Is it useful to drink brown sugar water?These 6 gynecological common sense, women need to know early

Due to the special physiological structure, women’s physical fitness is worse than men. It is easy to suffer from various gynecological diseases, and it is easy to have problems such as irregular menstruation due to improper care.Only in this way can we reduce the occurrence of problems such as gynecological diseases.

1. Dysmenorrhea drinking brown sugar water is not great

Dysmenorrhea is divided into two types, one is secondary dysmenorrhea, and the other is primary dysmenorrhea. The primary dysmenorrhea is caused by severe uterine contraction and secretion of prostaglandin. Drinking some brown sugar water can reduce dysmenorrhea through diastolic blood vessels.However, secondary dysmenorrhea is mostly caused by gynecological diseases. Drinking brown sugar water does not play any role.

2. It is normal for menstruation occasionally irregularly

Many factors have influence on menstruation, such as tense, stressful, emotional fluctuations, strenuous exercise, etc. If there is irregular menstruation in this case, it is normal.It will automatically return to normal, but if we have menstruation multiple times a month or menstruation lasts more than 10 days, then go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

3. Lands are related to gynecological health

By observing the color traits of leucorrhea, you can see whether women have gynecological diseases. Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is milky white, and the underwear will appear as viscous and yellowish colors.If the leucorrhea becomes a tofu dregs or foam -like, or the taste of the leucorrhea is particularly unpleasant, then there is great possibility that it has suffered from gynecological diseases and should be treated in the hospital in time.

4. Wash the vulva with warm water

Women should clean the vulva with warm water every day, and they should be washed in the order from the back, but they cannot rinse the vagina, otherwise it will destroy the pH balance in the vagina.In addition, when cleaning the vulva, the cleaning solution cannot be used at will. Otherwise, the flora inside the vagina will be unbalanced, and the bacteria and bacteria will take advantage of it, causing women to suffer from vaginitis and other diseases.

5. Irregular menstruation is actually not common

Usually, a menstruation is usually the most normal in 28 days, but some women have a long menstrual cycle, and the interval between two menstruation can reach more than 40 days. In fact, this is also normal.In addition, each menstruation is advanced or delayed for 3 to 7 days. This is also regular. In fact, the menstrual menstruation was not common last time. Female friends did not need to deliberately pursue the number of days.

6. Unmarried women will also suffer from vaginitis

There are many pathogenic factors of vaginitis, such as do not pay attention to personal hygiene, poor resistance, endocrine disorders, abuse of antibiotics, and so on.Therefore, even if there is no sexual life, you may suffer from vaginitis. After suffering from vaginitis, you cannot abuse drugs without permission. Treatment should be treated in time. Because there are many types of vaginitis, you should choose proper antibacterial or anti -inflammatory drugs according to different types.Otherwise, it may make the disease more and more serious.

Kind tips

The incidence of gynecological diseases is relatively high, and there are many gynecological diseases, which have the characteristics of recurrent attacks, which will not only affect the normal life and work of women, but also seriously affect the quality of life.However, many women have taken the detour during the treatment process, which not only extends the course of the disease, but also increases the difficulty of treatment. Therefore, learning gynecological knowledge is necessary for every woman.

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