Is lychee a hairwork?Can tumor patients eat it?

In the folk, lychee is considered a "hair product", which can easily cause fire, which makes people worry about whether litchi is suitable for tumor patients.In fact, tumor patients can eat litchi, but pay attention to controlling the amount of food.

Why is lychee called "hair products"?

Some people think that this is because litchi is easy to cause fire, such as gum swelling and pain, oral ulcers, etc.But in fact, this is mainly related to the high sugar content of lychee.

High -concentration sugar can cause local hypertacon dehydration in the oral mucosa, which causes the phenomenon of fire and pain, oral ulcer to get angry.

In addition, high concentrations of sugar are also easy to promote bacterial growth, especially for litchi that requires hand -peeling, it is easy to eat some bacteria when eating lychee.If you do not clean your mouthwash, the flesh remaining in the mouth contains high sugar and nutrients, and it is more likely to breed bacteria.

But even so, tumor patients can still enjoy litchi with confidence.If you are worried about the fire after eating, it is recommended to clean your hands thoroughly before consumption and rinse your mouth in time after eating.

Although tumor patients can eat litchi, they should pay attention to controlling the amount of consumption.First of all, in the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022)", the recommendation of 200 ~ 350 grams of fruits per person per person per day.Therefore, it can only consume up to 350 grams of fruits in a day, and each litchi weighs about 20 grams.Therefore, it is recommended to eat up to only 18 per day, and strictly control it within 10.

In addition to paying attention to the intake, you should also choose mature lychee when choosing to buy and avoid buying immature varieties.In addition, when there are other health problems such as diabetes, you need to eat more cautiously.

In addition, you need to remind everyone to note that the immature lychee contains the secondary glycine A (Hypoglycin A) and the anecades of propyleine (MCPG).Case (the so -called "litchi disease").Therefore, it is especially reminded that everyone should not eat too much or expires litchi.

In short, although some people think that litchi is a "hair product", it is not necessary to overly worry or completely avoid eating them for tumor patients.It is also very important to enjoy delicious, rich, healthy and nutritious fruits!

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