Is the beef the height of "growth agent"?How to be a child to eat?


To say that in the growth and development cycle of children, beef is one of the meat that must not be missing.We all know that beef is low -fat and high -protein, which is very suitable for children to eat when they grow their bodies.In fact, the nutrition of beef is not ambiguous.

For children, beef is rich in amino acids and myase, which can effectively increase muscle and enhance strength. It has a very good effect on the growth of children;

For the elderly, beef contains vitamin B6 needed by the human body, which can enhance immunity.With the decline in immunity to grow, eating more beef can enhance immunity and prevent the invasion of certain diseases;

And for people who lose weight, the rich protein and linoleic acid contained in beef can be used as antioxidants to maintain muscle quality, so eating beef can help lose weight.

When we eat beef, we choose to stew beef to eat.Relatively speaking, the taste is relatively single, and it will be tired when eating too much.In fact, beef can make delicious rice with vegetables and rice ~ Nutrition and delicious coexistence ~

With the addition of vegetables, the overall taste of the rice rice is crispy, and it can also appetite. Finally, we must remind everyone that whether it is weight loss or child or the elderly, the staple food is a nutrients that can be developed or operated.

And rice and steamed buns are a very clean source of carbohydrates. You can add grains and beans to rice and steamed buns to balance nutrition according to your own situation. Do not eat carbon water ~


One bowl of rice, 200g of beef filling, 30g of flavor, 20g raw soy sauce, a moderate amount of cabbage, a moderate amount of salad sauce, a right amount of green onions


1. Put the beef filling in the ice grid and press it tightly.

2. Pour the edible oil after the pot is hot, put in the beef grains, and fry until the sides are brilliant

3, pour in the flavor, soy sauce and a small amount of water, cover the lid and collect the juice for later use, put the cabbage shreds on the rice

4. Put the beef in the bowl, squeeze the salad sauce, sprinkle with green onion and eat it

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