Is there any vaginalization of ovulation?What is the sexual desire during ovulation?There will be these 5 performances during ovulation period

Many female friends have not fully understood the leucorrhea and ovulation period. In fact, leucorrhea is a very important stage of female friends during menstruation. The abnormal leucorrhea may indicate a certain gynecological disease.

In fact, it is simple to say that leucorrhea is an excretion material in the vagina of female friends, but is there any direct relationship between the leucorrhea and ovulation period, and what are the symptoms of ovulation?

Leucorrhea does not mean that it is an ovulation period. As a kind of excretion material for women’s vagina, vaginal can avoid the dryness of the vagina to a certain extent. Generally speakingAnd leucorrhea is not necessarily the ovulation period.

The amount of leucorrhea will increase when the ovulation period comes, and the secretions in the vagina will increase accordingly. At this timeIt will last for two or three days, so it is said that votinoma may be ovulation, but it cannot be said that leucorrhea must be ovulation.

1. Decreased appetite

A more typical reaction during ovulation is a trend of decline appetite, with loss of appetite, no appetite, this period is the lowest period of the number of meals in women’s menstrual cycles throughout the menstrual cycle.

2. The sexual desire during ovulation is stronger than other times

This is also a reaction of women’s instinct. It is also because of this performance that it is easier to conceive during this period.

3. More energy

4. A small amount of uterine bleeding

In addition to the ovulation function, the ovary is also responsible for the secretion of female hormones. Therefore, there will be a small amount of uterine bleeding before and after ovulation. Of course, the amount of blood is not large. This is a normal phenomenon, so you don’t have to worry too much.But to learn to distinguish, after all, there are many other gynecological diseases that can also cause uterine bleeding. If the time of bleeding during this period is too long or the amount of bleeding is too large, you should seek the help of a doctor and do further examination and treatment.

5. ovulation pain

Not only can there be pain during menstruation, but also pain during ovulation. It is mainly manifested in the slight pain of the lower abdomen on one side, but there are also very few female pain symptoms. Generally, it will disappear by itself for one or two days.

To sum up, female friends come to leucorrhea may not be the ovulation period. Of course, the symptoms of ovulation period are not limited to the above. This is just to introduce some of the more common ovulation symptoms.

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