Is the due date inaccurate?Don’t be tangled with pregnant women, knowing that these in their hearts are bottomed out

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For each pregnant woman, in addition to the development of the fetus throughout the pregnancy, it is also very concerned about when the fetus will be born.After seeing relatives and friends around me, they will also ask, "When is the due date?" Including many pregnant women who can’t stand these discomfort during pregnancy, they look forward to the expected period of time and unload themselves quickly.In fact, pregnant women do not have to tangled the due date, and there are not many fetuses born on this day.

How to calculate the pregnancy week of pregnancy?

Because most pregnant women are difficult to accurately determine the time of conception, it is generally based on medical unified regulations: starting from the first day of the last menstruation.The whole pregnancy is 280 days, and every 7 days is a pregnancy week, a total of 40 weeks.Among them, 4 weeks are a pregnancy month (28 days), with a total of 10 months.The entire pregnancy is divided into 3 stages:

Early pregnancy: the first week of pregnancy-weekend weekend

In the middle of pregnancy: 14 weeks of pregnancy-27 weekends

Late pregnancy: 28-40 weeks of pregnancy

The due date we usually say is on the day of 40 weeks.

How to calculate the due date?

1. Based on the last menstrual period

This is the most commonly used method for calculating the due date. The month of the due date is the last menstrual month plus 9 or minus 3; the specific date of the due date is the date of the last menstrual period plus 7.For example, the last menstrual time of a pregnant woman was July 1, 2019, and her due date was April 8, 2020.

2. Based on B -ultrasound data

During the checkup, some doctors will also estimate the gestational week according to the double -top diameter, head and hip length, and femoral length measured by B -ultrasound, and calculate the due date.

The relationship between due date and delivery date

Maybe many people think that the due date is the date of the birth of the fetus, but it is not so accurate.According to statistics, only about 5%of pregnant women will give birth on the day of the due date, and most fetuses will be postponed in advance to birth.Some pregnant women believe that the fetus born 40 weeks ago is premature babies, and the fetus born in 40 weeks or more than 40 weeks is a full moon.In fact, this is not the case. As long as the fetus born between 39-41 weeks is full moon.Generally speaking, the fetus was born two weeks before and after the due date.

Why is the due date not allowed?

Many pregnant women may say "the first day of menstruation is not the time for conception." Indeed, conception must be completed during ovulation.

· For women with menstruation, ovulation is almost about 14 days before the next day of menstruation.Of course, it may also be advanced or delayed.

· For pregnant women with irregular menstruation, the ovulation period is not so easy to find, so the clinical unification is calculated from the last day of the menstruation.

· There are also some more careful pregnant women who have grasped the ovulation period based on ovulation symptoms or determining the basic body temperature. The due date can also be calculated from the date of conception for a total of 38 weeks.

This explains why the due date is inaccurate.In addition, pregnant women and fetuses will also be affected by some unknown, such as collision and early water breaking. The accurate birth time of the fetus is naturally not necessarily due to the due date.

Tao Ma said: The due date is actually a about time range of the fetus. It is possible to advance or push it in advance. Pregnant women must understand this.Then this requires pregnant women to prepare for delivery in the third trimester to prevent the fetus from mobilizing in advance.Is your child born on this day of due date?

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