Is the "appointment gun" a moral issue or a crime. Do you need to know these common sense of legal knowledge?

If one is a cannon friend, the other is a lady or a young master, you must choose one of the two and pick one as a spouse, who will you choose?

The safest and most wise choice should be a lady or young master. The most comfortable and most risky choice is gunners, because the probability of derailment after artillery friends is much higher than the lady or young master. In essenceMaster is much cheap, and it is much irresponsible.

What is an appointment?What is a cannon friend?Looking at the explanation of Baidu Encyclopedia, the appointment refers to sexual behavior that non -male and female friends have occurred through meetings. Such men and women are called artillery friends.For a moment of stimulus, the body is delivered to the other person for a short time. This is completely different from the charging service of the lady or young master. The appointment is not actually like some people say to solve the physiological needs.Most of the artillery are male and female friends and spouses. They are only about another stimulus to seek to seek spouses. The so -called physiological needs are just an excuse. This is also the root cause of many people agreeing with the artillery.The popularity of words also just solves the psychological pressure and moral load for these people, and the appointment artillery is used to clean up. There are always a group of so -called scholars in this society, because there are no trees in their own fields, and they have a personality.The banner of freedom comes to the public, helping the flames to gain attention.

Some people say that "appointment cannon" is an upgraded version of "one -night stand", that is, both men and women (cannons) you want, you want to have sexual relationships without talking about feelings. The purpose is to solve sexual needs.There is no doubt that the "appointment cannon" is pursuing stimulation and no restraint."Appointment cannon" is a challenge to traditional morality and sexual concepts, but it is not only a moral issue. In a certain situation, "Yen Artillery" also needs to bear legal responsibility.

1. If the "artillery friend" is not pregnant, what kind of legal responsibility should the man take?

If the "artillery friend" is not pregnant, the following two situations should be distinguished: the woman chooses abortion.According to Article 132 of the General Principles of the Civil Law, if the parties are not at fault to cause damage, they may share civil liability according to the actual situation.Therefore, the woman should give corresponding compensation due to the cost of abortion.In practice, the court also regards the cost of abortion of the woman as the joint debt handling of the two parties, and judge that both men and women shall borne together.

The woman chose to produce.At this time, the children born as the "non -marriage child" in the marriage law. According to Article 25 of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, non -marriage children enjoys the same rights as children of marriage and students.discriminate.The biological father or biological mother who does not directly support children who are not married, should bear the children’s living expenses and educational fees, that is, and raising fees. Until the children are 18 years old, their parents should still bear the support for their children.For children who cannot take care of themselves and have no financial resources, parents need to have the obligation to support.

2. Do those who have a spouse need to bear civil liability?

According to the provisions of Article 46, paragraph 1 of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, if a spouse lives with others and leads to divorce, there is no right to ask for damage compensation.According to Article 2 of the Supreme People’s Court on the Explanation of Several Issues on the Application of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China (1), Article 3, 32, and 46 of the Marriage Law "a spouseThe situation of living with others "refers to a spouse and an extramarital opposite sex, and do not continue to live together in the name of husband and wife.Obviously, the behavior of "schedules" does not have the requirements of continuous and stable co -living. It is not a cohabitation behavior in the marriage law, but is adultery.

Regarding adultery, the Marriage Law and related judicial interpretations do not have explicitly required compensation to the non -wrong party.However, it should be noted that in practice, there are already the courts that the court breaks through the provisions of Article 46 of the Marriage Law. In a case of divorce caused by the gangster of the man and the extramarital opposite sex, the man was judged that the man paid a certain amount of mental damage compensation for the woman to pay a certain amount of mental damage compensation compensation compensation.EssenceFor example, in the Tongzhou District People’s Court of Beijing, Ms. Feng’s divorce lawsuit made a divorce lawsuit that Ms. Gao Gao had eight times and the extramarital heterosexuality.

3. Can the artillery friends "give money and property on the spot or afterwards, can it be identified as a concubine?

The "artillery friend" gives money and property on the spot, and is suspected of prostitution and prostitution in name of the artillery. If there is evidence to prove that there is the fact that prostitution and prostitution, they should bear administrative responsibility.According to Article 66 of the "Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China", those who prostitution and prostitution are detained for more than 10 days and less than 10 days, and they may be fined 5,000 yuan.Or a fine of less than 500 yuan.Protestion in Beijing will be accepted for education, usually six months.If the "artillery friend" gives money and property afterwards, there is evidence to prove that there is the fact that prostitution is prostitution, and it should also be identified as a rampant behavior.Of course, depending on the situation, the behavior of 行 and civil law should be distinguished.

4, the appointment can cause crimes, do you need to be criminally responsible?

Although the "appointment cannon" is mainly due to the man and woman, you will feel like, but in a specific situation, it will also cause criminal responsibility.For example, the "appointment cannon" target is less than 14 years old, and it constitutes a crime of rape.According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, young girls who are less than 14 years old are raped and punished by rape theory.The woman of the "appointment" was volunteer and regretted halfway. At this time, if the man violated the will of women, forcibly the sexual relationship with the woman with violence, coercion or other means, suspected of rape.According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, those who rape women with violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to three years of imprisonment of more than three years.If a male or female part or two parties suffer from sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea, if they sell prostitution with the name of an appointment, they are suspected of spreading sexual diseases.According to Article 360 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, those who know that they have severity diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea sold prostitution and prison, and they will be sentenced to less than five years in prison, detention or control, and fined.In addition, if other criminal crimes such as theft, robbery, and extortion are performed under the name of the schedule, the criminal law provisions have assumed corresponding criminal liability for the criminal law provisions.

In addition to stimuli, "appointment cannon" also has legal risks.Some spouses and extramaritals are "appointment", and even illegal childbirth have violated social ethics and morality, injuries, and affect family harmony and social stability.If a spouse is divorced due to adultery with others, it may bear the responsibility of damage compensation.If the unmarried men and women are purely, my "appointment" behavior is only a moral issue, and it cannot be regulated by law.However, if the "appointment cannon" is improper, causes other serious consequences, or if the "appointment cannon" is used as a name for prostitution or commit crimes, it will bear the corresponding legal liability.

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