Is there a problem with the fetal heart?Should "stay" or "flow"?The doctor analyzes you

The health of the baby is the hope of every family. However, some pregnant women find that there is a problem with the fetal heart during the birth check, which brings great lethality to the entire family.In recent years, the incidence of congenital heart disease has risen year by year, and it has become the first in congenital malformation of the first place in birth defects in my country. It is also the main cause of the death of infants and young children. If there is a problem with the fetal heart during the birth check, it should continue to be pregnant. Woolen cloth.

When a fetal heart is found during the birth check, first consider the accuracy of the diagnosis and dynamically monitor the growth and development of the fetal heart.Because the ultrasonic examination has a certain misunderstanding, if the diagnostic results are positive, review after a period of time.As the fetus grows, the heart grows up, and the small interval defect may grow well after a while.Even if it is not good or complicated, it can be treated by surgery. It is recommended to keep it in this case.

If the fetal dysplasia syndrome, severe pulmonary artery atresia, three -pointed core locks, and other types of ventricular ventricular, such fetal vascular malformations are more complicated or the ventricular is more congenital.So try to stop pregnancy as much as possible.

1. First -level prevention

Eliminating various factors that cause heart malformations during the formation of embryos, such as taking cold drugs during pregnancy, smoking, alcoholism, bacterial virus and pathogen infections, living in newly renovated houses, long -term contact radiation, etc.The above generally occur in a few weeks before pregnancy, because there is no pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, but heart malformation is destined, the more severe heart deformity, the earlier the formation; the heart disease has a certain genetic tendency, and the family has congenital heart disease in the family.The susceptible gene, then the risk of congenital heart disease in the next generation is relatively high, so he should do a good job of genetic consultation before pregnancy.

2. Second -level prevention

Periodic ultrasound examination should be performed at 5 months of pregnancy. Because the cause of congenital heart disease is not very clear. Although it is not a genetic disease, it is important to have a family gathering tendency.Although the fetus has generated congenital heart disease in 1 to 2 months, it cannot be discovered in time by examination until the fetus increases until 5 months.

At 5 months of pregnancy, doctors use ultrasonic technology to observe the fetal heart structure and blood flow, and clearly see whether the heart structure is normal, and can find most of the fetal heart malformations.Simple heart disease cure rate is high and the risk of surgery is low. It is not too late to perform surgery after the baby is born.However, complicated heart disease, if the medical conditions are not good for treatment or the long -term effect is not good, the pregnancy should be considered.

3. Three -level prevention

Early discovery, early diagnosis and early treatment, children with congenital heart disease should be given accurate diagnosis after birth, and choose appropriate timing surgery according to the condition.

Kind tips

In summary, it is found that the fetal heart abnormal abnormalities should be kept or miscarriage during the checkup. Specific analysis should be analyzed for specific problems. Generally, it should be kept as much as possible.Because after most babies are born, choose regular hospitals for surgery and do protection after surgery, which can be similar to the heart of normal people, and will not affect future life, marriage, fertility and work.During pregnancy, we should do a good job of prevention, do not use medicine at will, and actively prevent various infections.

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