Is there an outpatient clinic for the "People’s" Raiders?What you want to know is here!

Chronic diseases need to be regularly reviewed and inspected indicators. What should I do if the professional outpatient number cannot be hung?

If you have severe infection, you ca n’t be sure what bacteria or viruses are. What should I do if I ca n’t use it?

Just pregnancy, testing the positive of rubella virus, does it affect the baby?

Everyone’s response to lipid -lowering drugs is different. Can I pass the guidance medication through genetic testing? I know that I should use a large dose or a small dose?

Why are the results inconsistent with different detection methods in the same project?

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What can the examination of the inspection department do for patients?

The clinical department’s outpatient focus is on the disease, mainly based on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease;

The outpatient clinic of the inspection department can help patients to sort out the test results. The professional inspection physician team analyzes the results of the existing inspection report according to the specific situation of the patient, explain the results, guide patients to issue further inspection applications, and help disease diagnosis, curative effect monitoring and regular review.

The current various inspection projects are emerging, and there are many high -precision inspection methods.The test physician understands the principles, operations, influencing factors and results of the test items, and provides patients with more professional inspection and guidance.


Hospitalized in other hospitals, specimens can be delivered to

Does Peking University People’s Hospital test?

You can go directly to the examination department clinic. If the patient is inconvenient to move or is hospitalized in other hospitals that cannot come to the scene, the family members can directly send the inspection specimen and open the order for the inspection department.

The inspection department of our hospital has carried out more advanced inspection items that have not been carried out in other hospitals, such as:

Rare bacteria, fungi and virus detection

Individualized drug gene test

Monitor of multiple drugs concentration

Various coagulation factors detection

Period coagulation function detection



Under what circumstances is not suitable for the outpatient clinic of the inspection department?

Patients who have not been diagnosed in the first diagnosis should go to the corresponding specialist outpatient consultation

Prescribing service

Do not provide a medical examination service for the formal medical examination report for the time being


Examination Outpatient Guide Guide

Diseriation time: Every Tuesday morning

Place of diagnosis: north side of the second floor of the outpatient building of Xizhimenyuan District

Registration method:

WeChat Search "Beijing University People’s Hospital Service Number" → Medical Service → Outpatient Service → Outpatient Registration → Peking University People’s Hospital (Xizhimen) → Other Section → Examination Section Clinic → General Outpatient Clinic

Hospital self -service registered machine can make an appointment for inspection department 8 days in advance: When selecting the registered department, click "Other Section" → "Inspection Division"

114 Appointment Registration Platform (, you can make an appointment 4 days in advance (8:00 per day), search for "Peking University People’s Hospital" → click "Other Department" in the "Selecting Department" → Select the "Inspection Section"Outpatient (Xizhimen Hospital District) ""

For inspection specimens at the outpatient time of Tuesday morning, you can open a clinic card in advance (the first medical insurance patient needs to activate the medical insurance card), contact the inspection department (consulting telephone 88326318) to provide the card number, and make an appointment for the inspection time.

Discipline introduction |

The inspection department of Peking University People’s Hospital is a inspection center integrating clinical inspection, teaching, and scientific research.It is at a leading level in China in the aspects of the identification of the primary bacteria, the monitoring of the newly developed infectious diseases, and the research of pathogenic bacteria tolerance mechanisms.

The inspection department is a national bacterial resistance monitoring and training base. The National Fortogen Disease Monitoring Network Beijing Branch has been recognized by ISO15189 and CAP laboratory.In 2020, he was approved by the national first -class undergraduate major (medical examination technology specialty), and the 2022 Beijing key epidemic special specialty project (medical inspection department).

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