It is necessary to be cautious for baby, emergency contraceptives will affect normal pregnancy, which will lead to unhealthy fetal fetus

What are the problems?We listen to what gynecologists say.

The newly married Xiao Zhanghe does not want to ask the child immediately, nor is he willing to use other contraceptive measures to destroy the feeling. Therefore, he often uses emergency contraceptives to "remedy" when he feels "bad" afterwards.

However, in the past two months, Xiao Zhang had menstrual disorders.After seeing the gynecological expert outpatient clinic, she knew that it was the scourge that was often taking emergency contraceptives.

Emergency contraception refers to the most commonly used method of drug contraception in the case of contraception in order to prevent pregnancy without protective sexual life or contraceptive failure.

Feng Yijun, director of the gynecological department of the Second People’s Hospital of a province, told reporters that the name "emergency contraceptive pill" was particularly image. As the name suggests, this medicine was taken under normal emergencies.This situation may be that women have suffered an accidental injury, or have no protective sexual life for other reasons, or failed contraception, such as damage to condoms, slipping, and error calculation. At this time, they can consider taking emergency contraceptives.

Director Feng said that if you take within 1-2 days after sex, the success rate can reach more than 90%.Nevertheless, Director Feng repeatedly emphasized that she personally does not advocate this contraceptive method, because it is only a "remedy" after all, and it must not be used as a regular contraceptive method; do not use it when it is as a last resort.

As the saying goes, "the three -point poison of medicine", relevant experts point out that this is particularly obvious in terms of emergency contraceptives.Dose drugs to interfere with the function of the ovarian and control ovulation. Therefore, it is harmful to women’s ovarian function, liver and kidney metabolism and other systems. This harm is sometimes difficult to estimate.Even if you choose, it is best not to exceed once a year.

Director Feng also said that emergency contraceptives can only be taken once occasionally. Although there are no specific data and related studies, those who are pregnant will increase the incidence of malformations in emergency contraception.Menstruation disorders, which actually indirectly affects normal pregnancy in the future.

During the survey, some people still knew little about pregnancy and contraception.Many adolescents mistakenly believe that when the first sexual intercourse or after sexual intercourse, rinse the vagina such as water, soap or warm cola can be flushed away from sperm and prevent pregnancy. In fact, it is easy to cause unexpected pregnancy.After the contraceptive failure, he went to the pharmacy to buy emergency contraceptives by himself.

Director Feng reminded that if the sexual life of emergency contraceptives does not take other contraceptive measures, unexpected pregnancy will also occur.Therefore, in the long run, you should still choose the best way to suck you.

(1) Newlywed couple: It is better to take a condom and take short -acting oral contraceptives for men.Due to the tight vagina of the newlywed women, it is not advisable to go to the ring and vaginal septum.If you want to get pregnant half a year, you should not use long -acting contraceptives (needles), because long -acting contraceptives can be used, and you can get pregnant half a year after stopping the drug, otherwise it is not good for the fetus.

(2) Detective couples: It is better to use a condom and feminine family ones and contraceptive pills. It is not advisable to use a safe period for a safe period, because the couples who live in the two places meet each other and emotional excitement.The safety period is not allowed, and it is easy to cause contraceptive failure.

(3) Breastfeeding women: It is better to use a condom for men, and women with vaginal diaphragm and contraceptive ointment; it is not advisable to use oral contraceptives because it can affect the secretion of milk and the growth and development of the baby.

(4) The couple of the only child: It is better to use the internal internal adnadeter in the palace.Children are young, and both men and women should not lust to prevent children from accidents; although men and women can get through, they have a certain difficulty after all.But if you no longer want to have birth, it is the best.

(5) Menopausal women: It is better to use condoms, condoms, and contraceptives. It is not advisable to take oral or injection of contraceptives.Because of menopausal women, ovarian function has gradually declined, at which time it is often manifested as menstrual disorders, and those oral or injection of contraceptives will increase the disorders of menstruation.

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