Is the vaginitis risk not good?You may do these 5 things!

Studies have found that 97%of women have suffered from vaginitis at least once in their lives, and most people are distressed by repeated seizures of vaginitis.

Under normal circumstances, women’s vagina will automatically defend the pathogen of pathogens, but if its defense function is destroyed, the pathogen will invade, causing vaginal inflammation.

Many people went to see the clinic and treated it after finding vaginitis, but they always recurred.This may be because you did the wrong thing the following:

1. Treatment halfway and abolition.Especially when it is just detected by vaginitis, it is critical to thoroughly cure inflammation.

2. Blind medication by yourself.There are many women who blindly listen to rumors or advertisements. They go to the pharmacy to buy it without the guidance of a professional doctor.

3. Use antibiotics too much.If antibiotics are too frequent, the pathogen will produce drug resistance.

4. Bad lifestyle.If you often stay up late, smoke and drink, your physical resistance will decrease, and vaginitis will continue to decrease.

5, sex life is not clean.Studies have shown that the recurrence rate of vaginitis caused by sexual life is as high as 90%.Unclean life will increase the risk of infection bacteria, and residual alkaline semen can change the vaginal environment and easily lead to recurrence of vaginitis.

Although there is a saying that "vaginitis is like a woman gets a cold", this actually means that vaginitis is common and prone to women, and it does not mean that it is not harmful.

Vaginitis may lead to infertility.

The occurrence of inflammation will destroy the vaginal environment, and the mobility of the sperm will be suppressed, which will greatly discount the chance of successful pregnancy.Some investigations found that about 30%of patients with vaginitis were also troubled by infertility.

In addition, the occurrence of vaginitis can induce other diseases, such as genitals infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, and composite nephritis.

1. Good personal hygiene habits

Bathing diligently, but do not advocate basics; often change the underwear, and pay attention to the clothes to store separately.

In addition, the vulva and anus should be often cleaned, and the order of the vulva should be paid to the vulva first.

2. Maintain adequate sleep and reasonable sexual life arrangement

Make enough sleep every day, don’t stay up late, otherwise you will reduce your body resistance.

Pay attention to the frequency of sexual life. If you have more than 3 times a week, the incidence of urethral infections will be greatly increased.

3. Be careful to choose vulva washing agents and sanitary napkins

Pay attention to the purchase of regular manufacturers’ laundering products to avoid inferior products from destroying the normal flora of the human body, but reduce resistance.

Pay attention to the quality when buying a sanitary napkin, and it is best not to stock up to avoid breeding bacteria and cause vulvar and vaginal infections.

4. Avoid abuse of drugs

Long -term use of antibiotics or hormone drugs can easily cause the body’s resistance to decrease and flora dysfunction. On the one hand, it is easy to infect pathogenic bacteria, and on the other hand, it is not easy to heal once infected.Therefore, whether it is antibiotics or hormone drugs, it is necessary to strictly observe the indication of the drug use, and do not abuse it.

Of course, in addition to these daily precautions, the treatment of scientific and standardized treatment is the key to cure vaginitis.

Therefore, when the vulva itching and the increase of leucorrhea, you should go to the hospital for treatment as early as possible. For the medicine prescribed by the doctor, you must use the doctor’s advice.

Because of the special physiological structure characteristics of women, women are more vulnerable to "harassment" of diseases such as vaginitis, but we can still take action, understand and love our bodies, and stay away from the disease as much as possible.

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