water content in the pregnant mother’s body is too low, which will affect the baby’s growth.Essence

Situation three: Symptoms of fire and waiting for fire

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the fire is caused by the strong internal fire of the human body and the imbalance of yin and yang. This requires sufficient water to adjust to maintain the internal balance of the body. Therefore, the description of this "water and fire" is still very reasonable.

Most of the pregnant mother’s throat and pain in the throat, most of them are insufficient water content in the body, which causes the symptoms of inferiority and fire.Because it is pregnancy, if the pregnant mother uses drug therapy to get angry, it may threaten the baby’s health.If you want your baby to develop healthy, and want to reduce fire in your body, drinking plenty of water is undoubtedly the best choice for pregnant mothers to go to fire.

What water is suitable for pregnant mothers?

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have a unique manifestation of pregnancy and taste requirements. Therefore, they may not have much interest in Hetai Kaishui. At this time, you can use red dates to replace boiled water.

The rich folic acid contained in red dates can promote the development of the baby’s nervous system; the zinc element of red dates can also promote the baby’s intellectual development; the iron in red dates is also an essential element of human blood.In fact, the nutritional components such as vitamins and minerals contained in red dates themselves make it a good product for pregnant mothers to nourish nutrition. Red dates with many nutrients will allow pregnant mothers to absorb the internal nutrients inside the red dates faster and better.

It is worth noting that some inferior red dates on the market contain excess chemical components. Therefore, when pregnant mothers drink red dates, the choice of red dates must be careful.

Pregnant mothers who do not have a pregnancy reaction, if you do n’t want to drink plenty of boiled water, you should also drink some milk appropriately, and eat more fruit rich fruits instead of drinking juice drinks, because drinking fruit juice drinks will affect your baby’s health.Only when pregnant mothers ingest enough water can pregnant mothers promote the normal peristalsis of the intestine, accelerate metabolism, and allow the baby to develop healthy.

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