Is the puppet cat not sleeping all day? Is it sick?Don’t worry, it may be pregnant

The puppet cats have all the habits of cats, especially lazy.However, if the puppet cat is drowsiness, the mental state is not good. In addition to the physical problems, it may also be pregnant. Pay more attention to the shovel officer and distinguish it carefully.

1. Lazy

If the puppet cat is normally, he is also very playful, and he is healthy, but he always sleeps on his stomach, which may just be simply lazy.Most of cats are more lazy. If no one deliberately teases it, it will show a look of isolated and lacking in the world. There is no need to worry too much about shovel officers.But if the cat is always not exercising, it is easy to become obese and is not good for health. Therefore, you still have to let the cat exercise frequently. You can take it out to bend or make some games at home.

2. Starting old

The average life expectancy of the puppet cats is generally only ten years, and the speed of entering the elderly is very fast.Usually the puppet cat will not be very lively after one year old. When the age is old, it will become even more unwilling to move. I always lie on my stomach, fell asleep all day, and I don’t want the desire to play.If your puppet cat has been raised for a long time, this happens, it means that it has begun to aging.

3. Cold

The puppet cats are not good at sleeping all day and do not love people. The shoveling officer can observe that if the cat has a runny nose, sneezing or cough, it is a cold.

First of all, keep warm to prevent cats from getting cold again. At the same time, prepare some warm water to replenish water to the cat, and strengthen nutritional supplement.If the condition is serious, you need to go to the hospital for examination and treat it under the guidance of the doctor.

4. Anemia

The puppet cat’s stomach is not very good, and the digestion and absorption are relatively poor.Therefore, if the shoveling officer usually does not pay attention to nutritional matching, it may cause puppet cat malnutrition, which will cause anemia, manifesting as no spirit, love to sleep, and white gums.

The shoveling officer needs to supplement the cat’s nutrition and choose cat food with high protein content to feed. If necessary, you can add nutrition cream appropriately.

5. Pregnancy

After pregnancy, the cats are more sensible, as if they are uncomfortable. They always like to lie in a quiet and warm place, and they have a long sleep time. The sleeping position is lying straight or lying on the side.The shoveling officer can observe that if the puppet cat at home shows the above symptoms, it is likely that you are pregnant and you need to take care of it.

Cats are important to rest during pregnancy, but they also need to exercise appropriately, which is good for female cats and fetuses to be healthy.In addition, during pregnancy, the puppet cat needs to regularly supplement the cat’s nutritional elements such as vitamins and trace elements to maintain a balanced nutrition.

If you have a doll cat at home, how do you take care of it?

1. Nutrition

In terms of breeding, paying attention to the comprehensiveness of nutrition, you need to provide protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements and minerals for the doll cats of pregnancy. You can feed fresh fish soup, milk, sheep milk, soy milk, or meat bone powder.In addition, increase the amount of feeding as needed and provide clean drinking water.

2. Environmental management

The shoveling officer should provide a quiet, clean, and dry environment for the puppet cat, which is very important to provide resistance to the puppet cat.Also pay attention to regular cleaning and disinfection.At the same time, it is best to keep quiet at home to avoid increasing cats’ anxiety.

I believe that under the careful care of shovel officers, the mother and son will be safe!

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