It is critical to build files.

In October, she was pregnant and gave birth. During this time, it seemed easy. In fact, the pregnant mother had to prepare a variety of preparations for the upcoming little life, just to let the baby comes to this beautiful world.

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers pay attention to diet and rest. They often imagine what their baby looks like, and imagine the joy of growing up every day.

The pregnancy test is the most important part of the pregnancy period. The pregnant mothers also attach great importance to it. Regular examinations are observed. Every time the pregnancy test, the file must be built, which is often referred to as the card book.

How much about Jianli Card pregnant mothers know?Can I go to the hospital for delivery normally without building?

Fangfang and her husband found that they were pregnant shortly after they got married. The whole family was very happy, and her mother -in -law told Fangfang that the first three months of pregnancy is very important.Essence

In order to spend these three months in order to stabilize the baby, Fangfang will pick up and drop off by her husband himself every day. The mother -in -law of three meals a day will change the pattern, and the housework will not let her touch it at all.

Three months passed. Fangfang and her husband came to the local hospital for a production examination. The doctor asked about the establishment of a file after the pregnancy cycle.

Three months of pregnancy, 12 weeks, in order to better monitor the baby’s development and the health of pregnant women, establish health files.

After the doctor’s answer, Fangfang’s couple understood that the two hurried home to get their documents and went to the relevant departments to apply for a health file.

The establishment of the file, also known as Li Card, records the basic information of pregnant women and the results of each examination during pregnancy.

Pregnant women generally need to bring their ID cards, marriage certificates, and hukou books. Those who participate in medical insurance should bring medical insurance cards. Some hospitals also require a standard certificate (quasi -student permit can be issued on the street or community).

Due to the different regulations of various hospitals, it is best to call to inquire clearly before the expectant mothers go to avoid improving their emotions.

① Card Time

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, build a health card at the hospital stipulated in the location stipulated by the neighborhood committee. Pregnant mothers should bring their ID cards, wedding certificates, household registration books, quasi -student certificates, medical insurance cards, doctors will log in to the video according to this information.

② Do not forget to prove pregnancy

Pregnancy proof is to check the proof of pregnancy. You can bring blood tests and B -ultrasound. The doctor will judge the number of children’s weekly according to the B -ultrasound, combining the last menstrual tide, and then calculate the due date.

③ Routine inspection of files

The construction of the file requires a conventional physical examination. This is the first required inspection.

Examination includes: blood routine, urine routine, gynecological examination, and syphilis screening, doctors will ask the basic health of both husbands and wives.

The items checked in each area of hospitals are different and the costs are different. Check it according to the content of the doctor.

④ Do a good job of appointment in advance

The process of health cards is complicated. It is best to accompany family members. Arrange their family members to register in the hospital in advance, or choose to make an appointment registration, so as not to affect the standing card too much, or cause certain inspections to not do it in time.

Once again, it is necessary to emphasize that because the requirements of various hospitals in various regions are different. After the expectant mothers choose the hospital, they must first understand the requirements of establishing a file to establish a file.What preparations are required, and at the same time bring certain food and water.


On the one hand, the establishment of the file is to monitor the health of the baby, and you can understand the baby’s development; on the other hand, it also evaluates the method of delivery of pregnant mothers. At the same time, if you do not build files, you will affect admission during childbirth. There will be many complicated in the future.question.

【Mom Sending】

Pregnant mothers who are ready to build a card must maintain a good and positive attitude. Do not be nervous during inspection, because your emotions will be transmitted to your baby, and you should listen to soft and happy music during pregnancy. I wish the pregnant mothers have a beautiful one.little angel.

【Topic today】

Where did you encounter some difficulties during the baby’s construction card?

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