Is there a "pregnancy response" in the pregnancy quasi -dad?Six cold knowledge after pregnancy, know 3 that you won you

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After women’s pregnancy, a series of changes will happen. Expectant mothers should quickly learn about the relevant knowledge about pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

There are also some strange changes, which are quite unpopular. For example, why does the husband also have a "pregnancy reaction" after pregnancy?

Seemingly abnormal phenomena are actually basically based. Test these cold knowledge and see how much do you know?

Many women find that they are pregnant alone, and even their husbands will also have a "pregnancy reaction", such as drowsiness, sorrow, nausea and vomiting.

A prospective mother who was 3 months pregnant told me that every time she vomited in the morning, her husband would vomit, just like he was "pregnant". What was going on?

象 This magical phenomenon is called "pregnancy companion syndrome".

It is because the prospective dad’s work and diet are automatically moved closer to the expectant mothers. In order to ensure the break of expectant mothers, many husbands have rest early.

In diet, the prospective dad is also "blessed and shared", and some prospective dads are even fatter than pregnant women.

Finally, when I am mentally psychologically, when I am a dad, men will also cause "pregnancy anxiety". They are very distressed to the response of their wives during pregnancy. In addition, they will be anxious and mentally weak.

As for the morning vomiting, one is to be assimilated by expectant mothers in terms of taste, and the other is that some "shallow" people are not ruled out. When they see others vomiting, they will vomit.

There is a saying that "Huai Girl Bao Huimei Mom". In fact, whether it is male or female treasure, many women look radiant after pregnancy, and they are more beautiful than before.

”" Maternal Glory "originated from the rise of estrogen levels in the body!

After pregnancy, the estrogen level of women is increasing, making the skin more smooth and elastic.The amount of blood during pregnancy will also increase greatly, so that the improvement looks good.

At the spiritual level, because of such a happy event, the expectant mothers will be very happy and excited. The face is good and the face is naturally excellent.

Some women are usually careless and never pick in diet.But after pregnancy, they found that their noses became picky.

It is particularly sensitive to the smell, and even soybean oil or peanut oil can be discerned immediately today.

This kind of "radar nose" can be called "radar nose". Pregnant women will have a disgusted smell of oil fume in the kitchen. What I love to eat in the past may also feel "fishy, nausea".

, Protect the fetus needs and refuse to have toxic substances.

This is related to the elevation of estrogen. On the other hand, a keen sense of smell can make pregnant women consciously resist harmful substances, such as second -hand smoke, oil fume, expired food, etc., which is a evolutionary mechanism for self -protection.

After pregnancy, the feet will become larger, especially in the third trimester, it is normal for the fetus to grow larger and more compressed edema.

But many Bao moms found that even after giving birth, the feet seemed to have become larger, which was not caused by edema.

大 Excessive weight during pregnancy compress the arch, leading to the larger feet of Baoma’s feet after giving birth.

The weight gain during pregnancy makes the pregnant mother’s feet stronger and further compresses the arch. Therefore, you will find that the shoes that were worn in the past could not be worn, and the number of shoes was large.Don’t worry, this situation will gradually return.

After pregnancy, the woman’s uterus will expand to 500 times the original, and the flexibility is really good!

Especially in the third trimester, the fetus will enter "long -term". At this time, Baoma’s figure will become more blessed and walking slowly.

第一 The uterus is the first "house" of the baby. It must have enough elasticity to accommodate fetal development.

This number can be verified from the change of the baby form. A small fertilized egg grows into a baby about 7 pounds. There is also amniotic fluid in it. The uterus is really contributed.

It is said that the baby in the abdomen will protect the mother.For example, when pregnant women have a heart disease, the fetus will automatically transport stem cells to her body to help her recover health.

从 Mother and child are never talking about it, lamenting the magic of life.

From the moment of breeding of the baby, the mother has a close connection with her child. The mother is doing their best to protect the baby to thrive, and why is the baby baby protecting the mother?

Pregnancy vomiting, the pungent smell, this is both the method of self -protection of the fetus and the method of protecting the mother. Is it very moved?

Let’s see a few of the above?

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