Is not so terrible to get pregnant?Pregnant mothers come here to see here!

For the issues that the newlyweds are more concerned about, especially for young and new people who are preparing for the baby and have no experience, it is even more afraid. According to our concept, pregnancy is a very painful thing, and it is far away.Let’s talk about what reactions will be during pregnancy and pregnancy.

First of all, the mentality must be relaxed a little. You have never seen you with pregnancy and you can die?Pregnancy and childbirth are the natural phenomenon of the next generation of biological reproduction. From ancient times to the present, the eternal quantitative quantitative. Think about it in ancient times that there is no problem. Fortunately, we can be more developed in this new era.Don’t worry too much.Let’s take a look at the problem of personal response. Everyone’s response is different, because the constitution is different, but generally?Most of them can be accepted, or in other words, most of them are more comfortable during pregnancy. You think about it for 10 months, the body and psychology will slowly adapt to itThe process of the process does not grow in one day. The operation of our lives in the body is a very magical process. We must believe that we can complete this great task.It is not as horrible as the TV on TV. Of course, there is another other. Here you will analyze the situation in detail here.

Let’s talk about influence first

Why are anyone afraid of marriage and pregnancy?Why are we afraid of pregnancy?What causes this anxiety and panic of our modern young newcomers. Where does this pressure come from?Your elder parents?Your mother -in -law?No, no, these are not the most authentic reasons. The most influential summary of my summary. China’s film and television development. What kinds of dramas do you have released in recent years?TV dramas, foam dramas, soap operas, idol dramas, especially family dramas, this push concept is problematic. I will give an example to explain two.After the plot, after Gu Xiaojun was pregnant, her dad and her husband followed the shadow, and the call came.Scene of Sun chat.

The second is the scene where Daya eats fried chicken in the middle of the night in "ordinary years", and then the scene of the sister -in -law coming to grab is really not eaten?Isn’t it very fragrant?Looking at it is really funny, because the sister -in -law is pregnant and can’t smell the smell of oil, the whole family must provide it. Is there really this?After you are pregnant?Is it just that you are your turn to serve the whole family, just look at the plot.

In the earliest time to watch the drama, there are many ways to broaden the vision. There are many ways to broaden our fields of vision now. Now many of the shows are passing the time. Therefore, if you are serious, you will lose, and you can believe it. Then you are over.

This is really a point to explain, watching the drama rationally, looking at the world from a scientific perspective. The art originated from life and is higher than life. The TV plot originated from a life but exaggerated demonstration. Reasonable watching and rational analysis.

Look back and forth again to see the real situation

Don’t be blindfolded by the Internet!Looking back at the real situation around us, the real situation around you, half of the 10 pregnancies around us have almost no response. Most of them have a little pregnancy in the early pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the rejuvenation will be serious. If there is still a time to talk about this adjustment, the reaction of the 8-12 weeks is relatively large, that is, one month, and the response will be much smaller after 13 weeks.In the first state, our body has the process of adaptation, which will slowly adjust it.There are also some examples of online saying that they are more serious. Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s take a look at what are these examples?Eh … you will find it very interesting with your heart. If only the couple live in, you will find that the pregnancy reaction of such people is not very large.I will find that most of them are also relatively small, and they are not very different from usual.For those who live with their family, elders, and a big family, this type of pregnancy is a bit serious, and her husband is particularly particularly petted in the category, and the pregnancy will be particularly serious.,What’s the problem?

Many pregnant mothers are very anxious now. It seems that when she is pregnant, her husband is not comfortable to accompany her heart.I only feel that I can do it.Netizen frying the pan is not a disabled for pregnancy.When is the time when it is really uncomfortable, when does it start?In the third trimester, after 28 weeks, the second trimester is no different from us, but not everyone is the same symptoms. You will find that those who like fitness still have no impact on them. For those who like sportsThis process really does not have much reaction. I personally prefer sports. It belongs to this type. People like us will not give up exercise during this pregnancy. There are yoga courses in the middle and late pregnancy.These are alleviating your anxiety.

What can I do during pregnancy to ease the anxiety of pregnant mothers?

What can be done during pregnancy, explain this in detail in the later period.

Because there are more things that can be done here, you can accompany you throughout your pregnancy, and you can also be very decompressed and slow. The cooking is in line with your own taste.Now there are multi -functional electric stir -fried woks, and no oil fume is not produced without sticky pan.We rarely have our own time, make reasonable use, and move what we want to do before, and love life, you find that you can do a lot of things!

I hope that after a comprehensive analysis, you can improve your attitude towards marriage and pregnancy, and you will be pregnant, and if you are terrible, if you have more anxious new friends around you, you can share it with her to see it to see her to seeLook, relax your mindset, let it go!

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