Is your body good? The leucorrhea will "speak"!6 kinds of abnormalities, pay attention

In addition to the aunts, the girls also have a "relative" -sa leucorrhea

But don’t underestimate it, leucorrhea can not only maintain women’s reproductive health, but also its nature changes can also be used as a bark of the body, indicating that the disease occurs

1. The role of leucorrhea is beyond your expectation

The so -called leucorrhea is the unique secretion of women’s vagina, which is mainly caused by:

The cervical glandular mucus, cervical and vaginal epidermal cells, and liquids secreted by endometrium are mixed.

Although many girls think it is annoying to stick to panties every day, the role of leucorrhea cannot be ignored: lubricating the vaginal wall: Under normal circumstances, our vaginal front and rear walls are closed.Wall friction to avoid vaginal injury; maintaining vaginal health: white band helps to maintain the balance of vaginal flora, which can resist the invasion of foreign germs; auxiliary conception: The amount of white bands during ovulation is the most, and the small tadpoles can use the leucorrhea to "upside down"It is more convenient to meet the same egg; healthy barometer: the change of leucorrhea and routine leucorrhea is an important indicator of the diagnosis of female reproductive diseases.

Therefore, given that the white belt is so useful, the aunt suggested that the girls should observe the small inner inner leucorrhea every day, and there is a problem to find it in time ~

To observe leucorrhea, we have to know which leucorrhea is normal and what needs to attract our attention

2. Normal leucorrhea is more than one way

Under normal circumstances, from the four aspects of "color, taste, quantity, texture", leucorrhea is like this: color: milky white or colorless, transparent; flavor: slightly fishy or tasteless; texture: flocculent, sticky sticky, sticky with stickinessSexual liquid; quantity: It mainly depends on the secretion and exudation function of the cervix, endometrium, and vaginal mucosa.

PS: The amount of leucorrhea is normal. In fact, there is no accurate conclusion in medicine.

But leucorrhea is not static. For individuals, the amount and texture of leucorrhea will change with the changes in female, progesterone and menstrual cycle in the body.

(1) In the period of age and pregnancy, the ovaries have not yet developed, and estrogen secretion is less. At this time, the girls do not have leucorrhea or few.During pregnancy, estrogen secretion increases, coupled with rich blood supply, cervix and vaginal wall secretions increase, and the amount of leucorrhea will become more.After menopause, due to the atrophy of the ovary and the decline in hormone levels, leucorrhea began to decrease until it disappeared.

PS: Diet, personal lifestyle, etc. will also affect leucorrhea.

(2), menstrual cycle

With the changes in the menstrual cycle, the characteristics of leucorrhea will change normally: during ovulation, the amount of leucorrhea will increase due to the peak of estrogen secretion during ovulation, so the amount of leucorrhea will increase, transparent, egg white, and can be brushed.After the ovulation period, it enters the luteal stage, and the secretion of progesterone increases. At this time, the amount of leucorrhea is reduced, sticky, and the color is milky and even a bit yellow.

These leucorrhea is normal, and girls don’t have to worry.

In addition, there is also a leucorrhea that makes girls worry, in fact, there is no problem.EssenceEssence

(3) Do leucorrhea scabs have gynecological diseases?

After a busy day of work, or after wearing underwear for too long, sometimes the girls will find that the leucorrhea is actually on the underwear, forming a piece of scab!Don’t worry, this is not because of gynecological diseases!

Because the leucorrhea is on the underwear, after a period of time, the water will evaporate and lose, and then the leucorrhea is slightly thicker, and the dry and water -loss leucorrhea will knot mass and condense on the underwear.It can be said that leucorrhea blocks are usually not a healthy issue.However, it also has an early warning role that tells you -the underwear is dirty, it’s time to change the underwear!

But if the following abnormalities appear in the leucorrhea, then pay attention, it is likely to have gynecological diseases

3. These 6 kinds of leucorrhea are abnormal!

If the leucorrhea changes abnormally in quantity, color, texture, and odor, be careful to be a warning of the disease:

1. Tofu slag -like or milk clot -shaped sticky leucorrhea

»Features: It is white or yellow, often accompanied by vulva itching or burning pain

»Disease warning: Candida vaginitis (mold vaginitis)

2. Thin gray or gray -yellow leucorrhea

»Features: There is fishy smell, mild itching of the vulva

»Disease warning: bacterial vaginitis

3. Darge purulent -like, foam or beam of water -like leucorrhea

»Features: yellow or gray -white, odor, vulvar itching

»Disease warning: trichomonas vaginitis

4. Visculled pus leucorrhea

»Features: The increase in leucorrhea suddenly, it is milky white or slightly yellow, sticky, and smelly

»Disease warning: chronic cervicitis, cervicitis, cervic tubeitis

5. Yellow water -like leucorrhea

»Features: yellow, water shape, odor, more amount

»Disease warning: cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, uterine mucosal fibroids, fallopian tube cancer, etc.

6. Blood leucorrhea

»Features: Blood is mixed in the leucorrhea, which is yellow -red or red, and the blood volume is different.

»Disease warning: cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical polyps, cervical cylindrical epithelium, infection or submucosal fibroids of the uterine (excluding the reasons for the placement of the intrauterine nodular)

If you find that the above abnormal abnormalities have occurred, please find a professional gynecologist to see, do not take the medicine yourself.

Some inflammation can be relieved by carried it by yourself.However, I was afraid that the inflammation was finally dragged into chronic, and it even caused more serious cases such as infertility, and the time to missed the opportunity to discover early malignant tumors.

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