It doesn’t matter if you eat folic acid if you are pregnant?IntersectionDon’t eat it, it will hurt the baby in the stomach!

Recently, many mothers who are pregnant with pregnancy are sending me a message saying that I have planned to get pregnant recently. I heard that I have to eat folic acid before pregnancy, but I do n’t know how to eat it.Women always have a lot of concerns, especially the first mother.Many people have heard that before pregnancy, some folic acid needs to be appropriately supplemented, and eating folic acid tablets can effectively prevent fetal malformations.But at the same time, many women do not understand. When will folic acid tablets eat the best? The following editors will introduce in detail when the folic acid tablets should be eaten. It takes about how long it takes to eat and how much it is more appropriate to eat.Therefore, more women have a better grasp of folic acid tablets.

First, when is folic acid tablets the best?

The research survey of the Chinese Nutrition Society pointed out that women of childbearing age should start supplementing folic acid from 3 months before pregnancy.When pregnancy, women need to insist on supplement folic acid for 3 months, so as to ensure the demand for folic acid for expectant mothers and fetuses.

Of course, many women will have such concerns: What should I do if I have no supplementary folic acid in the past three months?In fact, don’t worry too much. The role of folic acid is mainly to reduce the chance of suffering from the fetal deformity. It is not to say that if you don’t eat folic acid fetuses, you will definitely be deforming. As long as you can replenish folic acid tablets in an appropriate amount.

Second, how to eat folic acid tablets?

The Chinese Nutrition Society makes statistics based on the general content of domestic folic acid tablets. Generally, the dose of folic acid requires 400 micrograms daily to meet the needs of pregnant women and last until the entire pregnancy.If it is a folic acid extracted from pure natural plants, 200 micrograms can generally be absorbed by the human body very well.

When pregnant women buy folic acid tablets, pay attention to proper supplementation according to the specifications of different folic acid tablets, rather than blindly consumption of a large amount of folic acid tablets.

Third, when will folic acid stop?

At least three months.The best is to eat until the baby is born.In the middle and late pregnancy, the increase in the synthesis of the baby’s DNA, the increase in placenta, mother tissue, and red blood cells have greatly increased your needs for folic acid.Therefore, even if the baby’s nervous system has been developed in the early pregnancy, the lack of folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy will still cause giant red blood cell anemia, signsonia, and premature placenta.

Fourth, what is the harm of lack of folic acid in pregnant women:

1. Lack of folic acid in early pregnancy

If the expectant mothers lack folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, they will affect the normal development of the fetal brain and nervous system. In severe cases, it will cause congenital malformations such as brain -free and spine bales, and they can also cause abortion and premature birth due to dysplasia of the placenta.

2. Lack of folic acid in the evening during pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy.The blood capacity of the maternal body increases, the uterus, placenta, and breasts develop rapidly, and the fetus continues to grow rapidly. Although the folic acid excreted from the urine also increases, the amount of folic acid is increased.If the supply of folic acid is insufficient, the chance of premature peeling of placenta, sigwood, and vaginal bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy will increase, and fetal development is prone to delay in the palace, premature birth, and low birth weight.Folic acid -based mother born in infants born in the baby’s body. After the birth of less folic acid reserves, the body is quickly exhausted due to the rapid growth of the body, which will also cause folic acid deficiency in the baby’s body and affect the growth and development of the baby.

3. Pregnant women need to improve the nutritional status of folic acid

The level of folic acid in pregnant women is significantly lower than non -pregnant women.In addition to the increased amount and increased amount of loss, it is also a reason for pre -pregnant women’s folic acid nutritional condition.Due to the impact of eating habits, about 30 % of childcare women in my country lack folic acid, and rural women in the north are more serious.

Fifth, what are the side effects of supplementing folic acid?

Excessive consumption of folic acid in pregnant women will have side effects.Long -term excessive use of folic acid will interfere with the zinc metabolism of pregnant women, and the insufficient zinc element will also affect fetal development.Relevant experts believe that taking any kind of vitamins should have a certain amount.As a folic acid of B vitamins, it is also not necessary to take it excessive, otherwise it will cause adverse drug reactions.If folic acid reaches 400 mg per day, that is, it exceeds 1,000 times the proposed range, which will not only damage the reproductive system, but also cause damage to other organs.Therefore, folic acid supplements are best taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Sixth, what food contains more folic acid?

1. Green vegetables: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, greens, dragon beards, broccoli, rapeseed, cabbage, lentils, pods, mushrooms, etc.

2. Fresh fruit: orange, strawberry, cherry, banana, lemon, peach, Li, apricot, bayberry, begonia, jujube, hawthorn, pomegranate, grapes, kiwi, strawberry, pear, peach, etc.

3. Animal food: Animal liver, kidney, poultry meat and eggs, such as pork liver, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.

4. Beans, nut foods: soybeans, soy products, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, etc.

5. Grain: barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, etc.

The nutritional component of folic acid tablets is vitamin B, so once a woman is pregnant, parents will let them eat folic acid tablets, and they seem to be more good. It seems that this can make the fetus in the abdomen grow better.In fact, mothers must keep in mind: how much eating does not mean eating well.

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