Is mint difficulty?Three suggestions, a month after a month, it has grown up, and the leaves cannot be eaten at all.

Introduction: Is mint so difficult to raise?Listen to the 3 points of suggestions for the masters of the flowers, and a month later, it will grow crazy, and the leaves are lush!Can’t finish eating at all!

Mint is a green plant with fresh taste. There are many types of mint. The most common is to stay mint, as well as wrinkle mint, chocolate mint, lemon mint, etc.Quite a lot.

Putting a mint in a pot at home, it will not be easy to grow bugs, no pests and insect pests, and the cool taste it emits is very comfortable in summer, bringing a refreshing feeling, raising it on the living room or a balcony.It can also prevent insects, mosquitoes and the like, and it looks very beautiful, and it looks pretty.

Then, some friends say that some friends say that they are as easy to raise like weeds. They throw a few roots in the yard and have grown into a large piece after a period of time. Some friends think it is too difficult to raise and it is too difficult to serve.I have never supported it. Even if I support it, the growth is not very good. Basically, it is too tall, too thin, and easy to fall. What is the reason?

How can we raise this kind of potted mint, raise prosperous, and grow to the crazy pot?Let’s take a look at some of the small suggestions of the masters of flowers.

1. How to water mint potted plants

This is very important. Potted mint. Many friends, especially when they are maintained in the closed balcony, or have poor ventilation conditions.The ventilation conditions are relatively poor, the watering is too much, and it is also a porcelain basin, which can easily lead to the situation of the stuffy roots.

The dry and wet cycle cannot be carried out. The root system is always in the humid soil. It does not breathe oxygen. The breathability of the porcelain basin is very poor and the drainability is poor.Leaves are not very strong.

Therefore, the mint that is raised indoors must be paid attention to watering. Watering, wait until the pot soil is slightly dry. Do not water it too hard. You can plant mint in a slightly small flower pot. Do not use it.Porcelain pots, use ordinary plastic pots.

After planting, do not water it after watering. Do not water it again. The withered branches and leaves are cut off, and then placed in a ventilated and cool place for a period of time for a period of time.

If it is a mint potted plant outdoors, there is no problem with pouring more water, because it prefers the warm and humid growth environment, the outdoor light is good, and the ventilation is good.Leaves will grow longer and stronger.

2. Mint needs sunlight

Mint is a very real plant, but it also needs sunlight. Whether it is astigmatism, or the light of full -day light, it is possible to keep it in a place with insufficient light.The longer the less, the smaller and smaller, so you can’t keep it in a place where you shade. You need to take more sunlight, so that it will be more lush.

3. Mint should be fertilized frequently

Because it is usually fast, especially in spring, and in early summer, the warm climate is very suitable for its growth at this time, and it will grow crazy.

As long as the pot soil is more fertile and loose at this time, it will not lack nutrients, and the water is sufficient, it will grow very fast, but when applying it to it, pay attention, do not give too thick fertilizer, and give raw fertilizer for fertilizer fertilizer.Otherwise, it will cause roots, problems with root systems, and dry branches and leaves.

What the thin fat is to do is to give a small amount of fertilizer at a time, then pour water, and dilute the fertilizer. On the one hand, it supplements nutrients, and on the other hand, it will not cause fertilizer injury.

It is difficult to keep mint in this way, so that when we eat mint to eat mint, we can also pick it at any time. It is particularly strong and grow very fast.

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