Is the diagnosis and pregnancy test of a scammer’s trick or a doctor’s skill?

In the 11th episode of the hit drama "Qingpingle", Miao Xinhe was pregnant. After inviting the doctor to diagnose her, confirmed that Miao Xinhe had been pregnant for four months, which also made the emperor Zhao Yan very happy in his heart.Essence

In real life, can you really know if you are pregnant through diagnosis?Can you distinguish the NAN women and the month?

I remember that in 2014, the Big V and Beijing Jishi Tan Burning Division@记 记 Superman A Bao launched a challenge of pulse diagnosis and pregnancy test, setting off a battle of Chinese and western medicine.

To set up a 50,000 yuan bonus, if the Chinese medicine practitioner should be able to get more than 80%of the selected 32 -year -old women who can get more than 80%of the selected women, it is believed that Chinese medicine will be victorious. Abao will provide a prize of 50,000 yuan and "do not call Chinese medicine for life."For pseudo -science", the bonus reached 100,000 yuan under the sponsorship of netizens.

In the end, Yang Yan, a teacher of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was fighting. However, the day before the formal challenge, he withdrew because of "too much pressure".

At that time, I made enough attention. In the end, it made people feel unfortunate. After all, the dispute between traditional Chinese and western medicine has been for so many years. The retreat of Chinese medicine has made Chinese medicine black more confident.So, does the diagnosis and pregnancy test really exist?

First of all, tell you that it is true.

The pulse diagnosis is an important diagnostic method of traditional Chinese medicine. In my country, there is a long history. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic has been discussed many detailed discussions on the pulse diagnosis. Until today, the pulse diagnosis is still developing and improved.

The formation of the pulse is closely related to the qi and blood of the five internal organs. If the qi and blood of the viscera changes, the blood veins will be affected, and the pulse will change.Therefore, the clinical application of diagnosis can infer the advancement of the disease.

Pregnancy also affects the qi and blood operation of the human body, so qi and blood during pregnancy will also be reflected in the pulse.The cycle of pregnancy and men and women will also affect the qi and blood of pregnant women, so the pulse will also change, which is reasonable that the motion can be used to test the pulse.

So, what is the pulse of pregnancy?

In film and television works, doctors often say that when they feel the pulse, they say that they are happy. So what exactly is the joy?People with a certain basis of Chinese medicine know that slippery veins are joy.But is all the sliding veins happy?

It’s definitely not.After three months of pregnancy, the increase in qi and blood volume and the increase in flow rates are manifested as "slip" in the pulse. This is not a disease.Then the sick person has a smooth vein, which is more common in phlegm drinking, solid heat, accumulated food and other certificates.

1. Diagnosis Judgment month

The ancient books recorded that the embryo had just begun three months before pregnancy, and the whole body’s qi and blood were mobilized to the uterus of "Shaoyin Pulse (left inch) motion" or "yin pulse (ruler pulse) small weakness".

For more than three months of pregnancy, there will be a vein, that is, "slippery veins", manifested as "it should be smooth, fluent in existence, such as beads".

2. Diagnosis Judgment NAN Women

Regarding the judgment of NAN women, different classics records are different, and they are summarized based on experience.For example, "Four Diagnosis Micro" also records: "The three pulses of pregnancy are smooth and ill, nan is nan, and the daughter is on the right." It means that the pulse of smooth disease appears after pregnancy.The nan child on the left is the girl on the right.

In addition, there is a way to distinguish NAN or women with the time of fetal movement, abdominal shape, and the left and right of women looking back.At present, some studies have shown that the records in classics are effective.

3. Diagnosis and judgment of delivery time

When giving birth, qi and blood are turbulent, and the twins are cooked, so the pulse has the characteristics of scattered and rotating.

When giving birth, the mid -flushed pulse performance will also appear. The mid -still pulse moves on the side edge of the middle finger.

4. Postpartum pulse

After the production of pregnant women, due to childbirth, blood and blood, new blood and gas are not reciprocating, and the pulse is often slippery.After three to five days, the pulse gradually returned to peace and slowing down.

Today, why is the diagnosis and pregnancy test repeatedly questioned?

One is that the current teaching model has changed.It is no longer a one -to -one teacher in ancient times. The experience inheritance has been broken, the technical level is uneven, and even the overall is low, so the accuracy is not high.

The second is because the public’s misunderstanding of the diagnosis.People’s acquisition of medical knowledge is mostly from the film and television dramas. What the clue diagnosis is exaggerated by medicine. In fact, it can be understood in this way. In reality, the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine is like the light power in martial arts.Exaggerated.

The pulse diagnosis is a fine and complex technology and is more subjective to the doctor’s subjectivity. Therefore, the accuracy of the diagnosis is closely related to the doctor’s experience and technology.This requires contemporary doctors to continuously improve their technology, break through the bottleneck, and then develop Chinese medicine to the glory of the former.

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