Is IVF is more likely to have a miscarriage than natural conception?

According to relevant data, there is no significant difference between IVF and natural pregnancy.

1. The reason why IVF may have an abortion

① The greater the increase in abortion, the higher the rate of abortion;

② The occurrence of multi -fetal pregnancy rate will lead to an increased abortion rate;

③ The dysfunction of embryo chromosomes in the elderly people is much higher than that of young people. The abnormal cause of chromosomal is an important cause of abortion.

Second, the symptoms of miscarriage

① Early abdominal pain, dysplasia of abdominal pain in early pregnancy, pain -like pain, or paroxysmal lower abdominal pain.

② vaginal bleeding generally occurs within 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the fluff is separated from the molt; blood sinus is open and bleeding starts.After the embryo is completely separated, the uterine contraction can stop.

3. How to prevent abortion after test tube

① Regular prenatal inspection

Regular examinations before giving birth, on the one hand, can dynamically observe the development of the fetus in the palace.By checking, you can understand the health of expectant mothers, and discover and treat various complications such as anemia, calcium deficiency, and pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

② Pay attention to control weight

Specific mothers have a high chance of suffering from pregnancy hypertension, gestational diabetes, thrombosis, postpartum depression and other diseases.

Because each expectant mother’s constitution is different and the way to eat is different, the weight during pregnancy may be more important or lighter than normal weight, and these do not need to worry too much.

③ Guaranteed to sleep sufficient sleep

During pregnancy, IVF pregnant mothers will be particularly prone to fatigue. It is recommended to sleep for 8 hours a day.It is best to take a nap for 1 to 2 hours during the day. Please pay attention not to stand or walk for a long time.

It is best to sleep on the left side, because the right side or lying on his back will reduce the blood flow of the key blood vessels between the mothers and the heart, which will affect the blood supply of the uterus and is not good for the fetus.

IVF will also be caused by many factors. IVF only provides auxiliary conception of conception. It still needs to be paid attention to during pregnancy.

Abortion is also caused by various factors. IVF only provides a auxiliary conception method. It still needs to be paid attention to during pregnancy.

(1) Avoid deliberately rinse the vagina.Do not flush the abdomen.

(2) Avoid climbing, raise objects, and press the abdomen.

(3) Avoid pots and promote the use of shower.

(4) It is not advisable to travel long distances during pregnancy and dine abroad.

(5) Try to wear loose and comfortable clothes, do not wear tights, wear flat shoes.

(6) Reasonable and rich diet, do not eat spicy food.

(7) Avoid exhaustion of intense exercise and activities.

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