Is nails hurting nails?The process is not compliant, there may be these risks

Nail art is something that many women often do. After finishing the nails, the beautiful color will add a glory of the nails. It is precisely because many women are obsessed with manicure, and even some women will usually be more frequent in nails.But although nails can make nails look better, it is easy to bring some harm to frequent nails.

1. Causes Kero Skin Diseases

Women who have done nails should know that before the nail art, the manicurist will choose some frustration of the nails to polish the nails to polish the nails.Practicing this layer of protective film that protects the nails. At this time, the resistance of some stimulus in the outside world will be reduced, which will easily affect the health of the nails.Especially in the process of polishing, some nail art masters will cause the skin around the nails. After being infected with bacteria, it is easy to occur or peripheral abscess disease.

Second, the speed of skin aging will be accelerated

In the process of doing nails, nails will be illuminated under the phototherapy lamp, and the illumination of light therapy lights is mainly through ultraviolet rays. Although the nail polish can be dried too fast during the irradiation process, the damage of the ultraviolet opponent is relatively high.It will cause the dermis layer of the skin to be directly illuminated, causing the elastic fiber and collagen of the skin to be destroyed.

Third, it is easy to induce abortion

Because nail polish contains a kind of pyrite, if this substance is absorbed by a pregnant woman, it is easy to make the female fetus abortion. Some women do not know they are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy.Make yourself nails to increase the chance of incidence of abortion.

4. Increase the rate of breast cancer

There may be many women who are more puzzled. What is the relationship between breast cancer and nails? In fact, the chemicals contained in nail polish used in nails are relatively high. I believe that many women will find nail polish when applying nail polishThere is a pungent smell, which is produced by some chemicals in nail polish.After entering the body, these substances will increase the chance of suffering from cancer. If women use these nail polish for a long time, they will cause endocrine disorders and increase the chance of breast cancer.

It can be seen that the damage brought by nails is not small, so don’t make your body in danger for the sake of beauty. After all, physical health is more important than anything. It is very important to protect protection.Essence

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